Best VR Headset 2022

VR Headset is very interesting to talk about. Here is the review about five Best VR headsets that will help you to find the proper VR headset for your daily needs. Testing and research were performed to find the best five products that can be the best buy.

It is going to be the best place for you if you want the Best VR Headset 2022 that will create more joy for your entertainment. For the overview, all of these VR headsets are comfortable as they have quality built. The set up is also easy to operate so you can have an easy control towards the VR Headset.

Let’s discover each VR headset that will help you to get your perfect VR Headset to entertain your day. But first, check out the Buyer’s Guide to ensure what you need to consider when choosing a VR headset.

Buyers Guide on Purchasing a VR Headset

Setup: The first thing to look at when it comes to a VR headset is the setup. You have to check out the set up because this is the main thing for your VR headset. You can check out how the VR Headset will fit your PC, phone, or laptop. It is essential to check out how to set up the safety and how it fits perfectly on your device.

Comfort: The second important thing to check out is the comfort that it delivered. It is essential to test each VR Headset and put it on your head. Putting a VR headset for about 30 minutes is essential and you will see how it goes.

A comfortable VR Headset is better than just the exterior design. If the headset causes you soaked ears and eyes then it is not a good choice. It will make your gaming experience less enjoyable.

You have to ensure that the air vent can keep it cool. Often we felt the stretch is not comfortable enough for a long hour. It is why you need to find the HR Headset that can give comfort for long hours use.

Controllers: The controller is a progressively detailed part. You need to ensure that the controller that the VR headset uses is ergonomically structured.

Good structure, design, and grip are important to consider. No matter if it is a Touch Controller or a conventional gamepad, you have to choose the one that will fit comfortably on your hands.

Interface: Besides the equipment, you also need to see how the interface works. You have to test if it gives smooth responses on your command.

Test the menu, the highlights, and also test the voice direction. You also can check out the motion control to see how it is going.

Games and content: Another focus is on programming, not only the hardware. It is essential to check out the quality of the applications and titles.

You will need to have a decent quality of the games highlights, different encounters, applications, and also motion pictures.

Best VR Headset 2022

  1. Oculus Go

Best VR Headset 2022

Oculus Go is one of the best VR headsets that are available on the market. The reason behind it is because Oculus Go has successfully cut the string to your smartphone’s battery. So, it will not empty your battery too fast like what it did.

This VR Headset impressed the testing as it delivers such stunning shading and also vivid spatial sound. There is nothing particular that failed to impress the testing. This VR Headset is also not very expensive as you can get it for $149.

Oculus Go will be the best VR Headset if you are a fan of virtual battle with your buddies. Thanks to Facebook, this Go has become widely known about its decent performance. You can get the 360-degree recording as an offer from Hulu or Netflix.

This Oculus Go comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU with a 5.5-inch, 2560 x 1440 WQHD, and quick switch LCD show. It can convert into 1280 x 1440 for each eye. You will experience such endless fun gaming experience with this Oculus Go.


  • A large library for the apps and games
  • Go is completely wireless


  • Lack of room-tracking capability

2. Oculus Quest

Best VR Headset 2022

Another series from Oculus that will impress you is the Oculus Quest. This VR headset is a sophisticated device that you can count on to enjoy fun games.

It is completely wireless so you can enjoy the VR headset freely. As you are very flexible, you can run around the house without worrying about the cable that touches the furniture.

This Oculus Quest is a lightweight device so that you can play as long as you want without having a cramp during the long game session.

It is important to avoid cramps, otherwise you can lose a game because you cannot perform well. Having a cramp is something that bothers me during the game session. You can also go controller free by using certain titles.

You will be able to have 50 games and they all are growing. You will have plenty of game collections. You can involve the VR setting to your TV or cell phone.

Based on the research, the Touch Controller from Oculus Quest is the best of all. It is a good value for your money as it has the quality and sophistication as well.


  • The apps library is spacious
  • Room-scale VR capability


  • Expensive

3. Valve Index

Best VR Headset 2022

The Valve Index is suitable for your game lovers. This VR Headset comes with decent quality material that is nicely paired with sophisticated technology.

Based on the testing, you will feel how comfortable this VR headset is the moment you put it on your head. This device is a top-notch product that can give you the pleasure of playing online games.

You will also feel that the pad is very comfortable and light. Playing your game will be a lot more fun because you have the best grip and best view.

The pad is adjustable so you can adjust as you like it at ease. You also can add extra vividness that can improve the gaming experience.

It has high resolution and is also sharp. Virtual game war will be a lot more exciting during the testing with this Valve Index.

This headset is compatible with cameras and USB extension space on the front of this Valve Index. You can experience an intense effect on the game that you are playing.

The controller has a smart design that will put the gaming experience with Valve Index to a whole new level.


  • Decent Build Quality
  • Controller with Smart Design


  • No Charging Cable Included

4. HTC Vive

Best VR Headset 2022

This HTC Vive is also a great competitor on the VR Headset market. It has the room-tracking capacity that you can do directly and it has the various key of highlights. This product is impressive when you use it with a PC.

You can experience various imaginative adornments that will allow you to experience an intense game. You can join the HTC Viveport membership starts from $6,99 per month.

You can pick five games each month. You can pair it with the Deluxe Audio Strap that includes the earphones. It will give you a much better experience.

There are plenty of games that you can find and it is around 375 kinds. It is an extraordinary VR Headset that will bring you joy in playing games with your competitors. You will enjoy every second you wear this HTC Vive.


  • Spacious game library
  • Extra smooth graphics and tiny latency


  • Lack of Built-In Audio
  • Plenty of a lot of space and electrical outlets needed

5. Oculus Rift S

Best VR Headset 2022

If you like to play games on your PC, you must like this Oculus Rift S. This VR Headset is the best pair for the PC. It has an 80Hz invigorate rate of the expedient.

You will experience a nice view with a 1280 x 1440 resolution. It is a decent VR Headset that will bring you a lot of fun playing games.

This Oculus Rift S has brilliant Touch Controllers that will give you the comfort in playing the game. The quality of the sound is also very impressive during the testing.

This VR Headset is a perfect device for a gamer. It is comfortable to wear for hours so you can feel comfortable even if you play the game for hours.

The game library is also something fun for you to have a look at the store. Fun games like Job Simulator, Superhot, Beat Saber, and also Vader Immortal are great.

You can have an abundance of entertainment on your VR anytime you want. Setup is also an easy procedure to follow, so you can play the game on your PC as soon as you have the Oculus Rift S at home.


  • Touch Controllers Included
  • Top-Notch game library


  • Limited to PC Only


This review hopefully can help you to narrow down your search for the best VR Headset. Ensure that you have read thoroughly about each VR Headset so that you will end up with the Best VR Headset 2022 that fits your need.

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