Best Gaming Console 2022

You have to consider several things before deciding the best gaming console. You should see the features, including the game library, graphic power, storage options, and multiplayer.

This is because some consoles have exclusives or different game libraries than others. Just make sure that you get the right console just like what you need.

You even should decide whether you will play the game alone or online with friends.

Here, we give you the list of the best gaming console 2022 to choose from. Just learn the details and pick your favorite console.

Best Gaming Console 2022

1.) Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Gaming Console 

Best Gaming Console 2022

Sony introduces its premium gameplay console known as PlayStation 4 Slim. One of the great things about this console is the massive game library.

Moreover, this gaming console also has a powerful graphics chip that produces vivid HDR video. You can also play your favorite game with a multiplayer option.

Moreover, you can play several exclusive games such as God of War, the Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the Uncharted Series.

Indeed, Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is one of the best options for playing online with friends. You can also share game footage easily with PlayStation Plus that provides online gaming service.

Another great thing is that you can play the game with the PlayStation VR headset. This tool leads you to a different world, along with fantastic virtual reality gaming experience.

For those who want to play with 4K Ultra HD quality, you can play the games with PS4 Pro. This console offers fantastic graphic power and higher resolution.

Indeed, PlayStation 4 Slim is worth it to select, especially because of the library and the way the technology brings you to the incredible virtual worlds.


  • The console gives exclusive games.
  • Easy for those who want to play with a multiplayer option.
  • The console supports an add-on VR-headset.


  • The 4K quality is only for the PS4 Pro model.

2.) Microsoft Xbox One S Gaming Console 

Best Gaming Console 2022-

Microsoft tries to grab more users by releasing Xbox One S. This game console offers a variety of great games in its library.

You are about to play your favorite games with 4K quality. It is considered as the best gaming console because of its controllers.

Microsoft Xbox competes tightly with Sony PlayStation to offer a high-quality gaming console. Microsoft designs Xbox One S with several powerful features.

Let’s say, this console supports 4K Ultra HD. It is a great feature because you don’t have to upgrade to a more expensive console only to get a higher-quality.

It is a better option than PS4 in which you must upgrade into the PS4 Pro model. Xbox One S console is compatible with various games by Xbox and PC. This is because Microsoft is using Xbox Play Anywhere technology.

The ergonomic controllers boost your comfort while playing your favorite games. Indeed, you will have an extraordinary experience.


  • The console supports 4K Ultra HD without upgrading the system.
  • You can use the console to play various games on Xbox or PC.
  • Ergonomic controllers


  • It seems the user interface is a little bit uncomfortable.

3.) Nintendo Switch Gaming Console 

-Best Gaming Console 2022

Nintendo Switch offers various games by Nintendo, including Mario Bros and Pokemon. Indeed, Nintendo lovers will be familiar with strong characters such as Mario, Luigi,  or Peach and Friends.

Most of the games are family friends, so it is suitable for kids and adults. Nintendo designs Nintendo Switch as a flexible game console.

You can install the console on the television or use it as a portable console. For a better portable console, you can choose to play with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The controller is also comfortable enough to use for a variety of games. The good thing is that this brand offers a Pro controller.

This controller is sold separately. You can play your favorite games up to 9 hours on the portable version. The smaller Switch Lite can last up to 7 hours.

Based on the design, features, and game variation, Nintendo Switch is one of the best game consoles for kids. It has a large game library that kids or beginner players can play.


  • It offers a portable handheld system.
  • It is only compatible with Nintendo content.
  • You can choose a more affordable version.


  • The graphic may not be an outstanding one.
  • The controller may be uncomfortable to use.

4.) Oculus Quest Gaming Console 

Best Gaming Console- 2022

Sony PS4 is not the only console that offers a fantastic virtual reality experience. Oculus Quest also offers an amazing virtual reality gaming experience.

This console has a crystal-clear headset and versatile controllers that make the virtual game look real. You also don’t require a separate gaming PC to operate the console.

Indeed, Oculus Quest is a perfect all-in-one system for gamers.

Oculus released its original headset in 2012. Fantastically, gamers accept this tool and it becomes the best tool in Oculus Quest console.

This console also has an inside-out tracking system. This system allows you to use virtual reality without a complex setting.

Oculus Quest offers a comfortable controller, including wireless touch controllers. It seems that Oculus Quest wins the competition although other consoles offer cheaper controllers.

You may think a game console with virtual reality is expensive. As a full-featured console, the price of Oculus Quest is more reasonable than other game consoles with virtual reality.

Despite the affordable price, virtual reality still serves you with the best gaming experience.

It seems that the virtual worlds look real because of the VR headset. The drawback is that the console and its systems seem not suitable in a small area.


  • It has a large game library that supports VR technology.
  • The controllers are comfortable enough to use.
  • The system is easy to set up.


  • The system seems too expensive.
  • It is uncomfortable for small playing areas.

5.) Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console 

Best Gaming Console 2022--

The Sega Genesis Mini brings back the full memory of your favorite games. You can play several phenomenal games such as Mega-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The good news is that you can get it at an affordable price. Moreover, you are about using the console with multiple controllers.

Just like the name, it seems that Sega offers the miniature of its previous console. This brand brings you back to the late 1980s when the first video game system was released.

The price is affordable enough compared to modern consoles. Indeed, it is a good option for gamers who love to play old games.

You can play several popular old games, including Mega-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage 2, and many more.

You will get extra controllers on the package, so you can play with friends once you receive it.

It supports the HDMI video signal. It means that you can play your favorite games with a high level of clarity more than what you have seen on previous Sega consoles.

You will receive up to 40 pre-included Sega’s greatest games. The drawback is that you can’t add more games.

Based on the design, features, and game variation, we can conclude that the Sega Genesis Mini is one of the cheapest game consoles.


  • You can play up to 40 retro sega games.
  • You also get multiple controllers.
  • It supports HDMI video.


  • You can’t add games.


Choosing the best gaming console 2022 is challenging due to so many options available. The best thing to do is choosing it based on essential factors such as the game library, graphic power, storage space, and multiplayer abilities.

The list above is the minimum criteria of the best gaming console you can choose. So, it doesn’t matter which one of them you choose, you will get a great experience.

Those consoles are suitable for those who want to find a console with a large game library. Even the smallest game console on the list offers up to 40 different games to play.

Most of the consoles are also expanding their library regularly. Some of them also support HDMI, so you can play your favorite games while enjoying the crips videos.

The console with a high-resolution graphic is suitable for you who want to play the games on the big screen. You can even choose to play retro video games to bring your happy memory in the past by using the Sega Genesis Mini.

One of the reasons why those consoles are included on the best gaming console is because of the large storage. Most of them at least have 128GB storage and accept SD cards for additional storage.

You can also download games on the consoles. As the best gaming console, those consoles offer a multiplayer version, so you can play with friends whether with your close friends or online friends on the internet. In the end, the choice is yours! Just read the details carefully and decide which one of the consoles is your best one.

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