Is Manuka Honey Pasteurized?

Manuka is a type of honey that is endemic to New Zealand. It is produced when bees pollinate the flowers of Manuka bush. This bush gives the honey a distinctive antibacterial property which separates it from the other kinds of honey. Most kinds of honey may be pasteurized for commercial use and sales. The case is however not the same for the Manuka honey. As you are about to see, this one is unpasteurized even when processed for commercial use. NO, IT IS NOT! The reason here is that it possesses loads of anti-bacterial properties. This comes in the form of the methylglyoxal which prevents it from getting stale easily. Tons of benefits naturally arise from this arrangement. We devote the next session to just that!  

Benefits Of Manuka Honey

There are best manuka honey in the market right now, below are the benefits of this honey Friendly Bacteria Unpasteurized honey contains many friendly bacteria. The bifidobacteria and the lactobacilli are chief examples of these. It is these that deliver the loads of therapeutic benefits which the honey has to offer to any consumer. Blood sugar control Consuming this honey regularly and in modest amounts is a sure way of regulating your blood sugar levels. That is because it fuels the liver appropriately to make it operate optimally. The liver, in turn, stabilizes the levels of sugar in your blood. Weight Management Overweight? You may also use the honey to keep your weight at manageable levels. Honey intake has been noted to aid in the cutting down of fat considerably. Given that fat keeps your weight higher, its burning results in lower weights. Cough Suppressant Do you cough persistently? Yet again, you have the Manuka honey for your use and consumption. It is particularly great at suppressing coughs in those persons aged 2-18 years. Some studies place it above dextromethorphan with regards to cough suppression. Boosts Immunity It also possesses the power to boost your immunity considerably. In particular, it shores up the levels of white blood cells which are chiefly responsible for your own immunity. Given its lack of chemicals, it is generally safer. Wound Healing When applied raw on the wound, Manuka honey also plays the role of healing wounds. This is because it is rich in fructose and glucose both of which have excellent healing properties. These combine with the antibacterial properties to leave your wounds cleaner. Anti-bacterial Pasteurized honey lacks the pinocembrin substance. The case is however different from the Manuka honey. It is this substance that plays a vital role in exterminating all bacteria from the skin and wound. Free radical prevention Daily consumption of Manuka honey is a sure way of raising the levels of protective antioxidants in your bloodstream. This, in turn, diminishes the likelihood of the free radicals arising in your body. Combats high cholesterol Lastly, this honey also combats high cholesterol levels in your body. It helps by increasing your own metabolism. This, in turn, cuts down the levels of fat in your body which is responsible for the high cholesterol levels.  


In summary, Manuka honey is not pasteurized. As such, it has the potential to bring in much more benefits that the processed or ordinary honey lacks the ability to yield. It is hence a companion you badly want to make do with in your nutritional dietary plans.