Best True Wireless Earbuds 2022

These days, wireless earbuds are smaller and cheaper. Here comes the golden question: ‘Which earbuds work well for running? It is ordinarily too tough to ascertain what you are bound to receive from these items before purchase. We have carried out extensive research to this end.

Listed and explained below are the best true wireless earbuds 2022 from our findings.

Here Is Best True Wireless Earbuds 2022

1.) Jabra Elite Active 65t

Best True Wireless Earbuds 2021

This one contains all you may be looking for in a wireless sports earbud. They contain secure fits. Also adorning them are three-size silicone inserts.

A regular AirPods user going by the name Special Products Editor Kit Fox opines that this line of products produces the best sound quality of all the wireless earbuds it has attempted.

These earbuds also emerged tops in the list of high-quality workout headphones. Its bass is nonetheless snot as awesome as that of Sennheiser and Bose.

This notwithstanding, the earbuds still thump upon establishing the tight seals. Further to this, they also channel balanced sounds across the rock, hip hop, folk, and podcasts.

Even when running or fidgeting, the buds remain strong and resilient. As such, they do not move or fidget unnecessarily.

Courtesy of the hear-through mode, the buds let in the ambient sounds if need be. The ambient sound is however of poorer quality when the same is effectively sealed in your ears.

Test Editor Dan Roe stated that he opted for an insert size. While doing so, he lost some in-ear sound quality to attain some ambient noise which is necessary for running.

With the 5-hour battery life, you will gain the power you need to tackle many races. A small charging case accords an added 10 hours.

Lastly, some generous warranty covers the earbuds for around two years from damages that arise from sweat and dust.


2.) Jaybird Run XT

Best True Wireless Earbuds 2021

Even before we commenced the test, Jaybird Run XT had already scooped the 2019 Runner’s World Editor’s Choice Award.

Our Associate Health and Fitness Editor, Danielle Zicki, attempted them to try them out.

These earbuds are still likable. That is because they chiefly build upon the Jaybird Run.

The older versions lost signals whenever an obstacle came along the path of the Bluetooth connectivity.

They subsequently struggled to maintain some connections more so in the urban areas that are prone to interferences. The Jaybird Run XT, on the other hand, suffers no such issues.

The IPX7 rating comes in next. This makes the earbuds waterproof while at the same time yields crisp and clear sounds.

They also stay put while in the move. Unlike the Jabra Elite Active 65t, this one gives off some great ambient sounds.


3.) Apple AirPods

Best True Wireless Earbuds 2021

Apple AirPods are pretty slick. It connects instantaneously with the iPhone 7Plus. All you have to do is pull either or both pods from the charging case.

Though it lacks the silicone inserts, it stays in the ears intact without any need for external adjustments.

Some have however complained that the earbuds unplug when the impacts are too harsh.

A combination of expansive, ambient noise and full sound unseal your ear canal. These make it appropriately suited for outdoor running.

These pods allow you to pause them to let you have your conversation without necessarily taking them off your ears as is the norm with the other earbuds.

This could explain why many people prefer putting on the AirPods to other earbuds.

Two traits inhibit the earbuds from being reliable for runners. First and foremost is the single-charge battery that lasts 3.5 to 4 hours.

This is definitely insufficient for running the marathons. Then, they are neither waterproof nor sweatproof.

Our tester, Roe, ran for 13 miles in the rain and attempted to sweat via them in the humid days.

He did not encounter any serious issues though. The only issue is that the company warranty does not cover the AirPods in case they are damaged by water before the predefined obsolescence.


4.) Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Best True Wireless Earbuds 2021


This is the most expensive earbud in our consideration. Its sound output is as high as its price. Its momentum has been noted to beat that of the Apple AirPods and the Jabra Elite 65t with regards to the purity of the sound quality.

Some powerful drivers that measure 7 mm highlight the thumping bass lines by the Young Thug and the 2Chainz. While at it, they maintain the vocals in a crisp sound.

For the non-workout music, they tend to tune out the world and untangle the guitar riffs in much the same way you would experience in a live show.

They do not sound as good as soon as they wiggle out of your ears. Fret not though because they do not fall out really easily. You will nonetheless lose the seal that generates the premium sounds faster.

That implies you will have to adjust it continuously in case you are intent on leveraging the excellent mid-run audio. This will require that you tap the touch controls continually in the process of use.

We enjoyed less than 4 hours of continuous battery life on a single charge. This makes the AirPods unsuitable for the marathoners.

With the IPX4 waterproof rating, the earbuds are able to withstand your harsh endurance training as long as they do not go through any water damage. On account of this, the momentum of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is great for the runners who are most intent on leveraging great sounds.


5.) Samsung Galaxy Buds


Best True Wireless Earbuds 2021


These are convenient and properly functioning alternatives under the truly wireless category. They are $30 cheaper than the AirPods.

After some three runs and some few handstands, our tester claimed that the earbuds fitted in his ears snugly. In all, it delivers forceful yet not overpowering bass.

All factors considered, it also produces balanced sound though it got static occasionally even while the phone is located feet away.

Its connectivity is not as awesome as that of the AirPods or of any other truly wireless competitors. It lost the signal just by walking into the adjacent room.

The touch controls nonetheless let you pause the music at the tap of a bud. We nonetheless found it more convenient than the button-controlled models we have employed.

And the IPX2 waterproof rating implies that the equipment handles some sweat but might nonetheless be unsuitable for those who sweat heavily and for the perspiration-inducing spin classes.


Why I Prefer These 5 Wireless Earbuds

Here are the yardsticks we employed to arrive at the list:

Sound Output

Our staffers are not lovers of music. Their evaluation of the sound quality is subsequently largely subjective. We have nonetheless attempted the earbuds before severally. We hence asked out testers to compare and contrast other earbuds they have attempted before and provide some feedback to that end.

This, they showcase how the podcasts and favorite songs sound.


Fit and the Ambient Sounds

This refers to the manner in which the earbud fits as well as how much of the external sounds they allow to seep in. There is no universal balance for anyone. Some prefer those buds that fit deeply in the ears and block all ambient noise.

This way, they focus solely on the tunes. Others nonetheless prefer an arrangement whereby the fit is looser and there is plenty of environmental sounds. This latter fit is hence better off for those who run around and in the company of the other persons.

Even though we did not rank the earbuds by their ambient sounds, we did place them in a ranking of how snugly they fit in their ears. Given that isolating you from the outside world should give you some clearer sounds, we anticipate a better-than-average sound quality from these earbuds.

This is in stark contrast with those that let in some little ambient noise. To enjoy the best of both worlds, some pricier versions provide some ambient sound modes. These make use of the microphone of the device to let in the ambient noise while at the same time maintaining a nice fit.



We also compelled the testers to assess how faster and simpler the buds attach to the phones as well as how far they are capable of obtaining from their phones before the signal is disconnected.

In doing so, we also recorded any emerging mid-run connectivity problems.



In the two-week duration of testing, we came across some quality issues. We also asked our testers to determine how the earbuds felt. You would naturally expect an earbud that costs $200 to deliver better performances than the $40.

With regards to long-term quality assessments, we referred to the user reviews from the Amazon online auction sites and a host of other retailers.

These are persons who look for persistent issues and constantly update the findings in case we identify any issues that spring up as we engage these models.


Water-and-Sweat Resistance

None of the testers we had in our possession had issues with the sweat or excess moisture possibly ruining their buds. In a longer testing scenario though, moisture will definitely impact the buds adversely and even possibly pose some permanent damages to the earbuds that are unable to repel it.

We hence factored the IP address of each device and the Ingress Protection rating. These ratings comprise some two numbers. The first number shows the dust protection whereas the second showcases the water protection. When the letter ‘X’ is placed in the place of a number, it showcases a lack of data.

For instance, an ‘IPX’ rating implies that the dust protection parameter was not evaluated. Of these two metrics, it is the second number, otherwise called the liquid ingress, which is the one that matters most to the runners.

A score of 1 or 2 implies that the earbud can stand tall to the dripping water. Scores of 3-6 imply that the buds will stand tall to the increasing amounts of rainfall for a prolonged duration of time.

A gold standard score of 7-9 proves that the earbud can be completely submerged in depths of water that vary without fail. Many earbuds in this testing possess the IP rating, with most ratings falling at IPX4 and above.


Battery Life

We looked into the manufacturer’s claims against the experience of our testers. In doing so, we noted that some discrepancies in the course of doing so.



We shall continually update this best true wireless earbuds 2022 roundup with the impressions of our tests. These regard the latest wireless earbuds for the runners. Tell us what you think and these buds in the comments section below