Best Coffee Maker 2022

You might have been visiting the coffee shop to take your dosage of coffee that you like. That would cost you more than having the machine at your place, right? The machine will always be ready for you.

It gives you the shot that you need every day or every morning when you start your day. However, not all machines are capable of creating the barista-level or coffee shop deliciousness coffee. This is why we have this Best Coffee Maker list.

We have chosen the top 5 Best Coffee Maker 2022 that will give you the best coffee maker function. These are products from top brands. They are all products with the best features and performance.

Therefore, you won’t get disappointed with them. So, here are 5 products that we consider the best coffee maker you can find in the store, today.

Best Coffee Maker 2022

1.) Breville BES 870 XLn Barista Express

Best Coffee Maker 2022

Breville is the top brand for coffee makers. Their product can be easily found on the top rank of the best list of the coffee maker. And here, we have Breville BES 870 XLn Barista Express. If you are looking for the coffee machine with the best overall value, this machine is the answer.

Breville added so many features to this machine. This machine alone will give you everything that you need. You may still need to add other accessories to get certain features on other machines.

BES 870 doesn’t need that. It offers multiple functionalities and benefits. Speaking about convenience in making coffee or other coffee-based beverages, you will get the maximum one from this machine.

Now, let’s see what this machine has. First of all, Breville BES 870 uses stainless steel conical burr grinder. Thanks to this special grinder, you can easily choose the grind size and its amount. And, you can do that by simply pressing a button.

Then, it also has ½ pound sealed bean hopper and 54- millimeter tamper. For supporting your creativity, it is equipped with a steaming and frothing wand, plus a frothing pitcher.

It uses 15-bar Italian pumps. Moreover, it has a 1600 Watt thermal coil heating system for the best espresso you can make. As you can see, you don’t need extra accessories. You only need the coffee bean.

With so many features, it is bound to be difficult to use. No need to worry. This machine also includes a very-detailed user manual you can use to learn how to use it.

However, the preset setting allows you to easily use it. Either it is one or two cups of espresso; this setting will save you time.

In general, Breville BES 870 XLn Barista Express is an overall good coffee maker. It is perfect for you who know the coffee-making process. Yet, it is so beginner-friendly. This is the best choice for a coffee maker at your home.


  • High-quality coffee,
  • Stainless steel material,
  • Beginner-friendly with a detailed user manual,
  • Affordable.


  • Difficult to use without reading the manual first,
  • One year warranty. 

2.) De’Longhi EC155 

Best Coffee Maker 2022

This machine is a perfect choice for you who have a limited budget. With just $100, you will get everything with this machine. It has the espresso maker function.

You also can make cappuccino with it. More importantly, it is made by De’Longhi, which is a well-known brand for the coffee machine.

EC155 is one of the best creations in the De’Longhi line of products. Its design looks nice on your table. It is not surprising, though.

It is an Italian design from the famous Italian coffee maker. Furthermore, they use a smart design for easy-to-use purposes.

How about features? We also found that you will get what you need in this machine. First of all, it has the manual milk frothing wand.

It helps you control how you froth the milk to the density that you love. Then, it also has a built-in tamper. Thanks to these two features, you don’t need to buy an extra grinder and frothing pitcher just to make your favorite coffee beverage.

However, some reviews said that these two didn’t work as they expected. So, you may need to prepare an extra budget to get the new addition.

The 15-bar pump machine helps you to get a perfect brewing. Furthermore, it has a self-priming function, which cuts down the time you need to prepare this machine.

Along with the pump, De’Longhi also adds a 35-ounce water tank. It is a removable tank for cleaning purposes, plus it has a drip tray as spill protection.

Then, we also found out that it has an excellent-level boiler. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which lasts much longer and give it better protection.

Even though this machine is not made of stainless steel as its main material, we still see it as a good design by De’Longhi. They use the correct material for the correct place.

Other than that, it also has some of the extra features. For example, you can find the three-in-one filter holder. You can easily choose the option between one or two-shot for espresso.

It also has another holder for the espresso pod. Overall, this machine is a good option. It has satisfying performance, nice design, and more importantly, affordable prices.


  • Easy to use,
  • Affordable,
  • Easy-to-remove drip tray,


  • Only support a smaller size cup.

3.) Gaggia Classic 14101

Best Coffee Maker 2022

If you need both, espresso and coffee maker, 14101 is the right choice for you. As one of the classic coffee maker models, this machine gives you the best performance that you need.

However, the best part about this machine is its durability. It is one of the best among other top products in this category.

You can still use it for more than 10 years. As one of the pioneers of the coffee maker manufacturers, Gaggia has been creating the best coffee makers. This machine is indeed one of them.

As for its design, we have to admit that Gaggia has made some changes. Some of its users show dissatisfying responses towards this decision. Regardless, you can still use this machine to make delicious coffee.

As we mentioned, it is very durable, thanks to the stainless steel finish and built. However, it also causes a weight increase to 20 pounds, much heavier than other products in the same category.

But, the material is not the only reason why it has that weight. This machine is packed with a lot of features and additions. One of them is the 72-ounce water containers.

It is big enough for a coffee maker. Then, it also has a brass porta-filters. Additionally, you get measuring scoops, bar pump, frothing, and tamper wand. Plus, the hot water dispenser is also available.

The material and extra addition make this machine become one of the most complete coffee makers you can find today. Furthermore, it also offers a convenience function.

For example, you can make one or double-shot beverages. And, you can control its function by using the display screen on the front side of the machine. In this display screen, you also can find other information, from temperature to the active status.

Gaggia Classic 14101 is one of the best semi-automatic coffee makers ever made. If you decide to buy this machine, make sure you use pre-ground coffee.

Learn how to use it correctly as well, including the way to choose the pressure and blend that you like. That way you will always get the best from this machine.


  • Big size water tank,
  • Beautiful design,
  • Perfect blending for delicious coffee you can enjoy,
  • Affordable.


  • Difficult to use for some people.

4.) Breville Oracle

Best Coffee Maker 2022

Breville made other top coffee makers you can find. And, among those top products, Oracle is one of the best. We can only call this machine as the high-end coffee machine.

And thanks to this high-end design and performance, you need to spend at least three thousand dollars to get one.

Oracle is the fully-automatic coffee maker. Furthermore, it can create an amazing taste of espresso or other coffee beverages. Moreover, you can easily use it.

Learning how to fully operate it won’t take too much time. Plus, it uses a single touch system. It means just by one button touch, it will make you the best coffee ala professional barista.

The one-touch system is supported by an intuitive display that you can find on this product front side. Through this screen, you can easily find many options.

It is including the huge selection of beverages you can make using this machine. Or, you also can design your drink using this system.

Furthermore, this machine uses a better quality screen than the TFT screen you can find on other machines. This screen has a better response, bright, and easy to use even with a slight touch.

It defines what a premium coffee maker is. Additionally, if you have Oracle at your home, you also have a chance to get premium coffee every day.

The screen and its advanced system are one of the best improvements that Breville added to the new Oracle. However, it still has the touch of the original/traditional espresso machine by this brand.

For example, you can find the dedicated brew and steam boilers PID. It also has temperature control and built-in pre-infusion features.

Furthermore, it has the original Oracle feature, which is automatic closing and self-damping grinder. Last but not least, it gives you vol metric shot programming and automatic milk steaming features.


  • Two modes, manual and automatic,
  • Integrated grinder,
  • Removable drip tray,


  • Very expensive.

5.) Nespresso Inissia

Best Coffee Maker 2022

The other products are using real beans for making coffee. However, Inissia uses different methods to provide the ingredients. This machine is the capsule espresso machine. And, it’s not a just capsule type machine. This is one of the best in this class.

The capsule system allows you to make the coffee easier. Maybe, you think that doing that manual stuff gives you a feeling of making a coffee.

But, in the hectic morning, when you need a good shot of espresso, you will understand how convenient it is to have this machine.

To get this convenience, you need to pay around $40 to get 50 pods/capsules. That’s more expensive than a bag of high-quality beans. However, if you are looking for a fast, easy to use, and convenient coffee maker, this is a good investment.

What can this machine do? First of all, this machine shortens the process of coffee-making. The grinding, tamping, measuring the formula, and brewing is done with just a press of one button. And, you get the delicious espresso that you need.

Fast is also another word we can use to describe this machine. It only takes 25 seconds to heat the water. Then, it is ready to brew and serve the espresso that you want. With the 19-bar pressure pump, you also can easily choose to make espresso or Lungo.

This machine only has a 24-ounces water tank capacity. It is small, and you need to refill it regularly. Even with this flaw, this machine has become one of the popular choices (80% of people choose it at Amazon) for coffee maker. It is all because of the efficiency, convenience, and easy to use that it’s offered.


  • Very lightweight,
  • Easy-to-fill water tank,


  • Low water tank capacity,
  • Basic system.

Final Words

A cup of coffee seems like a simple beverage for some people. For a coffee lover, this beverage can have so many meanings. It is a cup that will help you start your day with full energy.

It also is a beverage that can create a calm atmosphere where you can spend fun time together with your closest people. In short, it is a cup full of memories.

Therefore, having the Best Coffee Maker 2022 is not wrong. It helps you to create that delicious beverage for many good things you can get from it.

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