Know What You Should Never Say To Your Child For The Sake Of Psychological Well-Being

Word means everything in building effective communication so that choosing the most appropriate and acceptable word is important to prevent the listeners from being offended.

It should be understood by most parents since they play the vital role in helping the child to communicate properly. If parents always say something improperly during the whole time, children will impersonate it as they grow older.

Thus, there are many things you should never say to child when you educate his/her. To deal with things you should never say to child, you should change your utterances in the healthy manner so that it will affects to the child positively of being loved and cared.

According to some psychologists, there is strong correlation between the parents’ socialization and the way how child learn language. Words that child obtains from anyone will change the way how child think and express the idea through language.  

Here Are Some Things You Should Never Say To Child

When it comes to things you should never say to child, you have to be careful enough since not all utterances you produce in daily conversation is socially acceptable if it is linked to the conversation in between parents and children.

Thus, you need to learn much more how to talk with your children. Below are some utterances you should not express to your child as you personally advise his/her.

  • “Stop Crying, Thing’s Gonna Be Okay”

In some occasions, parents never realize that this utterance is acceptable to deliver to the child, but it is not absolutely recommended. Regarding to things you should never say to child, this utterance cause the child feel guilty to show the emotion.

Instead of saying that thing, you can ask “What’s going on, honey? Why are you now crying?”.

As you ask this way, your child thinks that you have so much concern over her/him.

  • Then I Do Everything Only For You”

Most parents will do the very best for their child, but when they say against what things you should never say to your child just like as mentioned before, it does not mean a true love but great burden.

In some occasions, parents think that it is acceptable to say so because it is addressed to discipline the child, but it sounds a bit hostile utterances.

Instead of saying such a thing, you can say “we do all the things for you because we love you so much, so do […] for me, please”.

  • “You Have Done Marvelous Thing, But You Can Be Much Better”

You might not realize that most of the time you give compliment followed by the word “but” is okay, but you do not know about the future psychological effects toward the child.

As stated by things you should never say to your child, this indicates that you have taken the meaning of compliment away. In this case, the power of the word ‘but’ is quite strong which means that you do not proud enough with the achievements.

As substitute, you can say “You have done such a marvelous thing and we are very proud of you. I bet, you are gonna keep being better and better”.

  • “Don’t Eat That Food. Keep Away From That”

You know, when you said that things, it will make your child feel so upset. That is the reason why this utterance is thought to be one of the things you should never say to your child.

Most children will be overly conscious of the body and they will give questions to their mates why their mates do what they should not eat. Instead of saying that utterances, you can say “Dear, I do not think that it is good idea to eat that food because it will ruin your health.”

Apart from the things you should never say to your child, there are still so many utterances you should not say to your child as they grow older.

Some of the utterances are “stop doing such a thing, baby”, “should I tell you hundred times?” and many more. So, let’s stop saying such a thing and change to more tender and acceptable utterances.