Best SEO Tools 2021

Do you want to get the best SEO tools in 2021? SEO tool is a very important thing to do if you want to general lead and increase traffic for your website.

It allows you to do keyword research, check backlink, track keyword ranking, check competitor rank, and commit a full SEO audit for your site or blog.

Anyway, if you really look for the best SEO tool in this century, then we would like to introduce you to one of the best SEO tools that have been available since many years ago.

Many people have been using this tool, especially for SEO agencies and professional bloggers. The tool is called SEMrush. Perhaps, you are not too familiar with this tool, so let us explain everything about it.


About SEMrush as the Best SEO Tools in 2021

1.) What is SEMrush?

As it is mentioned before, SEMrush is a kind of SEO tool. In general, it just works like many other SEO tools, but it comes with a wide variety of features.

This tool will assist you to deal with website optimization, especially if you want to increase your website rank on Google Search engine. Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov are the founders of this tool.

Nowadays, there are about 5 million people who are using this SEMrush. This means that SEMrush becomes the most famous SEO tool in the world right now.

How does it work? Well, SEMrush is not just an ordinary SEO tool because it can provide a lot of information for you that you may use it for identifying link building opportunity, making a new content for your site that will generate more traffic, and getting higher ranking on Google search.

Let us take an example. When you use SEMrush, you can get a keyword suggestion provided by this tool. Simply, you can type a phrase, and then the keyword suggestion will show up.

You can use the keyword suggestions for your blog post because the keyword suggestions are very reliable. Also, SEMrush will show you if the search phrase is quite difficult to get a high rank. In addition, you will also get a suggestion about whether your website is suitable for a backlink.

If you want to get a better search result, you can also try the SEO audit feature in order to know if there is something you can do to improve the ranking. It sounds easy, but it is just the beginning of SEMrush use.

In fact, you can get more features as you use this platform. Basically, this tool is designed to make your website on top. Maybe, you can check the following more explanation of how SEMrush can really help you increase your blog traffic.


2.) Domain Analysis

Domain analysis is the first thing to do when you want to know if your website has a good quality for SEO perspective. If you just post on your blog without SEO, you do not need to do this. But, if you are blogging for money, domain analysis is a must.

This action is necessary in order to find out if you can improve the SEO for your blog. You will also know if it is too difficult to get a rank or how to solve the problem to get the rank.

By doing domain analysis, you can also check if it is good to build a backlink for your site because backlink is also commonly used to increase the search result rank. However, it is also important to get a backlink from a high-quality site.

Anyway, domain analysis is a piece of cake, especially if you use SEMrush. Simply, you just type the URL on the domain overview section. Then, you will get the information about how it will work on the search result.

Metrics given are including:

  • An ‘authority score’
  • Competing websites
  • The best performing keywords
  • How many keywords the website ranks for
  • How many external links — backlinks — pointing to the website
  • Anchor text usually used in links to the website
  • How many visitors to the website per month
  • Show advertising status

From those metric options, the easiest way to understand the quality of your website is the authority score.

  • The Calculation of SEMrush:
  • backlink data (how many links pointing to it)
  • organic search data that includes keyword positions and organic search traffic
  • website traffic data (the number of visitors per month).

Meanwhile, it was quite difficult to find the authority score because it was not simply displayed on the interface of the SEMrush, but it is now available on the front and center of the domain overview part.

So, you can easily use it to check a particular domain according to the SEMrush function.

Somehow, you have to keep in mind when you see the domain overview status, it is actually based on the hard data.

It means that you should not trust it that way because sometimes it will not be so accurate according to some users’ experiences who compared it to Google Analytics data.

Even though SEMrush is a good SEO tool, SEMrush cannot claim their tool to be the most accurate tool. But, this tool only helps users to estimate the traffic status starting from the low, medium, and high.

Somehow, if you compare it to other tools like Ahreft, it seems that Ahrefs is much better in accuracy than Google Analytics.  Thus, you may also compare it to the SEMrush to know which one is better.

If you want to treat your site traffic stats, then it is better to choose SEMrush in which you can find out how popular the site will be.

In this case, you can make some improvements toward your website against your rivals. Also, you will be good at using a backlink on your site.

The domain overview of SEMrush that includes several metrics is very helpful and useful in order to achieve the best insights on any websites, including your website.

When you check the competitive positioning map, it will allow you to look at slightly a special website that may be suitable for a particular market. Also, you will know how powerful the site to compete against other websites.

Besides, you also get keyword suggestions by a country which is very helpful and useful in order to get to know whether your website will get a high rank in a certain country.

We can conclude that the SEMrush domain overview section is not just a necessity, but it is also very helpful in order to provide great insight into how your site will work on an SEO perspective.


3.) Keyword Research in SEMrush

When we talk about keyword research, it usually will talk about:

  • Give you keyword suggestions
  • Find out if there are many people who search for special keywords
  • Find out whether it is difficult to rank using certain keywords
  • Get to know if other websites have been ranked using the keywords

By using SEMrush as the best SEO tool 2021, you will feel easy to know every information about the keywords you want to use. How to do it? Simply, you can type any kinds of a keyword on the Keyword Overview section, then the keyword information will show up, that includes:

  • How many searches have been done over the keywords per month
  • Get to know the difficulty score of the keyword
  • Some websites that are using the keywords and ranking for it.

Fortunately, you have a chance to do this action on a per-country level that is known to be very useful.

Well, if we observe every metric mentioned, we can say that the keyword difficulty score must be one of the most important metrics to consider. In this case, the tool will show you the indication using percentage. If you see a higher percentage, it means that it is very difficult to rank for the keyword.

Meanwhile, there is a Keyword Magic feature on SEMrush that you can use to get a keyword suggestion according to the keyword that you prefer to use.

Next, if see it from the usability perspective, we probably just mentioned this term as a Keyword Magic or Keyword Suggestion which may be quite vague. However, when you finally use this feature on SEMrush, it is truly easy to utilize this feature.

When you use this functionality, you will get a list of keywords based on the phrase or texts you have typed. You can also filter the keywords and sort them according to:

  • How many searches per month for the keyword.
  • The difficulty level of each keyword
  • Google AdSense cost per click for each keyword

We can conclude that the difficulty level of a keyword on SEMrush gives you information related to the keyword and whether you want to use the keyword for the SEO project. Somehow, SEMrush still needs to make improvements to get a better rank based on the keyword such as:

The first thing you need to know is that SEMrush keyword suggestion data is just provided for Google search result only, so it is better than SEMrush improves the tool so that it works on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

We realize that Google search is the most popular search engine in the world that includes the majority search. According to Statcounter, Google search makes search about 92% of online search. Still, it depends on the place where people use it. In fact, some countries still use other search engines despite Google is still the popular one. For instance, many people in the US also use Bing. If you target to get rank on Bing, you probably can use Moz or Ahrefs for your SEO tool.

The second thing is that SEMrush will be better if users can get an indication related to the amount of backlink that users would like to rank for the selected keywords that they want to use. In fact, Ahrefs as the rival of SEMrush seems better on the keyword research because users can information about it.


4.) SEMrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit

SEMrush is not only providing a keyword research tool, but it also gives users some marketing tool features. But, it is only available on the higher plan, starting from the Guru plan. This feature is useful in order to conduct several functions like:

  • Brand mention monitoring
  • Identifying keywords that are used by other blogs
  • Auditing your content from the perspective of SEO
  • Identifying new topics that you want to post

Well, there is one good feature that many users like on this SEMrush content marketing toolkit. It is called SEO writing assistant. This feature will help users to copy and paste content easily to SEMrush. SEMrush will review the content immediately and you can even get real-time advice by copying within the SEMrush.

After you complete this step, you will then get some suggestions so that you can conduct some improvements to your website to get a better rank in the search result. In this case, you will also get a suggestion on whether you need to increase the word count or reduce the words. Also, it will recommend you whether you should add particular keywords on your content. Then, it will also warn you if your content looks like other people’s contents on other websites.

If you do not want to get bother with this step, you can try the easiest way where you can just copy the URL of your blog and then paste it. Then, you will get the suggestion with similar result. Basically, this is the simplest way instead of copying and pasting the text.


5.) Rank Tracking

Monitoring your website performance in a search engine can be done using rank tracking with particular keywords. Also, this is not too difficult to deal with rank tracking if you use SEMrush. Simply, you can get into the position tracker section, then you type down the domain name of your website along with the targeted keywords that you want to track. After that, the result will appear and give you information related to the rank of your website based on the keywords. Next, you can try to get a higher rank according to the keywords you enter as the data flows into the SEMrush.

If you want to know other competitor websites rank, you can also enter other websites with the keywords. In this case, you can compare it to your site whether their websites are better or not. In the end, the rank tracking progress will be sent to your email regularly.  Well, we can say that the rank tracking feature provided by the SEMrush is very powerful, we should not doubt it.


6.) Backlink Analysis

Backlink also gives a big impact on your website performance in the search engine rank. You need to link it to external websites. In this case, you can try two important ways to see the backlink in SEMrush, they are backlink analysis and backlink audit.


7.)Backlink Analysis

Use the function of backlink analytics on SEMrush that will help you find out the performance of your site based on the backlink use. You can go to this section and type your website URL and then look at the backlink lists that may find it. This section also has some functions to see:

  • The IP address information on the backlink
  • Top-level domain distribution
  • Backlink anchor text that you can use

You can clearly read the information and check if the domain gets lost or attained backlinks as well as the link value in question. Simply, this can be useful to gain insight into your rival and inform your own SEO efforts.

Is this backlink analysis reliable and accurate? Well, the accuracy of the backlink analysis is also depending on the quality and size of the link database itself. Currently, there are more than 30 trillion backlinks in the SEMrush database.

As we know the SEMrush backlink database is the largest compared to other SEO tools. This will allow you to use the tool to achieve more comprehensive backlink data.

You can even try it on a few different websites just in case you wonder how it works in the real world. According to users, the backlink found using the SEMrush is quite similar to other competitors like Moz or Ahrefs.

In certain cases, Moz is quite better because it can give bigger backlink profiles.

Again, it is just a simple test and we cannot say that other tools are better than SEMrush or vice versa. Meanwhile, the large link database found on SEMrush is not always translating into large linking domains.

Well, it truly gives users comprehensive results that can be comparable to the rivals.


8.) Backlink audits

The next method to see backlinks using SEMrush is by committing a backlink audit. The goal of this action is to get the toxicity of the backlink that is targeted to our website and set up the domain health itself.

When you do this backlink audit, the tool will try to compile some links either spammy links or not that we may review and upload to Google to become like a disavow file.

It is the best way to inform Google so Google will not focus on these venomous links in the search result unless your website will get a penalty from Google because you use the poor quality link.

That’s why a backlink audit very useful in order to get a higher rank on the search result. You need to learn more about disavowing links so that you will not lose any benefits.

Well, we can say eventually that the backlink audit on SEMrush is quite powerful so that you can find information about poor quality links that you do not want to use. If there are too many toxic links found, you also can use the whitelist feature to unblock them.


9.) Link Building in SEMrush

This can be one of the greatest link building tools that are available on SEMrush. You know that link building is not just important, but it is crucial for such an SEO project.

Google search engine really appreciate a website that uses backlinks with higher ranks. But, you still make sure that you use relevant and high-quality links. How does this tool work? Simply, the link building tool will do several actions like:

  • Asking the keywords to use for ranking
  • Examining your website contents
  • Determining what your competitors rank for and who they are

After that, it will surface some websites that are considered to be prospective and worth for backlink approaching or guest post opportunity.

In addition, it also gives a very useful tool to conduct the action where you can also link your email system to SEMrush, and then you can send emails from the SEMrush tool. Next, users only need to keep CRM style and tabs on each approach during the progress.

Suppose you want more function, each website can get an email address that is easy to do with SEMrush. It is a different thing that you can only get on SEMrush.


10.) Broken Link Building

What is a broken link building? Anyway, this is also quite important to do when you deal with an SEO project. All you have to do is to look for broken links that maybe not be used anymore or do not lead anywhere.

It allows you to rebuilt a dead content where you can target it and then let somebody who usually use the dead link to use your dead link.

Broken link building lets you create new backlinks that are linked to your post or content. When there are a lot of backlinks that target your site, the search engine will easily find your content or website.

This feature seems to be quite tricky because you probably have to do a full backlink audit on other people’s sites. Next, you can select the checkbox in order to find out the errors on the URL.


11.) Site Auditing

Another very useful feature on SEMrush is its site auditing feature.

When you conduct a site audit, SEMrush is trying to find some issues that may be having a bad effect on the search result such as:

  • Slow-loading content
  • Overuse of keywords
  • SSL problems
  • Missing headers
  • Duplicate content
  • Crawl errors

Some users slightly prefer the SEMRush’s on-page SEO checker, that can look out your whole site and provide you actionable tips in order to make some improvement for each page.. it will provide some suggestions like:

  • How to deal with internal linking strategy
  • How long your content is
  • which websites to approach for backlinks
  • the best way to improve the meta description and body copy
  • how to make a page to show up as a featured snipped on Google
  • how to choose the best keywords to include, and much more.

Why people like SEMrush so much is due to the auditing feature. It is not only giving you information about what you must conduct, but it also tells you some reasons why you have to do it.

You can click the suggestion and then an explanation will show up and then it gives you tips about what you should do. According to some users’ reviews, this audit feature is quite amazing and just as great as the link building feature.


12.) Pricing And Value For Money

We can deny that SEMrush is quite expensive to afford. Even though it is quite expensive, but it is worth buying because you are not only getting the functionality, but you also will get access to big data. Meanwhile, users can buy one of the tree plans offered, they are:

Compared to other types of ‘SaaS’ (software as a service) apps, SEO tools like SEMrush are expensive.

  • Pro: $99.95 per month
  • Guru: $199.95 per month
  • Business: $399.95 per month

Fortunately, if you have never used it before, you can try it for free for 7 days on the standard version or you can get 14 days more access for a limited time.

Is the free trial of SEMrush better than other SEO tools? Well, it seems that you would like to choose SEMrush when comparing the free trial to other tools like Ahrefs in which you should pay for 7 days trial.

But, if we compare it to Moz, SEMrush is not that good because Moz offers 30 days free trial. Somehow, it is quite annoying because you still have to enter your credit card details to enjoy the free trial.

When talking about prices, SEMrush is not that bad compared to other tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic. In this case, Majestic has a cheaper plan that is only $49 per month despite Majestic does not offer enough features.

What makes the plan different from one another?

  • Access to the historical data
  • Access to content marketing tools
  • How many keywords users can track each month
  • How man reports users can run every day

Perhaps, we can look at some aspects that influence the structure of the pricing of the SEMrush plan whether it is good for you or not.


13.) Seats

Perhaps, one thing that you may not like about SEMrush pricing is that it only supports one seat or account, even if you choose the business plan. if you need some accounts to use SEMrush, you have to spend extra costs that are about $70 up to $140 for one additional user.

One disappointing thing about it is that the seat per plan also has a cap unless you choose the business plan which allows you to add more than two accounts with 9 users in maximum.

It can be a drawback of SEMrush if we compare it to other competitor tools. Other tools like Moz even allow you to add more seats as you upgrade to the higher plan.

This can be a problem for a group or organization that wants more accounts, but you can still try the enterprise plan where you can negotiate it with the team.


14.) Projects

You should realize that the features of backlink building and site auditing are only used on websites that are already included in the SEMrush project.

The number of projects you handle also depends on the plan you select. If you choose the cheap plan, you only can get 3 projects.

This is not a big deal if you only have one domain. But, if you take care of a lot of domains for an SEO project, this can be a big issue.


15.) Report Requests

We would assume that the SEMrush tool is quite good when it is dealing with how many reporting requests you may make in one day.

If you choose the cheapest plan, you even can do more than 2500 domain analysis reports each day. This is really greater than other tools like Ahrefs that can only pull 25 reports for the entry-level plan.

If you update to the higher plan, SEMrush report requests can be done up to 10000 per day while Ahrefs can only do 250 report requests.


16.) Competitive intelligence

Some of the features on SEMrush for analyzing competitor’s site are not available unless you buy an add on which is called competitive intelligence.

They are:

  • Top pages (web traffic data on up to 200 prospects in a click).
  • Bulk traffic analysis (web traffic data on up to 200 prospects in a click)
  • Competitor benchmarking (the ability to cross-compare up to 5 competitor websites).
  • Extended traffic analytics (traffic sources, visitor engagement, audience overlap, desktop and mobile, historical data, geographical information.)
  • Market Explorer (market shares, market players, gender and behavior, audience age, seasonal peaks, etc.)

Somehow, getting add on of SEMrush is not free. Surprisingly, the add on can cost up to $200 per month.

17.) PPC data

Suppose you are taking care of an SEO project that is mixed with the PPC project, it seems that SEMrush can be a better option compared to other tools.

Why? Well, SEMrush has more PPC data features that are not available on other tools or where other tools only offer you basic CPC for an individual keyword. SEMrush is greater than that where you can get more features like PPC campaign planning tools, live ads, distribution data, and detailed CPC competition.


18.) Support

Basically, SEMrush is a kind of complex SEO tool, so customer service is quite important for those who just want to join SEMrush for the first time.

Fortunately, users can get 3 customer support channels either via email, phone, and chat. SEMrush is even better than Moz where Moz does not provide live chat support.

But, there is still one thing that SEMrush needs to fix. For instance, SEMrush should improve the contact support visibility option. Currently, you need to scroll down to get the contact info and it is quite complicated for a beginner.



Finally, we can conclude that SEMrush is a great SEO tool that you can use to improve your website rank. It is a good way to deal with the SEO project because it comes with a lot of features.

The most important features provided are site auditing and link building features. We cannot underestimate this tool because it belongs to one of the best SEO tools in the world.

But, there are still some drawbacks to SEMrush. For instance, you may not like it because it only supports one account. You use the site auditing tool as a part of a project only.

It is also not that good because you should buy add ons that may cost $200. Still, SEMrush is the best choice for SEO project in 2021.