Best Drones 2022

The drone was specially made for different purposes than what we see today. Spying and surveillance were its main purpose. In short, a drone is a military tool.

However, its capability to capture images from different angles and its flexibility attracts people from other fields to use it. Now, we can easily find other professionals using it, such as videographers, moviemakers, and photographers.

Moreover, the drone, even the advanced and high-performance drone, is easy to buy. You can get one to try to get a tool for taking an amazing picture.

Or, you also can use it for a different purpose, such as having fun or your business. The problem is there are too many of them.

Choosing the best one for our purpose is difficult. Here, we have already prepared the list of 5 Best Drones 2022 you can find on the market today. Use them as a reference to choose your drone.


Best Drones 2022

1.) DJI Mavic Pro

Portability is the main feature of DJI Mavic Pro. The compact design and size allow you to easily carry it around. It is a perfect tool for capturing the amazing image you found during your vacation.

It fits your bag. The compact design is not only a great thing you can find on this drone. You can easily unfold and use it in seconds.

Even though it has a compact size, it is packed with advanced technology features. The spotlight mode is one of them.

This mode will keep the drone hovering and following the target without losing the focus. This mode gives you the freedom to create amazing video from the air. You also can control the drone while in this mode for better results.

For stable recording, Mavic also adds unique mini gimbals. Thanks to this design, it cut down the weight significantly. And, it gives more points on its portability.

This drone also has 5 sensor systems. This system will easily recognize the location, by connecting with 20 satellites. So, if you launch it on automatic mode, it can easily return to the location that you have programmed.

This sensor system gives this drone accurate landing feature and obstacle avoidance capability.

The flying ability is also quite satisfying. It can easily reach 40mph on the free obstacle path. Plus, the trace mode also allows it to follow targets while flying at high speed.

The best of all, you can use and activate all those features with just a simple gamepad-type controller.

This drone is indeed the best drone you can buy. Even though it has a problem with the strong wind that affects its stability, it is enough to give you the best flying camera.


2.) DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro offers a full set of super useful features. Here are some of them:

  • 8 apertures mechanical shutter for better and more detailed image capture,
  • 1-inch sensor to support the mechanical shutter,
  • 4K video with 60 fps feature for recording high-quality video and smooth slow-motion video,
  • 5-inch monitor that will help you to see the image captured by this drone camera. Plus, this monitor has the ultra-bright feature that lets you see the image easily under sunlight.
  • Light Bridge technology that gives this drone ability to detect the interference source. It can do that automatically, plus it also can change the transmission for smoother performance.
  • 20mp resolution camera for capturing the better quality video as well as still image. This camera is supported by the mechanical shutter for preventing the rolling shutter bending problem.
  • Burst mode to capture continuous images easily.
  • Sensors, located in the rear, side, and bottom for better flying ability.
  • 3 smart flight modes.
  • Spotlight mode to lock the target,
  • Circle mode for capturing 360 degrees video,

All those features will help you to capture the best aerial image/video. It might be a little bit expensive. But, this is a good investment for you who need a drone that can do anything.


3.) Parrot AR.Drone2.0

If you have a limited budget, Parrot AR.Drone2.0 is a good choice. It is not a new product. However, its full set of features is something that you don’t want to miss out on. This drone is available in several versions.

The standard version is the blue and orange versions. Other than that, you also can find the elite version and power edition.

The power edition has an upgraded battery for longer usage. The normal battery can last for 12 to 15 minutes.

It uses the camera screen as the controller system. If you pair it with your phone (Android or iOS), you can easily control it using your phone screen.

The camera itself can record video up to 720p resolution. The autopilot feature supports the camera for stable and easy recording. And, it has a sturdy case to protect the camera and the component inside the drone.

It is not the drone for professional usage. However, it is a good entry-level drone for you who want to try the camera drone for the first time.


4.) Halo Drone Pro

Halo Drone Pro is another budget-friendly drone. However, compared to other drones of similar classes, this one has a much better feature. One of the most noticeable features is the 4K camera.

From its name, you already know what it can do, don’t you? Yes, it records a high-quality video format, the 4K format. Or, you also can use it to capture high-resolution still images.

The controller comes in the shape of a classic remote controller. This controller is much easier to operate than those that use the touch screen.

If you are an analog person, this is the best choice for you. Its precision is top-notch. Moreover, the high responsive metal controller feels great in the hand.

For other features, the manufacturer of this drone places it on the controller. You can use your finger to flick and press the button that you want to use.

For your convenience, the manufacturer adds a nice backpack (18 x 12 x 8 inches). The backpack is made of sturdy material and design.

This design also protects the folded Halo drone inside perfectly. The weight of the whole backpack with the Halo drone inside is only 3 pounds. It is very light, which is perfect for travel.

Speaking about the camera, other than the 4K feature, it also can record 30fps video. Furthermore, you can find the 50Mbps compression rate and H.265/HEVC Compression feature in it.

This combination produces high-quality, clear, and smooth video or still image with the best brightness adjustment.

Those are several main features of this drone. Furthermore, you can still have many extra features, such as Follow Mode. This mode allows you to keep the focus automatically on a moving target.

It also has a GPS tracker that you can use with a wrist tracker. As for the connectivity feature, it uses the 2.40 GHz Wi-Fi for a better and fast connection. Then, to support its movement, it uses a 6000 mAh battery.

This drone doesn’t have pro-class features. However, its feature is very useful for aerial recording. More importantly, you can get it at affordable prices.


5.) Cheerson Hobby CX20 Pro

If you are looking for a cheap drone that works like the pro drone, Cheerson Hobby CX20 Pro is the answer. This full-size quadcopter drone has a performance equal to the pro drone, such as the DJI Phantom series. So, let’s take a look at what it can do.

First of all, it flies with the max speed at 22 mph. the 300 Meter Control Distance/300 Meter Altitude Ability allows you to control it freely at that maximum speed. The flight time is only 15 minutes, but that’s enough for proper aerial recording.

The features are all amazing. Some of the smart features are Return Home, Fixed Position Hover, and Altitude Hold. These features help you to keep it stable when flying and protect it when it is landing.

Speaking about safety features, the Auto Landing Failsafe feature is the best thing you can find in a video drone. Plus, it also has Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) for preventing the problem when the drone is spinning around in the air. This feature will correct its position and keep it safe from crashing.

You can pair this affordable drone with different types of GoPro cameras. It is indeed the best drone at a low price. The case is not as sturdy as a pro drone.

So, if you accidentally crash it, there is a big chance that it will get severe damage. But, if you can control it carefully, plus with its safety feature, you don’t need to worry anymore.


Final Words

Those are the 5 Best Drones 2022 you can buy. They are the drone that has the best features on the market. Guaranteed, you will get the most satisfying video recording or still image capturing experience with them. Now, choose the drone that you like and start your adventure.