Finding Impulsive Hitting Among Young Toddlers? Here Are Best Ways To Deal With

It is such a common thing when you find your toddlers keep hitting or biting something as they grow older. On the other hand, it is not wise enough if you let them keep doing since this greatly affects to their physiological development in the future.

Therefore, you should find the way out how to stop a toddler from hitting as earlier as possible.  If you try to observe this aggressive behavior, this apparently can be considered to be the way how toddlers or preschoolers explore their world involving their surroundings.

It is said that this common habit that might lead to hostile behavior can be found among the eighteen months and two and a half years. It is due to the development of the verbal skills and the communication so, finding the best solution on how to stop a toddler from hitting is the best idea.


How To Stop A Toddler From Hitting in The Early Stage of Life?

When it deals with how to stop a toddler from hitting, as parents you need to realize that your toddlers have lots of needs and demands to fulfill and this is the key how to deal with in attempt to stop this aggressive hitting.

In this regard, you are not necessary to grant all their requests since this means you spoil them a lot. What you have got to do is below.

  • Ask Them To Express The Demands in More Acceptable ways

If you really feel irritated with the hostile and unacceptable behavior, you need to warn your toddlers more gently.

First, you can remove your lovely toddlers from the particular situation or try to block their hands to make a direct contact from you or another toddler nearby.

As stated in how to stop a toddler from hitting, you can warn the toddles by saying “stop” with no anger.

  • Do Not Treat Them Badly

When you find your toddlers hit their friends or something around them, you are not supposed to be rage in anger, since your anger leads to the negative effects in the future for the toddlers.

In this regard, as your toddlers grow older and older, they will behave in the same way as what their parents had done in the past time.

So, to deal with how to stop a toddler from hitting, you can you need to give more attention and teach them well that it is not best idea to express something through hitting.

  • Educate Your Toddlers Properly

As you observe your toddlers hitting or biting aggressively, you need to provide the sufficient education to them that hitting is good in some particular ways.

This is one of the best solutions on how to stop a toddler from hitting. Tech them that hitting playfully is acceptable while hitting with rage of anger is not.

Try to understand the underlying reason why the toddlers do that and tell them gently to stop hitting because it is not absolutely good.

Do not forget to tell about the impact by providing the simple and understandable example in the near future if they keep doing that.

  • Show Your Toddlers What They Should Do Instead Of Hitting

We all know that most toddlers hit someone because they want something from us. As parents, you should bring them to realize by providing the best example on how to behave properly.

In attempt to find the way out on how to stop a toddler from hitting, you can teach the toddlers to behave politely, such as “give me, please” for request or “help me, please” for help.

To keep the toddler stay motivated doing the good things, give the reward as result. It is undeniable that stage of lives among the toddlers exposes them to behave improperly and this is something unacceptable if you, as parents let them go as it is.

You have to cope with how to stop a toddler from hitting so that it will not greatly affect to their personality in the future. Do not make an attempt to speak rudely to them, while you have to explain in a simple way instead why hitting or biting is prohibited.