Best Dive Watches 2022

Kindly take note that at the time of us drafting this best dive watches 2022 article, the watches listed sold for $500 or less. There is a likelihood that the prices may have changed ever since. This means they might push you off the budget.

We have also seen it necessary to include those watches that are way too cheap. Some of them go for as little as $150-$200 to grant you options for your everyday budget.

These watches need not necessarily be too expensive as luxury brands such as Omega Seamaster and Rolex Submariner. Whereas these luxury brands have trailed the blaze for the dive watch domains, most people, unfortunately, cannot afford them.

There exist some affordable options that are also rich in quality. These mostly originate in Japan. Citizen and Seiko are the two most outstanding. 

These two brands feature in our list alongside a couple of others that cost less than $500. Read on to find out more about them. You will hopefully find one which falls well within your budget and lifestyle. Moreover, all of them are waterproof and are rated 200M and higher.

All divers understand the importance of using reliable scuba gears for matters diving. The gears, tanks and indeed every gear has to be thoroughly inspected. Next comes in a trusted diver’s watch.

For maximum safety, this watch measures and displays the time taken under the water. Other than the practical features on such watches, they too possess some rugged construction. Lastly, they are also sealed for the prevention of water damage.  


Best Dive Watches 2022

1.)Citizen Men’s Eco-Dive Promaster Diver BNO150-28E


Best Dive Watches 2022

This is designed with great diving capability. It also contains minimal aesthetics and mostly suited for underwater adventures. You will easily match it with your casual attire for the sake of great appearances.

Its underwater resistance is roughly 200m. A unidirectional rotating bezel, polyurethane strap, screw-down case-back, screw-down crown, luminescent hour markers and hands, and a luminescent pip at the 60th-minute position are some of the other top features.

To operate, it draws its power from solar energy. It has that ability to convert both artificial and natural light to electrical power. At the 5 o’clock position is the date display feature. Courtesy of the mineral crystal, the watch’s dial window grants unconstrained peek at the dial.

Additional, your views are devoid of any glares given the antireflective nature of the glass. Due to the toughness of the window, expect to confront limited scratches and reduced need for maintenance.


3.)Seiko Men’s Automatic SKX007K


Best Dive Watches 2022


This one bears many similarities to the Citizen counterpart. Nonetheless, it too has its own unique set of features. As a matter of fact, it alongside citizen, are the two most sought-after brands. On the surface, it displays some simplistic design and contains great diving features.

These include the 200m water resistance, screw-down case back, screw-down crown, large and glowing hour markers and hands, fluorescent pip at the 60th-minute position, and a unidirectional rotating bezel.

Just like its Promaster counterpart above, this one is also powered by light. Its power reserve capacity is however larger (approximately 40 hours and 21 jewels). The watch differs also in the rubber strap construction. This is in sharp contrast with the polyurethane one for the Promaster.

Though these two materials are great for diving, rubber is more comfortable than polyurethane. Polyurethane is, however, stronger and more resilient to tears. 

The watch also contains a date display. It also showcases weeks, which is not catered for by the Promaster. Lastly, its dial comes in the form of the Hardlex crystal which resists scratches better than the mineral crystals.


3.) Tissot Men’s Seastar T0664171705701

Best Dive Watches 2022

As is the case with all diver’s watches, this one too is available in some minimalist and legible design. It does contain some pop of red color. This one adorns the top of its unidirectional bezel. All in all, the nice design is contained in a silicone strap, which adds to its elegance.

This is the watch to go for if you cherish style and elegance. It also accords optimal diving experience over and above the stylish appearance. 

These are made possible by the 300M water resistance, helium valve, buckle, unidirectional bezel, silicone strap extension, legible pip at the 60th-minute position, and shiny hour and minute markers.

Reinforcing these are the screw-down case back and the screw-down crown. To add to these, the watch also displays a chronograph and date. These two are at the 5 o’clock position. 

You will not suffer any glare impediment as you behold the clean face of the watch. That is because its dial is made of scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystals.


What To Look For While Buying Dive Watches

The typical diver’s watch exudes some iconic looks and has that ability to submerge in the water fully without sustaining any damages. These two are the first signs to look up to whether you are a professional diver or has never attempted to do so before.

Water resistance is by far the most outstanding feature. The water resistance of a good diver’s watch has to be no less than 200M (660 feet). You should also check out the IP code of your watch of interest. A good one has to be rated IPX8.

In your search for the right watch, you will also come across terminologies like BAR or ATM. These are alternative ways and means to measure a diver’s watch’s suitability for the job.

Some of the ‘must have’ features include visible dial for unimpeded visibility, screw-down case back to tighten the back thoroughly, and the screw-down crown. A unidirectional bezel is by all means vital. It enables you to stay abreast with the time you take under the water.

Diving is generally very enjoyable. It, however, requires some little caution. That is why it is important that you treat the choice of the best watch carefully. By perusing our filtered list above, you will certainly do a better job.

Your own tastes and preferences also have a role to play. You may choose from quartz or automatic, analog or digital, rubber or bracelet strap, and so on. Numerous kinds of watches indeed do exist out there. This means you will definitely find one that truly mirrors your own expectations.  



Regardless of your own tastes, you will find one of your choices from the list above. Timing your stay underwater is crucial while diving. This has been vouched for by many professional divers. Therefore it is essential that you obtain your precise Best Dive Watches 2022 while setting out for the exercise.