Best Weight Loss Apps 2021

Losing some unwanted weight couldn’t happen in the blink of an eye. There’s a process that you have to do that can take a lot of your time and effort. That’s why you should try to use the best weight loss apps 2021 that can assist you to get in shape on the right track.

Although some people may see overweight is not a problem and carry it with pride, it is a start for obesity that triggers many diseases. In some countries, overweight and obesity even kill more people than other diseases.

In 2016, it recorded that 1.9 billion adults from around the world were overweight. Meanwhile, for children and adolescents, the number reached 340 million in the same year.

This can be a danger that threatens your health. Therefore, you should try to lose weight to be healthier by keeping track of your daily intake and habits.

One easier way to do it is by using the weight loss app. Because we’re living in a world where technology is easy to access and the cellphone is our second life.

Thus, using apps to help with losing weight is the best choice. Here we listed several best lose weight apps that can assist you:


Best Weight Loss Apps 2021

Best Overall: Lose It

Our best choice fell to Lose It! You can say that this is the easiest one to use among the other best lose weight apps that you can choose.

Because with this app, you can easily get your desired weight by setting a goal and tracking your food. That’s why we also put this app in the list of “Best Diet Apps” as our “best for weight loss”.

The name tells all, you can lose all the unwanted weight that shoves you into the unhealthy side. When starting this app, you have to submit information.

From your age, current weight, and also your lifestyle. Then, you also have to set your goal and customize a plan for the lose weight program. The app will give you a recommendation about your food and daily calorie ‘budget’.

Lose It works by featuring three ways of keeping a food diary. First, you can search on the food database for more than 7 million items. The second way, you can also scan the barcode of packaged food. Then lastly, you can utilize the “Snap It” feature to take a photo of your food. Once you logged in, the app will compile your food diary and turn it into a report, completed with a line graph to show your progress.

Best for Extra Support: Noom

Most of the time, we often stray when undergoing a diet plan. Thus, we put Noom as another app in the best lose weight apps list that you can try. Because this app provides structure and support that every person on diet can stick onto the program.

With a psychology-based approach, Noom helps you to switch into healthier eating habits. Not to mention, Noom also employs certified experts to provide the right answer for your question and concern.

You wouldn’t find any restriction for certain foods in Noom, because it focuses on your overall lifestyle. Thus, you won’t only shed weight, but you can keep it off. On the business hours, you can get in-app one-on-one coaching. Besides the weight, food, exercise, blood sugar, and blood sugar tracker in the app.

But to use Noom, you have to dig deep into your bank account. Because to get the best from this app, you have to pay for a membership that starts from $45 per month. But it has proven to help its user in losing 18 pounds in 16 weeks on average.

Best for Building Exercise Routine: Daily Burn

Another way that people pick for losing weight is by doing work out. Because there are many health benefits that you can get from physical activity. But the problem is it’s hard to keep in track with the promised workout schedule on our own.

For that reason, you can try Daily Burn as one of your choice of best lose weight apps for the exercise side. With the app, you can choose assistance in yoga, running, high-intensity interval training, or even just the traditional circuit training workouts.

Also, this app is suitable for all levels, either you’re a beginner or true exerciser. With Daily Burn, you can choose one-on-one training or join a group class that you can match it with your time. If you’re doubting this app’s benefit, you can try the 30-day trial before submitting your membership.

Best for Integrating Healthy Habits: Fitbit

Two main factors which have a huge effect on losing weight is food and exercise. Therefore, you can combine these two to get a better result by using Fitbit. Moreover, combining with its devices – either the smartwatches or trackers, can lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Fitbit can track your heart rate, normal activity (non-exercise), workout, sleep, and others. Not only that, but you can also log all your daily intake, such as food and water, menstrual cycle, weight fluctuation, and many more. Then, all of these data would be compiled in a daily, weekly, and monthly report.

Although you’re using the free app, you can still get many benefits from it. But if you would like to try the premium package, you can use the 90-day trial for personalized guidance and customized programs.

Best for Keeping Your Social Life: HealthyOut

One serious problem for someone who undergoes a diet is eating out. Because most of the menu is wrecking your diet. Not to mention, the weird stares that you have to endure if you ask for some customization. For that matter, you can try HealthyOut. This app can help you to keep your social life matter without ditching your diet.

But HealthyOut is only available for the US, yet it spreads out options in more than 500 cities. Another plus point, you can use it for free. To find the eating place, you only need to filter by category (e.g. paleo and keto) or count the calorie that you need. Also, the filter includes nutrition tags.

Best for Tracking Nutrition: Cron-O-Meter

Another choice for this list of best lose weight apps that we can offer is Cron-O-Meter. This app works to keep you weight loss. Thus, your weight wouldn’t freely fluctuate up and down. Because it tracks what you eat and counts the nutrient and calorie intake.

By choosing this app, your weight loss will be on the healthy side. Since it will keep track of what you consume with the calorie restriction. There are also Trends and Snapshots features to make your diet more enjoyable. In Trends, you will find your diet progress displayed over time, and with Snapshots, you can upload your visual appearance as your progress proof.

Best for Making Nutrition Fun: Eat This, Not That! The Game

One common problem that people on diet face is feeling it as a burden. Even with the help of the best lose weight apps, sometimes they deliver the pressure to lose some weight. Therefore, we listed this game to make your diet more bearable, Eat This, Not That! The Game.

Through the game, you will face know-how challenges about nutrition in quizzes format. Thus, it will help to educate about the healthy food that you should consume. To play this game, you have to guess which food is healthier compared to others. For each correct answer, you will get points.

Best for Beginners: Fooducate

Just like implied by its name, Fooducate is all about food education. It aims to teach you about nutrition from your food to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Thus, although you’re a veteran in the dieting scenario, you might be surprised to find out that some food is not as healthy as you assumed.

Fooducate is good if you’re a beginner since it has a huge food database that you can scan through the product barcode. Aside from the nutrition and health tracker, Fooducate also teaches you to eat healthier by mentioning artificial ingredients that you should avoid.

If you decide to purchase the app, you will also get pro diet tips and programs in various types. Either you’re dieting for losing weight, disease-caused, or even your body condition such as allergy. Another advantage, you can also take a look for your pet’s food.


The Bottom Line

There are many helpful best weight loss apps 2021 that you can depend on to support you in getting your body goal. Some focus to monitor your food intake, weight, and habits. Meanwhile, the others elaborate some guidance to live a healthier lifestyle.

Not to mention, some of these apps are also equipped to give you motivation and moral support to keep your diet program. From the simple community support, using point systems, until giving you throughout the report to make sure you keep on the track with your diet program.

Yet, just like everything in this world, you can also face some contrary effect from these apps. Because you might think the apps are time-consuming, problematic, or too overwhelming for your mental state. Therefore, you should pick the one that suits you the most, even though it’s not the best of the best.