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Best Social Media Management Tools 2022


If you are confused about how to manage your social media presence easily, Best Social Media Management Tools 2022 is the right answer and all-in-one solution. When you want to improve team collaboration or manage multiple networks or profiles, you might need a smart tool.

Good tools and strategy are the main reasons for how good your management is. So you need to manage it in whatever situation. You may have heard that there are so many tools. But, actually, what we call management tools are only some of them.

For example, although the buffer is good for scheduling, it can’t manage the network. So, there are several key elements based on comprehension. They are engagement, scheduling, and reporting. They are systems and methods, or features in a tool.

Engagement is a single dashboard, all of messages from you can be monitored and your audience can be engaged. Scheduling is a system to make your content able to be recycled and scheduled on each network.

Reporting is a method to analyze the performance of your content on each network. The features are offered by these tools as well. But, in this post, that is beyond the scope of the focus. Our focus is on the main functions.


Best Social Media Management Tools 2022


You can engage with your audience, the brand and tracking result can be monitored easily, all of these things can be got by using sendible. You can create in-depth reports by using pre-designed templates that are provided in this tool.

  • Reporting and Network

Your social activity is reported in an instant snapshot in the ready-to-go social media so this makes it easier for you. There are 350 modules provided and able to be chosen so that you can make your report alternatively in this Best Social Media Management Tools 2022.

If you feel it is already good enough, you can arrange and then send them on a regular basis via email. Most networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and more, can be connected with sendible. You even can make direct publishing to Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger.

  • Pricing

Based on the number of services and users that you want, a variety of subscription packages are offered by sendible. The white-label solution that is needed by larger agencies and teams, fully-customizable, are also offered. Just use a 14-day free trial if you feel not sure about what you will need.

After that, you can downgrade or upgrade according to the required prices in this Best Social Media Management Tools 2021. It is $288 per year or $29 per month. Remember that a complete social inbox and re-queue functionality are offered in the basic plan).



For agencies and teams, this is affordable and easy. Just like the setting on your email inbox, the social media inbox is easy to use. All the things that need your attention and what’s been reviewed can be seen in this Best Social Media Management Tools 2022.

  • Engagement and Scheduling

For all your profiles, all content is combined by AgoraPulse in one place so you can review, reply, tag or assist. They can be checked off one-by-one to clear your inbox. The automated moderation rules can be used by setting it up.

It has a function to assign questions and capture spam to the right colleague, so by doing this, surely you can take it one step further. When managing social media content, it can be scheduled in advance with the date and time you have previously selected.

If you want to run the post once every month/week/day, just program it. Your evergreen can be shared again and again by the use of the queue function, just take advantage of it. There are still other important features from this tool.

  • Reporting, Networking, and Pricing

If checking each social account compared to reports in AgoraPulse, there is a differentiation. By using this tool, you can save a lot of time because you can measure many things by using AgoraPulse, such as engagement, reach, conversation rate, response rate, customer service, and community growth.

You are also able to select the reporting date range in this Best Social Media Management Tools. For example, last week, days, et cetera. You can view or download your reports on-screen to PowerPoint.

The white-label option has a function to add custom branding if you have clients, this tool has a wide network, they are YouTube, Instagram, Linkdln, and Twitter. For teams and individuals, AgoraPulse has a subscription range.

By adding additional profiles or users, there will be customization for each plan. It is better than if you must pay for features and users you actually don’t need. The annual pay of this tool is $79/month or $99/year.



You can manage multiple pages, groups, and accounts with an intuitive tool from this one of best social media management tools 2021. For business managers, social media, agencies, teams, and marketing professionals, it is very good. eClincher has some advantages and good features you need to know.

  • Engagement and Scheduling

All your notifications and messages are collected in one place by the unified inbox in this Best Social Media Management Tools 2021. You can thank you easily, follow, engage, or respond with your audience. After you log in, the pending notifications will be seen.

A message will disappear from your list once it has answered. So, you can focus more on remaining messages. If you manage social media accounts by choosing to monitor in real-time of your social media, then you can get the live feeds.

Every social media page, group, and profiles that are connected can be seen inside. So, you can comment, reply, and like in one place. It is better if compared with visiting every native platform. The scheduling system of this tool is very interesting.

If a URL is included in your scheduled post, it will be shortened automatically in this Best Social Media Management Tools 2022 using the goo.gl (Google) shortener. To make the images in your become eye-catching, there is an integration of Canva and an editor that built-in images.

eClincher has an auto-post feature to recycle contents through three types of queue. The evergreen content can be recycled by recycling the queue. Your posts can be published once by one-time-queue. And the queue content can be recycled using end-date-queue until the end date specified.

  • Networks and Pricing

This one of Best Social Media Management Tools connects to Facebook, Pinterest, linkdln, blogger, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. eClincher has subscription plans in a wide range for agencies, teams, and individuals. You can try a free trial in 14 day and there is 20% for early payment.



Tailwild is a marketing toolkit for instagram and pinterest, for bloggers, large enterprises, agencies, and businesses it Is perfect. There is differentiation between this toll and facebook or twitter where there is not much comment from people and replies tend to be an engagement signal.

  • Scheduling, Reporting, and Networks

Tailwind has powerful shortcuts and features to help you schedule posts and pins each day. The smart queue allows you to choose the best time to post and pin. So, when your audiences are looking for content, they will get it in this Best Social Media Management Tools.

When people are active, this tool will recommend the best time to start with. But, over time, the optimal time is evaluated based on audience engagement and your history. You can fill in the schedule weeks or days in advance.

You can do it by adding content from your mobile device or desktop in bulk. You can reuse your content that is the best performing because Tailwind can track it. This one of Best Social Media Management Tools works from Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Pricing

The price of this tool is counted per account. If it is used for both instagram and pinterest, there will be two accounts. The purchase for the annual plan will give an unlimited scheduling plus a 33% discount.

There is also a free trial to get started on Instagram (for 30 posts), and Pinterest (for 100 pins). The price is $119/year (per account) and $15/month (per account). This tool offers many benefits like others which have already been mentioned before.


Sprout Social

This is a Social Media Management Platform that provides publishing, engagement, collaboration and analytics tools for all time sizes. It is a leading platform for social management. All your messages can be managed in one place because it has a single-stream inbox.

A message can be hidden or marked completed from the inbox, it can help you to focus on the current workload. For teams, the custom tags can be added to categorize messages, share the workload, and filter the inbox.

When a teammate is replying or viewing a message, you can see it, the activity updates in the inbox can be seen. There will be no duplication of tasks duplication. You can publish, queue, and schedule to each network from their extension, mobile apps, and web app.

Sprout’s viral post tool posts you messages in the best time so the engagement can be maximized. The publishing permissions based on user in this one of Best Social Media Management Tools, has the function to set up team members to submit and draft messages.

And also have team managers or leaders approve them. You can manage and view posts across multiple networks, campaigns, and profiles if you use the shared content calendar. Definitely, it really gives benefits.

  • Reporting & Scheduling

The reporting and analytics tools are provided by this tool in an in-depth suite. You are allowed to view message-level, profile, network insight for Instagram, twitter, Linkdln, and Facebook because it has network analytics integrated.

Your team performance is also tracked so individually and overall members’ engagement and responsiveness can be measured using this one of Best Social Media Management Tools. Information’s distribution to management or clients is instantly with presentation-ready-reports and can be exported in PDF or CSV format, and allowed to be custom-branded.

This tool integrates with twitter, facebook, instagram, and linkdln. The subscription plans in Sprout social are four monthly. The rise of each plan is corresponding to the feature’s number, the most important is, you pay for the number of users you need.

  • Pricing

For example, you will cost $396 per month if you want the $99 premium plan for 4 users. A 30-day free trial is included in all plans, for earlier payment there is a 10% discount. Prices start from $637/year (per user) or $59/month (per user).



The focus of this platform is on visuals. If you use MavSocial, you can engage with the audience from one inbox and it is so convenient, the audiences come from all your social networks. You can do many things from its inbox.

First, you can monitor and track social messages, conversations, and notifications. Second, team members can be allocated to individual messages. Third, allow viewing follower comments and replies by profile or network.

Fourth, allow to tag, search, and sort interactions. And the last is like, post, retweet, or reply directly. The important part of a Social Media Management system is visuals. You can manage and upload your videos and photos by using the digital library in this tool.

You can also do the same thing with anything from their stock image (anything you purchase). You can add text overlays and filters before posting content because there is a photo editing so that it will look more attractive.

This tool supports twitter, facebook, tumblr, linkdl, YouTube, and instagram. There are several price packages and a free limited plan for starting. For agencies and professionals, the premium plan prices use features and number of users and profiles. If required, it is allowed to buy additional users.

Your content can be scheduled through campaigns with MavSocial. Across many or one network, you can create campaigns and your schedule can be seen in the calendar. The publishing times and dates can be changed by dragging or dropping content.

The cyclical campaigns can be created to reschedule your content in this Best Social Media Management Tools. For example, you can have campaigns for quotes, events, blog posts, and promotions. Either modify your content to create variations or let it repeat cyclically (add the content once).

RSS reader is included in mavsocial so your content can be pulled in in a proper way as other industry content (favorite content), it gives ideas of what you should schedule. If something is found while you are browsing, the handy Chrome extension can be used.

So that it can be added to the calendar, the social content’s performance is tracked by analytics features in this Social Media Management Tools. The reporting dashboard has many functions. It displays a lot of visual data.

They are detailed follower insight, engagement statistics, good times for posting, and top-performing posts. The graphical reports can be exported by downloading the CSV data format or via PDF.



So, the conclusion is that each of these tools here has its cons and pros. And the one thing for sure is that if a tool suits one person it will not suit another. So, be as wise as possible when using Best Social Media Management Tools in 2022.

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