5 Best Manuka Honey Brand Reviews 2020

The market contains many brands which claim to provide best manuka honey, but what is the best manuka honey brand? Actually only a few of these brands will provide the quality they promise, this comprehensive manuka honey review will guide you find the right one.  

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a special kind of honey that is drawn from New Zealand. The honey is drawn from beehives which are located in areas where the flower grows. It is unique given its possession of additional nutrients and healing properties which the ordinary honey lacks. The Manuka flowers from which the honey is drawn has been used since time immemorial to heal various ailments. Whenever bees collect the nectar from these flowers, they add some healing properties to them, it is believed. In order to derive the healing properties from the honey, you have to buy the right product. Unfortunately, many products that bear the Manuka name do not contain any added benefits. They use the name purely for sales. This being the case, the following tips will be needful to help you select the right Manuka brand honey which potentially offers the required benefits which the authentic honey contains. In this buying guide, I will showcase some of the top features which the premium honey possesses. I will further review the best manuka honey you will most likely find on the market at the moment.  

Why Do You Need The Manuka Honey?

Different people prefer this honey for different reasons. Examples of these are digestive benefits, acne, and other skin appearance issues. The honey association endeavors to grade the honey with regards to its efficiency. The unique Manuka factor (UMF) levels serve to play this role. Look out for the following grades to aid you in getting exactly what you are seeking for:
  • 0-4 UMF: Zero therapeutic characteristics
  • 5-9 UMF: Ideal for the maintenance of good health
  • 10-14 UMF: Suitable for nature healing
  • 15-20 UMF: Therapeutic grade great for precise forms of treatment
  K-Factor This is yet another parameter which showcases the amount of the Manuka flower pollen which is present in a given amount of honey. This grading system includes:
  • K-factor 22: Contains 90% Manuka flower pollens
  • K-factor 16: Contains 75% Manuka flower pollens
  • K-factor 12: Contains 65% Manuka flower pollens
  UMF This is yet another grading system. It nonetheless categorizes honey with regards to its antibacterial potency. If you prefer this honey for healing needs, pick that one which has the UMF factor value of no less than 5. Those with the UMF factor of 10 are the most effective.   USDA Approval and MGO Label Pure Manuka honey costs a lot to generate. Because of this, many unscrupulous persons add syrup and cheap sugar to up the quantity of honey with the aim of making more money. That is why you should insist only on those brands that bear the USDA approval. Such brands are 100% pure and are devoid of any additive. Those that have the added MGO label showcase the existence of methylglyoxal in the honey. This substance is a powerful compound which contains great antibacterial properties.  

Here is My Top 5 Best Manuka Honey

Listed and explained below are the best brands that are more likely to provide you genuine Manuka honey. Skimming this list will give you the opportunity to choose the brand which is more likely to provide you the awesome benefits you are on the lookout for. 1. Tahi Certified UMF20+ (MGO 829) Manuka Honey best manuka honey brand

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This honey is formulated to provide you unparalleled quality. It features blends of honey made from the manuka tree. It grants you honey that is unpasteurized and processed using the last number of filtrations. In this way, it preserves all the vital nutrients intact. Thanks to this processing approach, the honey also retains its natural aromatic smell, great taste, and the exceptionally thick appearance. Courtesy of all these traits, the honey possesses awesome antiseptic and antibacterial capabilities. It is these that allow it to heal many diseases. Given its over 20 UMF rating, it also accords numerous benefits.   PROs
  • Reputable and respected brand indeed
  • Possesses all the natural ingredients
  • Exudes good health properties
  • Out of stock most of the time due to high demand
  2. Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey KFactor 12 best manuka honey brand

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Every droplet of this honey is pure and natural. It is in turn derived from the unspoiled New Zealand forests. While processing it, the honey is harvested and poured in some containers. Minimal, if any alterations are made to it. This means it retains its stature much like it was when taken from the hive. For this reason, the honey is as natural as it can be. As part of its makeup, this honey is creamed to make it moist, smooth, and savory. These notwithstanding, the honey still retains its natural potency and rich flavor. What’s more? Its beehives are made of only natural and safe materials to ward off harsh chemicals and other harmful substances.   PROs
  • Sweet and delicious flavor
  • Great health benefits
  • Smooth yet thick texture
  • Quite costly for a 250g jar
  3. Wild Cape UMF 15+ East Cape Manuka Honey best manuka honey brand

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Fewer Manuka honey  contains UMF factors. Even then, the levels vary considerably. The UMF, as stated, is a parameter which was created by the Honey Association to gauge the active ingredients and honey purity. This honey, in particular, possesses a higher UMF rating which translates to richer quality and overall safety. Moreover, its taste is truly delicious and palpable. On account of these, the honey is a perfect addition to your tea or bread. Its unique healing traits play a vital role in mitigating sore throat.   PROs
  • Smooth and truly delicious
  • Exudes exceptional medicinal properties
  • Heals sore throats exceptionally well
  • Poor packaging (plastic bottle.)
  4. Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka Honey 500g best manuka honey brand

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Airborne is undoubtedly one of the most reputable brands which produce the Manuka honey. Other than conferring to you honey that is naturally soured, it also sources the raw ingredients from the pristine New Zealand landscapes. All these are availed at rates that are truly affordable. That is because the brand lays special emphasis on taste and quality to see to it that the final products contain all the relevant vitamins and minerals. To add to these, the honey passes through some natural processing which incorporates minimal heating. In this way, it retains the active ingredients and distinctive natural tastes.   PROs
  • Affordable pricing
  • 100% pure raw honey
  • Certified non-GMO honey
  • Irregular tastes which vary considerably
  5. Comvita Certified UMF 15+ Manuka Honey best manuka honey brand

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In case you are on the lookout for the super-premium honey that similarly has a higher UMF rating, this is the one to look up to. The brand provides the best honey for health and skin. Though slightly expensive, it is truly tested for awesome quality to guarantee full benefits. It exudes some thick and distinctive caramel-like texture. Moreover, it is wholly organic, awesome-tasting, and floral in aroma.   PROs
  • Awesome taste
  • Golden texture
  • UMF 15+ rating provides greater medicinal values
  • Derived from natural pollen and honey
  • The jar is difficult to open and close


The products I have listed and reviewed above offer those properties that are best for your skin and overall wellbeing. It hence follows that if you want to spend your money on best manuka honey brand, get hold of any that are listed above and enjoy the attendant benefits. Good luck!   Read Also : Best Tablets 2021 Best Treadmills 2021 Best VPS Hosting 2021 Best Podcast Hosting 2021 Best Website Hosting 2021 Best Weight Loss Apps 2021 Best Weight Loss Program 2021