Reasons to Get a Tablet Computer Instead of a Smartphone

There are 2 main reasons why you may want to get a tablet instead of a smartphone. First, tablets are generally better for viewing text and streaming video. Second, they are designed to store and play lots and lots of digital content like movies and TV shows.

Let’s start with the first one, which is probably more relevant for people who spend a lot of time reading or watching content on their devices (and don’t mind paying extra for that privilege).


6 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Tablet Over Smartphone

1.) Larger Screens

Tablets generally have larger screens than smartphones do. The biggest available smartphone today is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a 5.7-inch screen (14 cm).

The largest tablet computers that are on the market today include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, which has a 9.7-inch screen (23 cm), and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which has a 12-inch screen (30 cm).


2.) Resolution

Although tablets have bigger screens, they don’t have very high resolutions when compared to most smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, which means you can see 900 pixels for every one inch.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S has a 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution, so you can see 480 pixels for every inch. Compare this to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, which has a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution (that’s the same as 1080p HD), or 441 pixels per inch.

That’s a much smaller pixel density – the smaller the pixels, the lower the resolution – but it still makes for better viewing on tablets than on smartphones.


3.) Weight

Smaller screens on tablets mean that they’re often lighter than smartphones with bigger screens. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is just 2.1 pounds (1 kg), while the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is 3.8 pounds (2.3 kg).

However, this advantage is often offset by tablet computers having touchscreens instead of keyboards, which can make them even heavier. On the other hand, tablet computers tend to be reviewed for portability more often than smartphones are.


4.) Processor

Tablets generally have far stronger processors than smartphone processors do. Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and most tablet computers are powered by ARM-based chips, some larger devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S also have Intel chips.

This is part of why tablets are often better for playing video, since you can play HD content on them that you can’t play on a smartphone or even a tablet computer with a different chipset.


5.) X-Ray View

Some tablets have a cool feature called “X-ray” that makes it easier for you to find specific content on your tablet. This feature can be enabled for movies you’re watching, as well as books you’re reading.

If you’re watching a movie, it’ll flash an outline of the actors on the screen so that you can easily see who’s in the scene.


6.) Text Input

One important thing to consider is how tablets make it easier for people to input text. Although there are stylus-based tablets, most of them have a touchscreen keyboard built-in.

You can type fast on these keyboards, which makes them good for sending text messages and emails. That’s not so important for books or watching TV shows.