Best Exercise Bike 2022

Exercise bike is a must-have equipment in this modern era. Apart from the difficulty of access to cycling on the road, going to the gym also seems a waste of time because you have to deal with traffic.

Well, here are 5 best exercise bikes 2022 for those of you who want to exercise a bicycle without leaving the house.

Best Exercise Bikes 2022

  1. Exerpeutic Upright Bike

Best Exercise Bikes 2022

For those of you who just want to try exercising with a fitness bike, this product might be right for you.

The price is relatively cheaper than other products. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to start a healthy lifestyle! If you want a product that has various measurement functions at a friendly price, this product is suitable for your list of considerations.

Many people complain of pain when cycling because the saddle is too hard. If you have experienced something similar, this product may be for you.

This product has a saddle with a wider size and a soft foam. The upholstery also uses imitation leather which is easy to clean just by wiping it. Exercising at home just got even better thanks to this fitness bike!


  • Having an appropriate fulcrum

By using the right fulcrum, users will feel comfortable and no longer feel pain when riding this exercise bike.

  • Sturdy

Even though it has a light weight, this exercise bike has a fairly sturdy body. As a result, you also don’t have to worry about damaging your bike even when using it at extreme speeds.


  • Slow Response Electronic Meter

Even though it has a complete measurement tool such as a calorie meter, heart rate measurement, and so on, this measuring tool is quite slow in responding. So the measurement results are not very valid either.

  • Less Ergonomic Pedal

Even though it looks so comfortable at first glance, using this exercise bike for a long time will give you sore ankles.

      2. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike 2022

Those of you who want to form a body and want a complete exercise, must try this one product.

Apart from cycling, you can also exercise using twisters and barbells that are included in the product package. Reach for your ideal body with this multifunctional product!

Marcy Exercise Bike can help form the ideal waist curve and barbells can be used to train the arm and shoulder muscles.

In addition to these two functions, this bicycle can also be pedaled in a sitting and standing position to ensure all leg muscles are properly trained. Of course you can get more exercise using this product.

  1. Body Rider Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike 2022

This fitness bike from Body Rider could be the answer to your leg or knee problems. The product design is also sturdy and stable, suitable for long-term therapy needs.

You can train your leg muscles without overloading your waist, hips, or knees. This product can be used for all people, including the elderly! Regular use can train the knee joint to be more flexible to move without any pain.

Not only training your leg muscles, with this fitness bike from Total Fitness you can also slim and train your arm muscles.

You can move the handrails at the same time as the pedals to make your exercise more effective.

You just want to focus on foot workouts? No problem! Handrails can also be locked to be static when you don’t want to use them. Interesting right?


  • Very Ergonomic

The design is made with calculation for the convenience of the user. Some users even reported that they didn’t feel any pain even after using it for a long time.

  • Power Saving

You can use this exercise bike wherever and whenever the battery is fully charged. Once full, the battery will last for more than 5 hours.

  • Portable and easy to carry

Yes, this exercise bike is very easy to carry around because of its light weight and slim shape.


  • Electric meter is minimal

Unfortunately, these exercise bikes don’t have that many electric meters. There is only a measuring device for heart rate and also distance and speed.

However, there is no calorie measurement tool and so on. Maybe this is intended to support power savings.


  1. Sunny Health, and Fitness SF-B901 Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike 2022

Many people want a recumbent type of fitness bike for sports and therapy activities. However, there are also those who lose interest in buying them because they tend to be larger than other types. Even so, don’t change your mind before you see this one product!

This product has a sleeker and modern design for recumbent type fitness bikes. Due to its slimmer body, this product will take up less space. This bike is suitable for those of you who have limited space at home.

This fitness bike, which is equipped with a shock breaker, is suitable for those of you who want to practice cycling with the sensation of a sports bike.

Thanks to the shockbreaker, you can exercise more stable and comfortably. Even if you pedal hard, this product can keep its balance.

This bike can accommodate a weight of up to 150 kg due to its very sturdy and strong body. In addition, its small size does not take up too much space. This product is suitable for both beginners and veterans of cycling.


  • Very Comfortable

Yes, with a suspension that uses dampers and springs, this exercise bike will also provide exceptional comfort for its users. This has also been confirmed by users and sports experts.

  • Various Electric Meters

In addition to the suspension features that make the users comfortable, the measuring instruments are also complete to monitor the effectiveness of your exercise.

There are heart rate gauges, blood pressure gauges, timers, and also distance and speed gauges. The display that is installed is also attractive and not boring


  • The price is fantastic

Yes, this is the downside of Sunny Health. Due to the complex suspension coupled with a functional and futuristic display, it is only natural that the price could be double that of other exercise bikes on the market.

  • Heavy and difficult to carry

Although it is quite complete in features, unfortunately this exercise bike is difficult to carry around because of its very heavy weight.

  1. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike 2022

Due to the current situation, we are reluctant to leave the house to exercise. For those of you who often ride high-frequency bikes outdoors, this is certainly a hassle.

However, now you can do cycling with high intensity from home. This product is designed to have a load like an outdoor bicycle used for competitions, you know!

In addition, this compact product also has wheels at the bottom of the frame for easy movement. You just need to tilt the bike so that the wheels are in contact with the floor and moving it.

Especially for those of you who want a multifunctional fitness tool, you can try this fitness bike.

Apart from being a fitness bike in general, this product is equipped with a power rider function that is able to train the muscles in the abdominal area.

This function focuses on the core muscles that are effective in forming perfect abdominal muscles. This tool can help you achieve the body you desire!

Most fitness bikes have a saddle that can be adjusted in height and position. Well, this one product is unique, which is an adjustable handle! First, the angle of the handlebars can be adjusted to match the length of your hand. Then, the height of the handlebars can also be adjusted to the most comfortable position. This product is suitable for those of you who prioritize comfort while exercising.


  • Very Comfortable

As previously explained, the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike product is designed for comfort. So, users will be spoiled with saddles and also the position of the handlebar and pedal are made with precision.

  • Advanced Robust Digital Display

This digital display of the exercise bike shows many characteristics of your exercise such as the number of calories burned as well as other indicators.

  • Preset Feature

If you do exercise regularly for a certain duration, then this tool will support you by providing presets.


  • The price is expensive

With all the conveniences as well as additional features, this exercise bike is indeed sold at a price far above other exercise bikes. However, considering its complete features, it is only natural that it is a price to pay.



So it all depends on your needs. You must determine the budget that you have. In addition, make sure you also buy an exercise bike that suits your needs.

If you really want a simple exercise bike without a lot of features, then maybe the Exerpeutic Upright Bike exercise bike is for you.

Because even though the features are incomplete, it is sufficient and the price is affordable. However, if you really prioritize indicators and displays plus comfort, then don’t hesitate to buy the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike if the budget is available.

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