Is Swimming Better Than Running? This Question Remains Unresolved

When you are given such a question, you might have no idea to answer since these two sports offer equal benefits. Then, the question relates to the preference in doing sport because most people have own preferences whether they like swimming or running.

In dealing with question is swimming better than running, you need to realize that swimming needs skill to keep the body stay afloat on the water and it takes time to learn, while running is the cheapest sport ever that everyone can do well.  

How Can I Choose One of Them?

Still, in accordance with the question about is swimming better than running, both of these physical exercises offer many benefits as these two sports strongly related to the cardiovascular system that later strengthen the respiratory, prevent the disease and burn calories.

Provided with the benefits above, you can determine which suits to your needs and you can prioritize to choose these two sports.

  • These Two Sports Burn Your Calorie

It is scientifically proven that swimming is the best sport to burn the calorie in your body. To those whose weight around 155 pounds will burn approximately 409 calorie when she/he swims by using crawl or butterfly technique for 30 minutes.

Unluckily, if you are accustomed to swimming with backstroke techniques for 30 minutes, you just burn 298 calorie, so change your swimming technique if you want to burn more calorie.

In dealing with is swimming better than running, it is said that if you run at the average speed at 6mph for 30 minutes, you will burn 372 calorie. It is absolutely different when you speed up your running at 7,5mph, your body burns approximately 465 calories. Do not forget that it relies on your body weight.

  • Safety On These Two Sports Should Be Prioritized

Back to the question about is swimming better than running, you need to know that these two sports offer the benefit of reducing the problem in dealing with shock in joints.

But, if you are prone to joint problem or any other orthopedic issues, you are not recommended to do running. As substitute, you can go swimming since the buoyancy of water will make you feel so comfortable.

  • Initial Objectives Of Doing Sports Should Be Come To Consideration

In line with is swimming better than running, you need to remember about your objective. If you want to do sport for the sake of enhancing bone density, you have to choose running.

Considered as the weight-bearing exercise, running is the very good for those who want to reduce the problem of osteoporosis.

No wonder that this exercise is strongly recommended for the teenagers to have healthier bone in the future so that the muscle will grow much stronger.

  • Do Not Push Yourself Too Hard In The Initial Stage Of Exercise

If you just start to be back to your healthy routine to do exercise, you have to adjust the time not to go too far. For the first time, still in dealing with is swimming better than running, you might be difficult to swim or run for 30 minutes.

If you push yourself too far, you will be frustrated of being failed to achieve the best result as it is explained above. So, you just need to go gradually and be persistent and consistent to do it every day.

When you come to question about is swimming better than running you cannot give the best answer. You have to think about your main objectives and your ability to do one of these two sports.

Then, you can determine which can be put at the top of your list to be prioritized to do in your spare time. Do not go too far when doing sports in the initial stage, since your body is not accustomed to go far beyond.