Best Desktop Computers 2021

The development of technology makes some companies trying to produce the best desktop computers 2021. Along with that, they will create desktop computers that become more simple and more powerful.

A few years ago, desktop computers still consisted of monitors, CPU, and keyboard, and also the mouse. Nowadays they become all in one desktop computer.

Best desktop computers will fulfill people’s needs. For this era, people need something that can support their activities and their mobility. The criteria of best desktop computers are the fast and powerful performance, so smooth doing many tasks, lightweight, and skillful.

Most people will try to look for all in one and gaming desktop computers. There are some reviews of the best desktop computers that you can think over to decide which one to buy.


Experts’ Advice: Things That Buyers Should Notice

Processors: you should decide on the aim of having desktop computers. The processors for gaming and graphic design will be different from the processors for daily use. As we know, AMD and Intel are common processors.

Both of them are good. They have their specialty. AMD is mostly for graphic design and Intel is mostly for daily use. The newest version of each processor will contain much performance.

RAM: RAM will affect the work of a desktop computer. We have always used DDR3 for many years. Recently, following the development of technology, it develops by using DDR4 which will support much of your processor. For any use, we suggest choosing 8 GB memory although 16 GB will have advanced performance.

Monitor: you should choose this one carefully. All in one desktop computers are familiar now. There are only a monitor and a keyboard. You will also consider the resolution that can support the work of the processor.

The size of the screen depends on the use of the desktop computer. Desktop computers for gaming will need a larger screen than daily use. But, most people choose a twenty-four-inch screen. For professional gaming needs, they will choose a multi-screen game plan with a high-resolution monitor.


Best Desktop Computers 2021

  1. Corsair One Pro

We already know that most desktop computers are so heavy and inconvenient for our working space. They will fill our working area. Corsair knows well about this. They will solve this problem with technology.

Corsair One Pro is the solution to this problem. Inside the PC there is fantastic technology. It has a seventh-generation Core i7-7700K processor with 32GB of RAM, a 480GB SSD and 2TB HDD.

It is also completed with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti GPU and 11GB of GDDR5X memory. Those features are more than enough for gamers’ needs. Corsair One Pro is VR supported and compatible with Windows 10 Home.

Pros: This is a compact PC. You can save more space on your working area. With all the fantastic systems, its sound is so quiet.

Cons: with all the fantastic support systems, they miss the custom RGB lighting system. It is an important system for gamers.

  1. Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the newest version of Surface Studio. Unfortunately, it is not supported with better performance than other similar PCs.

They create this PC just to develop the previous version. This PC is designed for regular use, technician, and a content creator. The system and performance will help them enough.

Pros: This PC has a radiant display and capable system performance.

Cons: This desktop computer has a high price even though the features inside the PC is not that fantastic.

  1. Dell XPS Tower

Dell XPS Tower is the best choice of an elite desktop computer in 2020. It has a proper price with its complete features inside.

The latest version of XPS Tower is suitable for the ninth era of the Intel Core processor and improved with VR-supported design. Although it already has configurable features, it still has consistency in its appearance.

Pros: This desktop computer is very economical. It has a quite cheap price.

Cons: As it still has an old model, it is still quite heavy.

  1. Dell G5

This is the new generation of gaming desktop computers from Dell. It is a high-performance desktop computer for gaming. Technology is very suitable for gaming activity.

It is inserted with the newest ninth generation of Intel Core processor, supported with NVIDIA’s most GTX and RTX.

The first version of this desktop computer has Intel Core i3 for its processor improved with GTX1650 that can support a large number of fantastic games. That great processor is completed with VR-supported to increase the technology.

Pros: Dell G5 is not an expensive desktop computer compared with the technology inside included the VR-support arrangement.

Cons: Actually, there is no review for the weakness of Dell G5 from the first users yet

  1. Lenovo Yoga A940

Lenovo produces one of the best desktop computers. They create a Lenovo Yoga A940. This is an innovative desktop computer. It contains a 27-inch 4K UHD monitor display. This feature is quite enough for a content creator or a designer.

A special pen and a pivoting pivot solidness support this desktop computer. It contains most of the newest version of the technology. It is also completed with RGB light on the bottom of the screen.

You also can charge your cell phone using wireless charging. For a designer and a content creator who wants a stable working process, this desktop computer is the best choice of desktop computers for you.

Pros: This desktop computer has a stable working process among others. It also has a good characteristic of a great desktop computer.

Cons: The weakness of this desktop computer is that Lenovo still puts some old elements in it.



Those are some of the best desktop computers 2021 that you can use to consider which desktop computer that you will buy. You can take your time to determine the elements, the features, the weakness, and the advantage, and also the price to count your budget for certain desktop computers.

It will be better for you to pay more attention to each element and also compare it with your needs when purchasing the desktop computer.