Refurbished Treadmills – What Exactly Are They?

A refurbished treadmill is a great way to get your active lifestyle started without having to spend too much money. You can buy one at a fraction of the cost and return it, with basically no risk involved. These treadmills often come with warranty, so they provide peace of mind as well as good value for your budget.


What are Refurbished Treadmills?

You may be wondering what exactly a refurbished treadmill is. To put it simply, they are the same treadmills that you would find in big box stores like Sears or Wal-Mart.

These stores sell finished products; the manufacturer only needs to mark these machines up for resale with some minor cosmetic work. This helps with profits, but it also keeps selling prices down on the end result.

One thing to keep in mind is how these treadmills are tested and rated. These tests and ratings help determine the quality of these machines. They may only come with a few hundred feet of testing, but they need to pass them before they can be sold.


Why buy Refurbished?

Of course, you’ll want to understand why buying refurbished treadmills is such a good deal. It’s not about saving money so much as getting a product that has already been tested and is guaranteed to work. Big box stores like Sears and Walmart cannot take back any product that doesn’t work as advertised.

Because these treadmills were refurbished by people at the factory, they’ve already been tested and rated before being sent back to the big box store. For this reason alone, you can be assured of quality.


How do you buy Refurbished Treadmills?

You’ll want to check out a site like FitnessZone or FitnessGiant if you’re looking for a deal. These places will help you find a quality machine at a discount price.

They may not be as aesthetically pleasing as brand new treadmills, but they’ll still prove to be quite effective and offer a great way to get your active lifestyle started without breaking the bank.

When you buy refurbished, you know that the product is tested and guaranteed to work. These products are graded with a 1-5 star rating so they’re ready to go right out of the box, no assembly required.



Many of the big box stores have been moving away from the big box model as they struggle to compete with new, trendy workout venues.

For those of us who have been dying to start a regular exercise routine and can’t afford a membership at a gym, this is a great way to jump-start our fitness and save ourselves some money.