Maintain Your Eating Habits During Pregnancy For Healthy Newborn Baby In The Future

Speaking about pregnancy, it is important to keep the nutritious foods everyday and make sure that the nutrition meets the daily need. Do not afraid of being fat as you consume lots of foods during the pregnancy.

It is important because your infant needs lots of nutrients as well to enhance its development and growth. To deal with it, pregnant mother should understand about the healthy eating in pregnancy, so that she will not feel so worried about the baby when it is born to the world.

In accordance with healthy eating in pregnancy, you need to learn more about what you should and should not consume during most of the time. Some foods are believed to be important since they play the vital role in providing the nutrition for the baby, while some others are not.

This should come to understand long before the woman gets pregnant so that she will be able to maintain the foods to consume.  

What To Eat During The Pregnancy


When you take healthy eating in pregnancy into consideration, you need to consume the healthy food groups such as vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and protein source.

In this regard, you typically need more 300 calories per day, since you carry the baby and want it born in the good state. Here are best foods as the best option to consume during your pregnancy.

  • Fruits And Veggies

As mentioned earlier, the healthy eating in pregnancy comprises of healthy vegetables and fruits. It is said that they contain of lots of vitamins and minerals such as folic acid.

In general, the pregnant woman is urged to consume at least 70mg of vitamin C every day.

This can be obtained as you consume oranges, honeydew, grapes and fresh vegetables just like broccoli, brussel sprout and tomatoes.

In attempt to maintain the health and to avoid the danger of neutral tube defects, it is recommended to consume 0.4mg of folic acid every day.

Here, as stated by healthy eating in pregnancy, you can take some vegetables such as dark green leafy veggies.

Make sure that your daily calorie intake is derived from 2-4 servings of fresh fruits and 4 or more servings of fresh veggies.

  • Grains And Bread

Do not be afraid of being fat as you consume lots of food during the pregnancy.

Remember not to keep away from foods which are the good source of carbohydrate.

When it comes to healthy eating in pregnancy, your energy that helps you to stay active every day does come from the carbohydrate such as the grains and breads.

As you take those two mentioned foods, you will be able to meet the daily nutrients such as the vitamin B and the folic acid which is obtained from the cereal or fortified bread.

How much do you need to consume the bread or grains every day then? This can be answered that the healthy eating in pregnancy suggests you to consume approximately 6 to 11 servings.

As you follow this rule, you will not feel so weak but energetic during your pregnancy.

  • A Good Source Of Protein

To maintain the development of the infant, the healthy eating in pregnancy also suggests the pregnant woman to consume so many foods that contain lots of protein.

Poultry, meats, beans, eggs and fish are the good source of protein, iron and vitamin B.

Those mentioned foods are strongly recommended to consume during second and third trimester.

It is important to do so since it carries the oxygen through the muscle so that it will avoid the fatigue, depression, irritability and weakness.

In addition to the healthy eating in pregnancy above, you still need to consume the dairy products at least 1000mg as the good source of calcium.

By considering those points above, you will stay active throughout the day and you can have healthy baby when it is born to the world.

So, make sure to consume the food and mind your calorie intake per day during the pregnancy.