Why Installing Software Slows Down Your PC?

Your new computer will have their best performance. However, some changes will begin to appear after you use the computer for some time.

These changes can be seen in the form of delays in your computer in responding to commands you give, that’s when you notice your computer has decreased performance.

This change applies to your new or old computers models. There will be no computer that escapes this delay in performance. After reading this statement, you must be questioning what makes your computer slow down?

There are several reasons why your computer performance decreases. Your activities on the computer such as installing extensions, using the internet for browsing, downloading files in the form of music and movies that will fill your hard drive, downloading and installing software or programs on your computer are some of the factors that cause your computer’s performance to slow down.

The most common factor that causes your PC to slow down is software installation.
This article will discuss some of the factors that cause why installing software slows down your PC, so that you can anticipate that delays will no longer occur on your computer.

Software Installation Requires Sufficient RAM

When we want a new software or program on our computer, we must prepare enough RAM for this matter.

The more software or programs you need, the larger the hard drive will have to be available. Typically, the required RAM starts from 500GB to 1TB.

The availability of RAM is very important when we talk about it in computer use. Everything you install will be accommodated in RAM, therefore when your RAM is full, the software or programs will be accommodated by the hard drive.

While hard drives take longer to read files than RAM, this is what causes why installing software slows down your PC.

You Choose The Software That is Not Right

When you decide to choose a software or program, of course you will choose the software or program that has the best reviews. This means you don’t really know what to expect.

Sometimes the software or programs that you install will bring up unnecessary notifications or advertisements, that you think are quite annoying.

This means your computer is working for something you don’t want. This software or program is not right for your computer.

Your Installed Software is Not Optimized Yet

Some software comes with several complementary frameworks and libraries, such as software produced by Microsoft for Windows.

The same thing is provided in software made by Apple.
The problem arises when you have to download software that doesn’t provide components such as the libraries.

You will need to download the complementary components yourself separately, which will take some time. If you do this, there will be space in your computer’s RAM that is used.

This delay in your PC performance is actually very rare happened to new computers. However, your PC performance still depends on how often you use your computer and how long you have been using your computer.