What is the Meaning of Poggers?

Poggers the twitch emote that found its out of twitch and is now being used pretty much all over the internet but what does poggers mean? and what is the origin of the word?

That’s what we’re going to explore in this post, let’s just get straight!


Poggers Meaning

Poggers is a twitch emote of pepe the frog this is an emo that references spock jump which is another twitch emote its origin is fairly simple to trace in 2010, cross country tv uploaded a video of gootex making a very exaggerated face,when the cameraman almost bumped over the camera.


How Poggers Became Mainstream?

Heck this is an old meme about a decade, in fact if you go all the way back to its origins but after seeing poggers and variations of it on twitch for years.

I’m happy to see it finally have its spot in the limelight the word pug is derived from pogchamp which refers to an emotive streamer and pro street fighter player.

Ryan gootecks gutierrez making a goofy face that you will often see emulated with a Pepe the Frog face originally.

Gootecks made that face when a camera’s knocked while he was filming a video with Mike Ross in 2010.

Then the term pop champ was created about a year later, when gootecks ended another video by saying pogchamp e pogchamp Ian’s references the pugs that were using in the video which were part of a super popular collectible game in the 90s also known as milk caps pogchamp.

Ian’s was eventually shortened to just pogchamp, which became associated with gootecks surprised face eventually pogchamp was officially shortened even further to just poggers in 2017.

As better twitch TV released new emotes with the surprise peppy face mirroring gootecks called huggers since then pocus has remained closely associated with twitch.

But due to the humongous amount of internet traffic the site generates it is leaking out into the wider world generally.

The word is used to express excitement or hype of course sometimes it can be used.

Ironically to express amazement but like many other forms of Internet related words it is context heavy it could be argued that it’s kind of endearing in its Genki Ness a bit like saying wizard.

It’s also obscure enough that older people don’t use it and will likely find it difficult to use if they know it due to its affiliation with video game streaming this makes it more appealing, even if someone comes across the word on youtube or in meme culture.

it’s unlikely that they’ll use poggers without understanding its significance.perhaps due to poggers broad applicability of use its transition to the mainstream has been made easier as opposed to game centric slang which tends to stick to specific subcultures.

Although one could make the case that the last time a gaming centric word became mainstream.

Wasn’t all that long ago as was the case with salt although being salty had seen its fair share of being used in the past.

It could be that the video game culture truly pushed it towards mainstream adoption. The interesting thing about poggers is that it is further proof of the ubiquity of video game culture influence.

If you told someone from the 90s or early 2000s that in the future almost everyone would be playing games or using video games slang, they would probably laugh in your face. But now it’s clear that games are here to stay and the influence of main culture is undeniable.