Do You Really Need a Mobile Hotspot?

If you’re into international travel, camping, or are just worried about being without internet because your cell data might have low coverage in areas where their towers are inaccessible, then you might want to consider getting a mobile hotspot.

It’s important to know the differences between the two types of connections available for mobile devices. Basically, you have the option of getting either a mobile hotspot or a portable Wi-Fi adapter.

Many people confuse these two technologies for each other, but they are different. Both devices will allow you to connect your mobile device to your laptop but there are some key differences.


Mobile Hotspots

A mobile hotspot is basically an access point that serves as a gateway into the internet for multiple devices at once. This means that all devices can share one connection instead of having their own individual connections.

This is a great solution for large families and groups because family members can all access their own internet, but if they want to surf the web together they do so with the same connection.

Mobile Hotspots also allow you to share an internet connection within a private or public space such as at a convention center or any other type of venue where there’s restricted access to the internet.

If you’re in an area where you cannot get service from your carrier, then you’ll be able to connect at least one device with a mobile hotspot.


Portable Wi-Fi Adapters

A portable Wi-Fi adapter is for those who want to access the internet with their laptop. It’s smaller and not as bulky as a mobile hotspot. It operates on a similar concept as a mobile hotspot because your devices can share one connection, but it will only allow you to connect one device at a time.

This type of adapter is ideal for those who travel alone or couples who don’t need to share an internet connection with other people.

Both devices offer access to the internet, but there are advantages and disadvantages with each. That said, if you’re traveling and need to access the internet quickly without sacrificing your data plan, then a mobile hotspot is probably what you would want.

If you need to share an internet connection with other people and don’t mind the additional bulk that comes with a mobile hotspot then a portable Wi-Fi adapter is probably worth considering.

No matter what type of device you buy, it’s important to look into the service plans of the provider you choose. Most carriers that provide mobile hotspots and portable Wi-Fi adapters usually offer unlimited data plans for a relatively low price.

This means that you won’t worry about battling with your data plan while traveling abroad or getting caught without an internet connection.


Last Words

Before deciding on a device, it’s important to think about how often you’ll be using it and where you’ll need access to the internet.