Best AV Receiver 2022

Providing an amazing experience that you have never had before when watching home cinemas with a partner or beloved ones with the right choice of the best AV receiver 2022.

Choosing the right AV receivers will gain a pleasant experience of listening an audio with the best quality of audio and 3D movies as well as detailed sound effects in very high levels of audio and video performances.

This is very important because by choosing the best AV receiver that suits your needs, can provide high quality so that you will be dramatically involved in it.

There are many products of AV receivers in the market with a variety of choices and different price ranges.

It would be better if you obtain sufficient knowledge and information on these products as a reference before deciding to buy this AV receiver products.

This enables you to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each product, which of course is adjusted to your needs and budget.

The following reference below will be the 10 best AV receivers in 2020 that must be considered to get into your bucket list according to your needs:

Best AV Receiver 2022

  1. Denon AVR-X1300W AV Receiver

Best AV Receiver 2022-

The first thing to do when you want to buy the best AV receiver is to look at the features embedded in the product.

The more features that are embedded in a product, the more profitable the prospective buyer will be.

With many features available, it allows many things that can be done to get an audio listening experience in an easy and practical way.

Denon AVR-X1300W receiver, the most prominent feature is the Bluetooth feature which is probably the feature you are looking for.

This product, besides being equipped with Bluetooth features as a predominant feature, as well as 7.2 channels in which each 80W channel bearing that already uses Dolby Atmos, can produce audio clarity which makes it so riveting.

With the built-in Bluetooth feature that comes with the Denon AVR-X1300W AV Receiver, this product is increasingly in demand, users can stream for favorite audio or video of the same quality.

The ability to listen to the sound quality produced by AV AVR X1300W series receivers is no doubt.

The ability to produce crystal clear sound and detail in a double room that is played through a Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi without a hitch, so you will really enjoy the entertainment of movies or music in your home.

When a family member is listening to music on the radio while you are, at the same time, enjoying your favorite movies with impressive surround sound with no distractions.

This Bluetooth feature works well as it has been built to do everything you want with built in multi-room capabilities.

You can enjoy two different sources in different rooms simultaneously, so you can watch movies with amazing surround sound in one room. while other family members enjoy music that sounds great in other parts of the house.

  1. Denon AVR-X2300W Receiver

With modifications and updated technology in an effort to build maximum performance to produce stunning surround sound.

This super-sophisticated AV receiver with the AVR-X23000W series is specifically designed to pamper audio and video users who have features that are sought after by audio and video admirers so as to provide surround sound quality.

That is so deep with optimization through settings with a broad sound mode and has a large amount of amplifier.

This AV receiver has Dolby Atmos decoding and processing that is capable of producing revolutionary surround sound quality like you get in your favorite cinema.

Not only that, you will be truly amazed by the performance for 3-dimensional surround compatibility that is quite complete.

This product is an investment with high value and benefits, with the quality of premium cinema in your city.

Having an AV receiver with this series will bring cinematic entertainment to your home.

Denon AVR-X2300W Receiver is a smart solution for your needs who are hungry for entertainment with sophisticated audio and video quality in your home.

This series AV receiver gets a pretty good rating from most users so you don’t need to hesitate to have a future entertainment.

Denon AVR-X2300W Receiver features a Wi-Fi connection with dual antenna support via a sophisticated 2.4GHz / 5GHz frequency and a Bluetooth connection so you can freely stream your favorite music or videos in a stable and strong as well as free of obstacles even you live in urban areas with crowded residents.

Streaming music and videos can also be done from a smartphone or other compatible device so you can still enjoy online music streaming services such as Spotify.

You can also enjoy entertainment and music with various genres broadcasted from thousands of internet radios from all over the world without limits.

This AV receiver is easily connected to an internet connection with a W-Fi network in your home or can also use an additional cable connection via an RJ-45 series Ethernet LAN port.

  1. Sony STRDN1080 AV Receiver

Best AV Receiver 2022-

Sony STRDN1080 AV receiver is a new audio and video dimension technology in Dolby Atmos and DTS: X surround sound that functions as a sound regulator that can be adjusted to the size of the room even up to the ceiling in a room.

Audio sound quality that produces a double dimension that presents the technology of the best home cinema in its class.

Sony STRDN1080 AV receiver is very compatible with speakers in your home and has simple configuration.

Sony STRDN1080 AV receiver is maximized with 4K UHD and HDR. STRDN1080 has a HDMI connection that is very flexible on both six inputs and two outputs.

Thus HDCP 2.2 and HDR will function optimally to play Blu-ray UHD disks and UltraHD video streaming with perfect quality.

By using the feature to enhance 4K UHD, the results of the production of images in detail on your 4K TV screen will be seen very clearly produced from all sources of gamma production.

In addition, the HDMI port is optimized for 4K access or for switching and watching video playback without a hitch and without any additional devices need to be configured.

  1. Yamaha Aventage RX-A880

Yamaha Aventage RX-A880 is equipped with fairly complete features such as the latest version of the HDMI standard, and this type of AV receiver is capable of sending 4K audio and video transmissions that work really well at 60 frames per second pass through.

This AV receiver is also compatible with HDR video or what is often called high dynamic range, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision are included in this range.

These two features can provide contrasting sound quality, so loud, smooth tones, and clarity with a high level of complexity that sounds real to the ear when listening to an audio or video of your favorite. It is truly extraordinary, classy entertainment present in your home with vivid and realistic picture quality.

Yamaha Aventage RX-A880 is also equipped with internal Wi-Fi that functions to connect to your wireless router, making it possible to simplify the connection system when streaming music or listening to audio on a PC / NAS network.

In addition, the Bluetooth feature functions to transmit to your AV receiver or vice versa from the receiver to other Bluetooth devices built in from a mobile phone such as a pair of headphones.

Even more interesting is that, with Bluetooth technology, the operation of wireless devices is felt to be easier and more convenient than the previous series.

You will easily transfer your favorite music or audio from the RX-A880 headphones to a Bluetooth connection to listen to music in private or enjoyed together through the configured Bluetooth speaker output.

So that the performance of Bluetooth output can be increased to minimize sound delay from digital audio sources.

  1. Onkyo TX-SR383

Onkyo TX-SR383 has features that are almost the same as other types of AV receivers such as Bluetooth, HD master audio and several other features.

With this feature, the sound quality to fill a room, produces approximately 80W of power on each 8 ohm channel.

But there are some advantages that are not in the AV receiver in its class. TX-SR383 is able to read USB flash containing files in MP3, AAC and WMA formats embedded in the device so that it can be played through the remote as a controller to display the TV screen easily.

You can also enjoy games that have a high enough resolution and listen to the soundtrack in the game that is transmitted from the surround speaker settings.

TX-SR383 is also able to read TrueHD, DTS-HD and Dolby formats for Blu-ray Disc with favorite video streaming services.

Bluetooth performance embedded in the TX-SR383 makes it easy to send audio and video files in various formats from mobile phone, PC or laptop devices that are transmitted to your home cinema.


That’s a glimpse of a review of several types of AV receivers that you should consider before buying one of the above.¬†Of course, also tailored to your needs and the budget that will be issued for this best AV receiver 2022 investment.

This review at least gives you references and information about the types of AV receivers sold in the market. To find out further regarding the products you are looking for.

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