The Richest Online Game Players in the World

For some people gaming is one of the best ways to past the time and unwinds from the stress of life, but for selected people gaming has become their way to earn a fortune and dream job.

Video game companies have made their games so immersing and fun and they made millions and millions of dollar out of it.

Some of the money goes to the companies’ profits and some of them become the gamers’ salaries. Yep they paid to play games and to promote the companies’ latest games.

Game industries have become the most thriving business in today’s world and they have created many teams of pro video game players around the world.

The gamers travelled across the world to play game and they got famous because doing what they love.

Here are the lists of wealthiest gamers in the world.


Carlos Rodriguez (Ocelot)

He is from USA and has joined 10 tournaments per 2020. He is originated from Spanish and he is one of the most paid online gamers in the world.

He is presently working for the gaming group called SK which is a gaming team from Europe. He formerly played as a team in World of the Warcraft.

He has joined many competitions such as ESL ESEA and has won many medals and awards. His most popular game play was Dota 2 and Counter Strike.

He got paid about $1 Million US bucks from playing online games on those tournaments around the world.


Zhan Pan (Mu)

He is known from the stage name “Mu” and he is from China. He plays Dotta 2 and has contributed in more than 36 tournaments around the globe.

In 2015 he earned $1 Million US dollars to take home after joining more than 5 Dota game competitions.

He is very famous because of his e-gaming. One unique thing about him is he plays the game individually rather than joining online gaming teams.


Johnathan Wendel (Fatal1ty)

He is from USA and has joined so many online gaming tournaments.  He earned $450.000 US dollar last year.

Johnathan has contributed in many competitions such as World Cyber Games Championship, Unreal Tournaments 2003, Cyber-athlete Professional League and many more.

From those tournaments he got 12 awards and also won player champion medals four times. The games he plays are Counter Strike, Quake, Wolfenstein, Doom 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Return to Castle.


Sumail Hassan from Pakistan

His stage name is Suma1L and he is an expert player on Dota 2. He joined video game team called Evil Geniuses.

He also participated in the online game competition with the following teams: Fear, UNiVeRse and Aui_2000 and won The International 2015. He earned over $1 Million USD in 2015. He is working for Evil Geniuses for the time being.


Zhang Ning (xioa8)

Zhang Ning also known as xioa8 is the leader of Newbee team that won the “Dota 2” competition in Seattle. He was playing for Big Go & LGD.cnd and LGD.Forever Young. He has earned $1 Million US dollar playing video games.