Best YIFY Alternative, You Can Find Online


Would you like to watch movies as an alternative to YIFY? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place. Most likely, you are familiar with YIFY if you enjoy movies or other forms of entertainment. The collection provided by this site is among the best on the Internet.

YIFY is an online platform that allows you to distribute movie torrents. This platform allows you to enjoy many forms of entertainment through a peer-to-peer system. People can find their favorite movies on YIFY, all in high quality.

YIFY’s original website was shut down a while ago. In 2015, this movie piracy website was shut down, and this was considered a major tragedy on the internet. Due to its shutdown, people no longer have access to YIFY’s movie collections.

YIFY being shut down was terrible. Nonetheless, this wasn’t a surprise since piracy websites face the law quite frequently. YIFY was sued by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

A multimillion-dollar lawsuit was then settled out of court. After that, the original YIFY website was annexed. You can check out a few of our recommendations. We have compiled a list of a few YIFY alternatives for you to enjoy.


Best YIFY Alternative

1.) The Pirate Bay


You will be able to find Pirate Bay among the most popular torrent websites on the internet. A lot of digital content could be downloaded from this website, which was founded in 2003.

There aren’t many options out there when it comes to torrents, but The Pirate Bay might be one of the best. Why? It’s simply because you’ll find more than just movies here.

TV shows, music, games, books, and even TV shows can be downloaded. These files can be downloaded through magnet links and torrent files.


2.) 1337X


You can also find the 1337x as a YIFY alternative. There are a variety of torrents available to download on this site. 1337x has a wide variety of movies, games, applications, anime, and so much more.

The design of 1337x’s website is one of its strongest points. Visually appealing design makes this website very enjoyable to visit.

This site also features a trending section where you can see what is trending and popular without having to search torrents manually, which is a cool feature.


3.) Kickass Torrents


A large torrent library contributed to Kickass Torrents’ popularity. Although the original Kickass website was shut down a while ago, you will be able to find a lot of mirror sites that are just as reliable.

Here you can easily find some good torrents if you need them. Since this site categorizes its torrents so well, you should have no problem browsing through some torrents.




You might want to consider visiting RARBG if you do not mind advertisements and pop-ups. A popular alternative to YIFY, RARBG provides a number of magnet links and torrent files that have a healthy number of seeders, so that users can watch movies and TV shows online.

The website operates on the peer-to-peer sharing and BitTorrent protocols. We love it because the website is always updated quickly.

This is the site you should use if you want to download new movies. Additionally, RARBG displays trailers for trending movies.


4.)Lime Torrents



LimeTorrents is the last torrent site on our list. As one of the most reliable YIFY alternatives that you will find on the internet, this website has proven time and time again.

There is a large collection of YIFY content available on this torrent website. The content includes television shows, movies, and any other digital content you might be interested in.

Many torrent users have written positive reviews about LimeTorrents because they can find almost any torrent there. There are a lot of torrent users out there who find it very attractive for that reason.



The yify alternatives above will allow you to enjoy your favorite movies. But be aware that torrenting may be illegal in some countries. We recommend using the best vpn for this task. Read our review of the best vpn on this site.