Ben Shapiro Sister

Abigail is ben shapiro sister, she has also recently become a youtuber. I didn’t actually receive loads of ads for her content because if you look at her comment section and i’ve heard people on twitter she paid a lot of money to get her videos promoted.

Get ben shapiro sister sub count boosted to get her views boosted but what happens is a lot of Ben Shapiro Sister videos are massively disliked and there’s loads of negative comments.

But what i want to do in this article is just have a look at her content because i’ve been watching it for this video to talk about the direction.

She’s taking it. I’m going to talk about how Ben shapiro sister throws in some hard right conservative bigotry into her videos.

Then I’m going to talk about how there might be something salvageable there because unlike Ben Shapiro who comes across as this really hateful.

I think there’s something to her presentation and her channel where she could find an audience who aren’t constantly attacking her and I don’t know if i just have too much empathy and i don’t like seeing people getting dog piled.

But just seeing how much criticism she gets on her channel directly, I almost feel kind of bad for her if you know her views about politics and the world weren’t so toxic.

So in short i’d tell her as advice focus on the lifestyle stuff you talk about. focus on like the vlogging stuff because i don’t think she’s necessarily a bad host or a bad speaker.

Maybe stay away from the politics stuff because one i don’t actually feel like it’s sincere when you say it.

And even if it is sincere it just feels like you’re copying your brother and you might just have the same views because you’re raised in the same household.

Again i don’t think you’re going to be him so i’d stay away from that if you want to become a somewhat successful youtuber.

In my opinion even from her conservative perspective i find this stuff somewhat harmless and like i said you know at the start of the video if she wants to take her content in this direction.

I’d advise her to just keep it in this direction rather than making videos about politics and really just parroting what your toxic brother says.

America is not the most moral country in the world. America’s promise of equality is total crap as well and that goes without saying about America’s awful history towards natives towards africans and african-americans.

Towards all these minority groups do I really need to debunk everything she says.


Sumarize Ben Shapiro Sister, Channel in General

Why i often don’t believe she actually feels this way about these topics even though it’s easy to think she might, because she is the sister of ben shapiro , is because it’s so scripted she can’t do this naturally she’s reading off something it’s pretty clear as someone who never reads off something.

When I do a video you can tell the difference from what I’m saying now and how I’m talking to you and how I would be speaking if I was reading off.

Some script and it is so generic and it is stuff you hear a million times if I had to write you a template of a conservative woman in america and write a script of.

The stuff i would say i would include all of that because i’ve heard it a million times there is nothing unique to it and does it speak more to conservatism in america just being a massive hive mind and being a massive cult.

Where they all literally just say the exact same thing all the time or could it be potentially ben shapiro sister just doing this stuff to try and get a bigger audience because at the end of the day her content.

Seems like two separate channels if you’re doing a vlog about you knowing your husband making you a nice drink and playing d and d together very like human moments during you know hanukkah that is something that could appeal to people.

And if they like the way you’re expressing it and the way you’re telling the story that can be engaging there’s lots of vlogging channels on youtube even the advice about finding a life partner that’s a more scripted video as well it doesn’t seem as scripted as the politics ones.

There is i guess room for that as well and i don’t find it offensive those first two videos are totally fine. I have no problem with that now.

I don’t think Abby will ever watch this video. but i thought that about angry joe and kim iverson as well and they ended up watching my videos on them.

If i could say something to her about our content it’s generally,your politics are very generic but very toxic. I feel like they’re also very alienating.

You might think it’s normal in America to say these things but what you’re saying is extremely problematic. It’s obviously not true.

It’s pretty easy to debunk and you’re not giving us any insight you’re not giving us a take we haven’t heard before.

So if i could say one thing to you, stop the politics like cutting it out completely, don’t talk about why you’re a proud conservative woman.

Go on a rant about the most generic things ever, the most toxic things ever, don’t talk about all this conspiracy stuff about leftist controlling social media.

Don’t talk about hunter biden don’t talk about being anti-union making fun of a working-class congresswoman for selling merch that would pay the workers who make it a fair wage stay away from all that and focus on maybe your conservative life advice and your vlogs because the vlog was the first video i saw.

Which actually has a positive like ratio it has less views for sure but again people like this video and they clearly like you in the other videos they are getting thousands and thousands of dislikes everyone is dunking on you in the comments because i think it’s clear to people you aren’t articulating this stuff out of passion.

You don’t have a serious viewpoint you want to get across and you just couldn’t help yourself but film it you’re just making these videos to try and get that conservative audience when it obviously isn’t your strong suit and it clearly isn’t your passion because you’ve got to read a big scripted thing.



With the most generic conservative views I’ve ever heard and honestly it makes Ben shapiro sister very very unlikable.

Because it makes you look just as toxic as your brother essentially what your channel is at the moment is life advice and vlogs that also contain far-right propaganda.

It’s probably just not the most healthy mix of content if you want to grow on this platform and one final thing I don’t want anyone to read this and then go on her channel and start sending hate to her and writing mean comments and everything.