What and How does the Tor Browser Work?


Are you curious about how the Tor Browser works? Does it work like VPN? What does it affect your identity? The following article will explain further about Tor Browser.

The Onion Router, or shortened as Tor browser, is almost the same as other web browsers. This browser uses the Tor network to anonymize the web traffic of its users. So, it helps to protect its users’ identity while online.

Using the Tor Browser

You can download the Tor Browser easily, whether for your phone or computer. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The process is the same as downloading Firefox or Chrome.

However, for those who are not familiar with this web browser, do not be surprised. It may be slower than any other internet browser. Therefore, you need a good and stable internet connection for using this web browser.

By using Tor, your IP address remains unknown to the visited website. You can read any news without being detected. Thus, this web browser is suitable for those who do not want the government to trace their browsing.

The internet provider is not available to do the same thing as well. You can pass various censorship during browsing and connect you with privacy protection. If it is so, how does the Tor Browser work?

Unfortunately, you may get only one main difficulty browsing using this web browser. Various important websites block their access to Tor. Moreover, users will not get any notification for this blocking. Yet, you may see the visited site turns into 404 once you access it using Tor. It means that this site blocks its service from Tor.


The Process of Tor Browser

Tor Browser has three layers of the proxy, like an onion. It connects one listed entry node at random. Then, what is next, and how does the Tor Browser work? It bounces the traffic through a picked middle relay randomly. In the end, it let out the traffic using the third exit node.

Therefore, be ready once Google welcomes you using another language. It can be the result of this process. By applying Tor Browser, you seem to appear from other locations around the world.

In a specific region, you can not access Tor Browser directly. It happens because of the blocking from the local authority. Thus, you need to access it using bridges. Yet, it can be different from Tor’s entrance as well as exit nodes. Its IP addresses are untraced as it is not listed publicly. It makes the web services or local authority block the specified IP address.

Nowadays, technology develops so fast, and smartphones enable you to use it for many things. People browse from their mobile phones. Luckily, it is possible to use Tor Browser using your phone.

Before starting to use this web browser, you should remember one thing. Some countries may block its service. One of them is China that bans Tor Browsers.

Meanwhile, other countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia prevent their citizens from using it. Each government tries hard and questions the prevention of how the Tor Browser works?



When properly used, VPNs can ensure your online anonymity while Tor can do the same. You can use Tor as an encrypted browser for free, but it’s slow, doesn’t work on all sites, and could lead to legal trouble if not used properly.

While VPNs are fast, encrypt your traffic, allow you to access any Internet site, and determine your location, they put you in control. You should always make sure to install a VPN correctly and understand how the company protects your data when searching for the right VPN.

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