Best Foosball Tables 2022

Choosing the right type of foosball table will have a big impact for the lovers of this professional game.

Besides the function of the foosball table itself, you also need to consider the type of size, as well as the materials used so that you will feel comfortable for a long-term usage.

To ensure that you get the right type of foosball table that will later be placed in your home or office, keep watching the reviews in the following article and follow this advice.

Everyone will agree that the best foosball table does not mean to be very expensive, but a high-quality foosball table that will have high performance as well so automatically it has a high value for a long-term use.

There are many types of foosball tables that are sold freely on the market, this article will guide you to get a foosball table that suits your needs.

Here is a list of the 5 Best Foosball Tables 2022 that you should consider before deciding to buy it. In this article you will also get the pros and cons of each product that is being reviewed.


Best Foosball Tables 2022

  1. Tornado Classic

When you first see the design form of this foosball table, you will immediately fall in love and think that Tornado Classic is the best foosball table.

This table is made for a long usage period as seen from the construction, with a glossy appearance and elegant contemporary style.

Tornado Classic has a fairly high standard in terms of product quality and this product is highly recommended.

The classic cabinet and black footsteps are pinned to this table, a black color that blends with all types of interiors. This table is very suitable to be placed on the front porch of the house, or family room.

This table has a solid surface with thickness reaching 3-4 inches. It is mentioned that this type of table has more thickness compared to some other types of foosball tables.

With this thickness, it will ensure that the surface always remains flat in a certain period and is not much affected by the humidity of the air temperature so that when playing, the players can still maintain the speed of the shot and the flexibility of body movements in a game.

This table is perfect for all levels of beginner, intermediate, and even advanced players.


  1. Tornado Tournament 3000 – Best Professional Foosball Table

Best Foosball Tables 2022

This foosball table is designed specifically with a thick and strong cabinet that gives the players comfort while playing this game.

Besides, the front, players and handles coated with rubber so that the handle is protected from the grip of the hand. This table measures dimensions: 56 L x 30 W (70 inches) x 36 H inches with a net weight of around 355 pounds.

There are four legs which are very crowing and able to stand in their proper and stable position so that there is no effect that causes a shift when there is energy arising from the players.

In addition, you can also adjust the equation of the four legs of the table by using a laveller which can easily be adjusted as needed.

The handles and rods are made of steel and coated with chrome and have high flexibility when moved forward and backward. This makes it easy for players to move quickly when kicking the ball.

In addition, another feature that can be obtained from the Toosado Tournament table is the creative features of the Abacus assessment unit, allowing players to record the score obtained during matches in a competition.


  1. Tornado Elite Foosball Table

-Best Foosball Tables 2022--

Tornado Elite is a premium foosball table with 36 “HX 56” WX “D tournament dimensions, strong construction and attractive design with additional features such as a 0.5 inch cabinet that is thinner coated with laminate so that it looks elegant even when this table is placed, which makes this foosball table look special, considering that the cabinet is not split, so it’s a bit difficult to install.

Foosball tables are equipped with rods made of lightweight telescopic steel so that it makes it easy for players to control with extraordinary speed of movement.

The design and shape of the table is done perfectly so that you will not find sharp edges or rough parts on almost the entire surface of the table, this table is intended for tournament quality.

This foosball table weighs 255 pounds, looks strong and does not easily shift when there is movement during the game. The wooden handle makes a natural touch from this table.


  1. Tornado Sport Foosball Table

-Best Foosball Tables 2022-

This type of foosball table is known for a more affordable price compared to other foosball tables, and offers many things for lovers of this foosball game whether amateur or beginner.

This table, the main material is composite wood, mahogany wood so it can be matched with the type of furniture that is at home in a room.

The cabinet in this type of table is 1 inch thinner than other foosball tables, in other words that the players must be a little careful not to play brutally because it can cause the cabinet to crack.

This can be understood because the cabinet is not split on the table, although the playground is still quite thick with a size of 3/4 inches.

The disadvantage of this table is that it is made of composite wood which weighs only 205 pounds, which allows vibrations to enter with intensity in games that tend to increase.

But for beginners foosball players, this does not make a big problem. On the other hand, the basic material of the handle is still made of plastic.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table is made with the traditional 3 player goalkeeper formula by having table legs that are easily adjusted for height and low using a boot leveler so that you can easily adjust the height of the table with a fairly flat playing area.

Make sure that you choose a table leg with a standard thickness so that the foosball table can withstand shocks during the match.

Other features that can be observed from this type of foosball table are the presence of a rod made of mild steel which has a hole where the steel rod can flexibly rotate well, making you play with a faster motion to kick the ball in a match.

You will feel the flexibility of the handle of the steel bar so comfortably it is turned in the opposite direction.


  1. Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table For Kids

Best Foosball Tables 2022-

As we know that children really enjoy playing games, but for young children, adult foosball tables are certainly not recommended. Also, a large table is not very suitable for children. You will waste money when buying an adult foosball table intended for children.

But don’t worry! There is good news that all the problems above will be resolved if you decide to buy the Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table For Kids because this product is designed according to the needs of children with a smaller size and requires a space that is not too wide and certainly at a sufficient price affordable.

This is a tabletop foosball table manufactured by Harvil, intended for child players with a combination cabinet of two colors; blue and silver, making this table look attractive because it uses bright colors.

While the playground has a light blue color and is combined with graphic images. The majority of the players on the field wear blue and yellow clothes, the shape of the players’ bodies is made to resemble a robot so that it is perfect for the world of children.

The long rod is made of strong steel as a player control tool with a handle covered with rubber, allowing the player to grip tightly and not easily get out of control. The back of each goal makes it easy for the player to pick up the ball quickly using a steel rod that is strategically attached to the playing field.

This table is highly recommended for child players, and for sure they will feel at home and be satisfied playing for a long time. When you see this table for the first time, you will be impressed that this table is one of the best tables in its class.

Maybe even adults will think the same when they see the design and construction structure of this Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table.



From the above review, it can be concluded that the functions of the five types of foosball tables have similarities, but what is different are the features that complement them as attributes and beautify the design with slightly different materials to provide comfort while in a match. In terms of size, materials and prices are varied.

For those of you who are hunting for this type of foosball table, it is a good idea if you can follow the suggestions described above, and consider in detail according to your needs and the features that are embedded in each type of foosball table mentioned above.

You can find out about these products and compare their prices on Amazon, to find the one that suits you best.