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Best WordPress Theme 2022

Creating website becomes much easier today. In old day, you needed to know about HTML, CSS, and more technical aspects. That was quit exhausted, especially for newcomer.

It does not too long until CMS begins to be the best solution. With several platforms you can choose, the best one is WordPress.

The good thing about WordPress is you have can modify and customize with various theme. If you just start new website, GeneratePress should be in the first choice. This theme has everything you need to develop and enhance your project to the ultimate result.

You can say GeneratePress is best WordPress theme in 2022 with two options, free and paid versions.

Until today, free version has been downloaded for more than two millions and approximately 800,000 websites use this one. To justify the capability, you should read positive review and five-star ratings.

For your information, the creator of GeneratePress is Tom Usborne. He is top WordPress developer. He has credibility in this field.


Why GeneratePress is Best WordPress Theme in 2022

Using new theme may be a little bit worry for most users. If you are not proficient in this area, trying something new is the big challenge. You think whether GeneratePress is worth or not.

This is common situation because reading review and statistic is not enough. You need to know more about functionalities and features. Check the following section to explore more about this topic.


1.) Performance Optimization And Impressive Page Load Times

With many features, the first thing you consider is load time. It is crucial because you do not want users to leave homepage due to taking too long until everything appears. Page load has been the most reason why developers choose GeneratePress.

To justify this claim, you can compare with other themes. Based on several tests, website with this theme can generate 647 ms and performance grade is 94. As you can see, this load time is 40% faster than most websites. Page size is around 30 kb and request is approximately 11.

Some people argue that load time is not solely from theme. That’s true because several factors influence website performance.

For example, you get better loading when hosting is new tech. Some providers offer scalability and upgrade so that your content can be delivered as fast as possible.

Other factors are internet connection and code. The first one is from user’s side so that you cannot do anything about it.

Fortunately, GeneratePress has simple code with less complex configuration. The result is smaller size that is useful when users do not have fast connection. You can get more views.

Another benefit from load time and performance is better page rang. Google will put website that can deliver content faster and more reliable in the first page. You can improve SEO and more viewers will come. It means your website get more recognition.


2.) Very Responsive And Mobile Friendly Look

The next feature is responsive to mobile display. This is the most important thing you get from GeneratePress. You cannot ignore the latest trend that puts smartphone as the most device for accessing internet.

In general, this is not new thing because has been around for five years ago. Marketers aware about this situation and use any means necessary to expand their capability. The problem, adjusting to mobile display is not enough. You need the right theme for such purpose.

This is where you pick GeneratePress as the best WordPress theme 2022. It has quick response to swift from standard layout into mobile or any display immediately. This feature is automatic that you just configure once.

With GeneratePress, website can perform better in mobile display. Users does not need to enlarge just to get closer look, in fact, you may see it as quite similar to mobile app.

With this capability, you have high chance to boost view and visitor from mobile device users. This target still has potential due to significant grow.


3.) Real Time Customization

WordPress is not the only CMS platform you can use. Several others are available with various features. However, most of websites rely on WordPress due to easy to customize especially real time customizer.

When installing new theme, you see section that contains several customization options. This is similar after GeneratePress is installed.

At first, you may change navigation, header, layout, footer, and blog post. They look familiar and common for website developer. Of course, it takes time for beginner or less experience creator.

Free version has limited custom options, but enough to create ultimate website. You can explore more and try one by one.

After that, you upgrade this theme into premium version. More features are available to make website more powerful and interactive.


4.) Choose Features You Want The Most

The best WordPress theme is not the one with more features. People often think that theme has to be complete with extra options and features. This kind of view is not wrong because you might need them to boost capability.

The issue is you do not know when and where to utilize every feature. This is the most common situation that website owners must overcome. With too many options, you may end up losing the key function.

If you choose GeneratePress, it is not issue anymore. In previous list, you know that this theme can perform faster with small size and less code.

It is possible when your website does not have complex code. You can obtain this level after using only the most necessary.

GeneratePress developer understands that every website is unique. For example, online store is different from standard blog. You need the right theme and GeneratePress is suitable for both.

When implementing for online store, several features must be ready and optimized. On the contrary, usual blog only takes few so that load time is faster.


5.) Compatible for SEO

The next thing about GeneratePress is compatibility with SEO. If you have been in this field, search engine optimization is not new thing.

If your website can has top ranking, more visitors will come and traffic increases significantly. As result, you get more buyers if website is online store.

GeneratePress as schema date to support article and content. Usually, you need additional plugins to optimize this thing.

That’s not necessary anymore because users only use one theme. With this capability, website becomes more reliable with less code and configuration.


6.) Plugin Compatibility

Changing theme with new one is simple task in WordPress. Any beginner can do such thing quickly. However, website will has risk regarding compatibility. It is the most challenging situation that developer must solve.

Compatibility issue happens due to several factors. In fact, you often see plugin does not work without clear reason. This is not your problem after installing GeneratePress.

This theme can match and suit with anything. The following list shows some plugin you can install alongside GeneratePress.

  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 total cache
  • WooCommerce
  • Thrive themes plugins
  • Buddypress
  • Easy digital downloads
  • wpml
  • Bbpress

With this feature, you will save time and effort. Fixing compatibility issue is not something you can do in short time.

Moreover, experience developers often have hard time to know why certain plugin does not work. After switching into old one, situation is still similar.

That’s why you must consider GeneratePress as solution. One theme with utmost capability is more than enough.


7.) The Hook Add-on

The best thing about WordPress is hook add-on. It is quite unfamiliar for beginners because they do not have much technical skill.

After learning about html and some codes, they start to understand how the website works. The next thing they do is new code to optimize website.

To do such thing, they can write on hook section. This code will change website property immediately. You may add such thing easily with GeneratePress theme.

Moreover, another feature is section to write and edit custom CSS. This is main reason why GeneratePress becomes the best WordPress theme 2022.


8.) Unlimited Sites

You build several websites with various design, purposes, and attribute. Some websites must have specific themes. You buy license and add them.

Unfortunately, developer only puts up to 5 websites per single license. You need pay more or find other. As alternative, many free themes are available but lack of capability you want.

This experience is not what you find when having GeneratePress theme. Developer understands such situation and provide ultimate feature, which is unlimited sites.

As long as you are the license holder, this theme is suitable for as many websites as you can create. One license is enough for all.

The interesting thing is you still get more benefits. After having license, users receive updates and supports from developer. You do not need to worry about paying more. Your budget can be allocated into other purposes.


9.) Control Over All Contents

GeneratePress has feature called the meta box. Functions will be listed at the following section.

  • Add more footer widget
  • Changing sidebar, such as left, right, or other
  • Creating page builder with specific container
  • Disable anything you don’t need such as navigation menu, post title, header, featured image, and footer

Why do you need such feature? The answer is you can customize and control each page easily. Users have absolute control over all contents. It is necessary when website must deliver specific purpose.

You will not find such thing in other themes. Most of them only have basic setting and control. In general, admin can change layout, post, and page.

However, one setting is for entire website. It is not bad thing but less effective. For your information, special page has significant value to boost traffic. In this case, you just install GeneratePress at all.


10). Excellent Support

The good news is you can get more support after upgrading into pro version. GeneratePress developer has website dedicated for theme, knowledge base, and support docs. You are pro users that deserver the best support at all.

In general, this one is for users who already utilize paid version. It does not mean free version will not get support. In fact, you should read features including some tips and tutorial.

Users will choose to upgrade because have significant experience from free GeneratePress. They want to get more functions and capabilities.

Support will explain everything from basic until users can perform the basic task. After that, some docs provide explanation related to all features, especially how to perform and configure. Developer and team are always ready to help anytime. You do not hesitate to reach and communicate.


11.) Pre-Made Demo Site Library

The team puts effort to make several site libraries as pre-made demo. Before choosing GeneratePress, you try to find out more about this theme. Demo is useful as reference because providing the real example and implementation.

Usually, all templates and themes must start from scratch to build. This is what you must do after installing GeneratePress.

This situation seems no issue for experience users. Unfortunately, beginner and casual users might take time to adjust. Creating from zero content is definitely not simple task.

GeneratePress team realizes this situation and make pre-made demo with site libraries. You can pick more than 25 demos that are ready to transfer into your . With this option, your task is less because basic layout and configuration are done.

To get this demo, you must use premium version. More features are available including custom demo that you get directly from developer. It is enough to consider GeneratePress as the best WordPress theme 2022.


Pricing For GeneratePress

GeneratePress is available with two versions, free and premium. With free version, you get the basic features but limited supports and less capability. It is enough for simple website so that your project or business can grow.

On the other hand, premium version is the best option because has more advanced features and supports. Moreover, users can customize and adjust setting at ease. Price is $49.95 per year with renewal option. If choosing this offer, you will get the following benefits.

  • 15 premium modules
  • Many site libraries
  • Unlimited license
  • Renewal discount up to 40%
  • 1 year of updates and support

From above perks, you know this is the right theme you can afford. Price is reasonable especially you just get single license for unlimited sites. The interesting one is discount for the next year renewal.

The offer is something you cannot refuse especially for website developer and designer. Another good thing is money back guarantee after 30-days if you are not satisfied with the offer. This is something you will not get from other teams or providers.


Is It Worth?

You already know features and functions. Is GeneratePress worth? This question will determine the next step you choose. Decision will affect your next project as website developer.

This template has features, settings, and performance that you might not find in others. In fact, premium version is better because you can make website easily.

Pre-made demo will be your shortcut. Of course, there are more things you also get. In term of functionality, GeneratePress is considered the best WordPress theme 2022.

Your money will be in the good spending. One license for unlimited website is worth your time and money.

Furthermore, template is compatible with almost plugins and more supports will come after becoming premium users. It is solid justification for GeneratePress as the top theme.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I do Not Renew, What Happens?

You do not need to worry when license is expired but users do not renew it. All features and capabilities are still intake.

Users do not see any change in their website. However, one issue is support and update. Developer will increase capability with more updates in the future. Without license, users do not get this one.

Renewal will give more benefits. In fact, 40% discount is better than your version is exploited by unknown activity.

Website must maintain integrity and performance. Without updates, there is chance that yours is less effective. Therefore, renewal is much recommended.


2.) Is GeneratePress Compatible with Page Builders?

GeneratePress can work in the good term with page builder such as Elementor and Thrive Architect. You may choose one of them or another. With more updates in the future, this capability will expand significantly.


3.) How Many Sites Can I Utilize GeneratePress?

As you know, premium and free are capable for unlimited website. You may create and develop as much as you can do. However, websites have to be personal because you are the solely admin and owner.

It is necessary you buy separate license when developing for other. Sharing is not bad action but you may not have full control when website is for other. The quick solution is you buy another license and let someone manage.


4.) How Does GeneratePress Compare With Other Themes?

The answer is obvious because GeneratePress is faster and more reliable. You need the best performance for website. With faster load time, people wait less time and visit more next time.

It is good news and you do not obtain the same capability from other. Some templates and themes might be faster but less reliable. Features from GeneratePress show the capability you will get.



The future website depends solely on performance and load time. Heavy theme is not the right option. It is time to try something new such as GeneratePress.

It makes website faster to deliver content. With premium version, you have more features to optimize capability. That’s what you get from the best WordPress theme 2022.

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