Is It Acceptable To Discipline A One Year Old Baby During Most Of The Time?

When we talk about how to discipline a 1 year old toddler, it might sound harsh or strict because toddler does not deserve to get punishment when she/he commits mistakes. You surely will not treat as what you do to teenagers.

Then, how can parents introduce the discipline to the baby in the attempt to form the good manners in the future? This is what most parents do not know for sure while they expect to have nice toddler who can follow what dos and don’ts.

Let’s get thing started. In dealing with how to discipline a 1 year old, we understand that in the early stage of life, toddler is the active explorer of their surroundings. In some occasions, she/he will test your patience since she/he will do whatever he/she wants.

Taking one thing and throwing to another direction is regarded to be such a normal thing. In accordance to your intention to discipline a 1 year old child, you can just implement the rule of introducing the consequences and rewards toward the good manners.  

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Best Method on How to Discipline a 1 year Old

It is no longer issue anymore that disciplining toddler is such a challenging task because it takes great effort. You have to be patient enough as you follow tricks on how to discipline a 1 year old.

Do not get angry easily or your hard work will come to naught. In line with being disciplined toddler, below are some tips to follow during your time with your lovely toddler.

  • Make Sure To Guide His / Her Little Hands

When you start to implement how to discipline a 1 year old, you can handle your toddler not to touch anything in his/her environment. You can just say “yes” or “no” when she/he starts touching something safe or dangerous.

Teach him/her to give the soft touch when she/he touches the animals or faces. In order to tame the impulsive grabber, you are supposed to ask her/his to use only one finger.

  • Try To Implement The Distraction

Once in your life time, you will find your little baby try to climb the sofa because he/she is the good explorer. Instead of yelling at your lovely child, you can take him / her to the floor and ask him/her to get involved in the reading activity.

In line with how to discipline a 1 year old, as stated by Deborah Roth Ledley, Ph.D, it is good idea to calm the child quickly and get him/her engaged in another activity rather than yell at him / her. Do not forget to tell your child that climbing sofa or anything is off-limits.

  • Show Him / Her How Everything Is Done

Penny Donnenfeld, Ph.D said that toddlers are easy to understand by watching what you are doing rather than what you are talking about. As you make an attempt on how to discipline a 1 year old, you should be the model in order to build the discipline behavior in her life. You need to demonstrate how to behave just like how to hug friends tenderly.

Then, if you get difficulty to encourage the little kid to brush the teeth before going bed, you can invite him/her to go bathroom and brush the teeth together.

It is much fun for kids. There are so many ways on how to discipline a 1 year old that you can implement to your toddler. Apart from the mentioned tips above, you can give the compliment to your toddler when she / he has done marvelous thing.

As you make an attempt to discipline the child, you will find the amazing result as the time passes by. Again, you should be patient enough to deal with the toddler.