What is a Proxy Server and What is It Used For?

Most of you may ask about what is a Proxy Server and what is it used for, specially if you are VPN user? The more you get its services, the more you want to know about it, particularly about Proxy Server.

You may be familiar with its service while you do web browsing. The reason because offices or other organizations apply proxy server services.

Let us have a look at brief information on the following.


Understanding Proxy Server

A proxy server connects you and the internet and makes it available to get access. It performs as a gateway for both users and the internet.

A proxy server becomes an intermediary server. It happens because it comes in between end-users and websites visited online.

The services provided are varying. You may select it due to specific security, functionality, and privacy. It depends on what you or your company require.

A proxy server becomes the receiver and sender at the same time. So, internet traffic goes to it and continues to the requested address. It happens the other way around.

Reading the above explanation, you still question what is a Proxy Server and what is it used for? You may think that it seems a simple task.

Apart from that, a proxy server also provides an essential service. It secures your data and network performance. It helps to protect users and the internal network.


Proxy Server Operating Process

Each computer has an Internet Protocol address or commonly called an IP address. It functions like the postal address that enables you to receive any mail.

By knowing your IP address, the internet can send the correct data to a specified computer. It is the same as a postman deliver your mail to your home.

A proxy server starts to receive your request, and it delivers your request to the website. Therefore, every computer with the internet has a proxy server. It can be recognized at ease due to having its IP address.

Now, do you know what is a Proxy Server and what is it used for? For your information, a proxy server has another advantage which can modify a specific IP address. Through this, you can browse using any computer without your location is recognized.

Additionally, a proxy server can make your data unreadable during the transit process. It will encrypt your data. The most important thing, it can block access to a particular website.


The Reason Using Proxy Server

Some offices or organizations apply a proxy server through their data system. They choose it because of some positive reasons.

First, a proxy server helps to control your internet. It is suitable for parents or organizations applying a proxy server. Having a proxy server enables them to manage their internet usage.

Second, your internet can have a better performance. A good proxy server helps to save your bandwidth connection and increase your network speed.

Third, it guarantees your privacy. You can browse any website more private and secure. It keeps your personal information by changing the IP address and other personal information.

You may find some other advantages are using a proxy server. Hence, are you still wondering about what is a Proxy Server and what is it used for?