Best Podcast Hosting 2021

The popularity of Podcasts is increasing day by day. People all over the world are realizing that there is a lot to be gained from listening to Podcast audio. Some listen to the audio for entertainment and some listen to get knowledge from experts.

You will be able to enjoy various kinds of audio or maybe even upload them to various podcast hosting services. Each company provides best podcast hosting services with different download views. Some include various tools, such as the ease of downloading files of various sizes.


Best Podcast Hosting 2021

  1. Podbean

The first podcast hosting service that is most popular in the community is Podbean. This podcast hosting has more than 250,000 podcasters around the world.

It offers features such as a free subdomain containing podcast information and SEO optimization so that listeners can know your episodes.

All Podbean users, whether listeners or podcasters, can use the app version to listen to audio and upload audio files. This service allows podcasters to upload, analyze, and monetize their audio.

While users will benefit from a friendly website interface and free audio, more quality audio can be downloaded when using the premium version for $ 9/ month.

Other features offered are live recording, video podcasts, and a media player. The live recording is a feature that allows you to record live streams via the Podbean mobile application.

After recording live audio, you will be able to broadcast it live or to save it so that you can still re-edit it. This feature makes it very easy for podcasters to produce audio in a fast and practical way.

Video Podcasts can be used by podcasters to make videos rather than just audio, depending on the type of topic they are creating.

If you have a website and a podcaster, then you can just add an embeddable player to your website. You will be able to select fonts and colors in the embedded media player.

All Podcast users can attach to posts on WordPress. This feature makes it easier for podcasters to make their audio more popular.

If a podcaster account is full of people downloading, it can be monetized, because Podbean offers to advertise for companies that are interested in being promoted.

  1. BuzzSprout

After Podbean, there is a Podcasting hosting service that is easiest to use, especially for beginners. This service has been around since 2009 and has a large community of podcasters.

There are many podcasters whose audio is famous all over the world. All users only need to upload the audio file and the BuzzSprout provider will take care of the rest.

This service is the only one that offers a free account which can include unlimited member accounts. However, there is a limit for those of you who want to upload more than 2 hours of audio for 90 days.

The limitations of the free account for beginner podcasters are very broad. If you want to upgrade your account, you will need to pay $ 12 – $ 24/months.

The capacity provided for a paid account is 250 GB. In fact, this service allows podcasters to be broadcast according to a certain schedule.

There is a notification of added episodes that can help listeners know the episode details with just a glance.

  1. Blubrry

One of Blubrry’s well-known podcast hosting services allows podcasters to easily upload to Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

Podcaster can monetize audio too, as this podcast hosting provider also provides advertising. Users will be able to see Podcast statistics and there are also social media sharing features.

Podcasters with WordPress can embed audio using a plugin called PowerPress Podcasting, also made by Blubrry.

They can do analysis using the analytics feature, so they can find out what kind of audio has many listeners. All analysis results are displayed in easy-to-understand information and diagrams.

People’s interest in using it for audio uploads will have to pay starting at $ 12/ month. The plugin is available in a free version too, making it perfect for new podcasters.

If your podcast account is having technical problems, then you can ask for support. Podcasters who have subscribed to podcast services elsewhere can also migrate without having to pay migration fees.

There are several Blubrry users reviews that do not recommend this podcast hosting service for beginners too, because some users have complained about a complex interface. Most likely this podcast hosting is targeted at professional podcasters.

At least Blubrry noted that there are more than 75,000 active accounts that use SEO options to make podcaster names appear easier when searched by listeners. Plugins update frequently as a form of quality improvement and maintenance.

  1. Transistors

Podcast hosting that offers a private feed feature is Transistor. Using private podcasting is an effective way to monetize your audio or attract the attention of a community.

Users can come from a company that provides internal podcast staff to update the information to all teams that come out once a week.

That is just one example of private feed features. Podcaster Transistors can monetize whenever a listener downloads.

The free account is available for 14 days only and usually this opportunity for new podcasters to use to try out some features whether they are comfortable or not. There are three account packages available for podcaster transistors.

The first plan requires the podcaster to pay $ 19/ month which gives a slot for up to 10,000 downloads per month.

The second package can be enjoyed by podcasters for $ 49/ month with features up to 50,000 downloads per month. The latter package can be used to load up to 100,000 downloads per month.

  1. Smart Podcast Player

Introducing your podcast audio through the website is certainly requiring a media player. If that’s what you need, then you need to use the Smart Podcast Player.

There are many companies that embed their podcast audio on their website and build their own media player. There are some personal websites that just embed without using a media player.

This hosting allows the podcaster to change the color and appearance of the media player. The media player can also adjust the screen size of devices that access it automatically.

Apart from those features, this one hosting provides various common features that are owned by podcast hosting in general.

Podcaster can take advantage of features in the form of social media engagement to share the audio that has been created. The audio that you make will be known by more people.

Meanwhile, audio listeners will be able to choose multiple speeds every time they listen to the audio. Those of you who are interested in using it will need to pay around $ 8.08/ month.

  1. Libsyn

This podcast hosting has started operating since 2004. There are already more than 8 million people using it and listeners can access it via a smartphone application.

Podcasters who use this hosting can use it to embed on other media, such as websites and social media. You just do one click and can publish your audio.

This hosting provides compatible RSS for Apple and iTunes. This one feature does make it a little bit mitigated with Podbean. There are many packages that you can choose according to the available budget.

You can use the cheapest package by paying $ 5/ month and get 50 Mb of storage space. While other packages you can take advantage of around $ 15, $ 20, $ 40, and $ 75 each month with unlimited storage space.

  1. SoundCloud

A quite unique podcast hosting that provides a free account for 3 hours after the upload is SoundCloud. The free account gives new podcasters the chance to test the water first.

Podcaster can take advantage of this hosting to find revenue with monetization capabilities.

Other advantages of podcasters are storage capacity, bandwidth, advanced statistics, and optional distribution. After the 3 hours have expired, beginners who wish to use the account further can pay $ 6/ month.

The cost is quite cheap if you want to get serious in the world of podcasts.

When consumers visit SoundCloud, they will be able to see the top 50 audio using the charts in several countries. The audio podcaster uploaded also contains music.

In fact, listeners will be able to see that there is new music genre, such as Dancehall. In addition, listeners can choose music from various genres that have existed for a long time, for example, metal, indie, classical, country, and so on.

Every time the user wants to track some audio, they can filter them based on the audio duration, when uploaded, and free or not.

Every favorite audio that SoundCloud downloads frequently is put together, so it’s easy to access again. In fact, listeners can now leave comments on a track, so this feature can really make a podcaster look like a vlogger or Youtuber.



You already know some of the best podcast hosting 2021 services complete with the features they offer. Based on the features and prices given, Podbean is still the winner.

This hosting provides unlimited storage, bandwidth, and other features at an affordable price. The second podcast hosting we recommend is BuzzSprout. This account is perfect for new podcasters who want to seriously explore the world of podcasts.