Is Popcorn Time Safe? The Possibilities for Accessing Without VPN

TV times are essential times of our lives regardless of whether we’re working or pursuing our education. Popcorn Time is one of the solutions to access our favorite TV shows and channels in seamless ways.

Unfortunately, many people have misled us by saying we have to have our VPN ready if we want to access Popcorn Time.

At the same time, we may wonder what Popcorn Time actually is or is popcorn time safe? etc . So, before we delve in deeper to the possibilities in accessing Popcorn Time without VPN, we’ll look at what Popcorn Time is all about.

All About Popcorn Time

In general, Popcorn Time is an integrated multimedia player that you can download in the form of a mobile application. So, all you need to enjoy Popcorn Time are devices and strong (preferably unlimited) internet connections.

You can watch your favorite shows on Popcorn Time, regardless of whether you’re using the free version of Popcorn Time or the paid Premium version.

This applies even for those that are not available to the public. This is because Popcorn Time doesn’t only work from torrents to torrents, but also takes on video datas from other Popcorn Time users.

Is Popcorn Time Safe? The Reasons Behind Using The VPN

Popcorn Time itself is a legal product to be used. Since every show has legal rights and each country differs in terms of the laws in using media, including TV shows in multimedia players, some shows are not accessible in some countries.

VPN is present to give solutions to access the shows not available in the home countries, including in Popcorn Time. You can change your location at any time by using VPN so you don’t leave digital traces. Unfortunately, higher-speed VPNs are usually paid, while the free VPNs only offer limited locations.

The Possibilities To Access Popcorn Time Without VPN

The good news is that there are possibilities to access Popcorn Time without VPN. Even so, you need to be aware of the risks involved in accessing Popcorn Time without VPN, such as the exposure of privacy-related issues through suspicious links and pop-ups due to the huge traffic they have.

You need to follow the below-mentioned tips if you still want to access Popcorn Time without VPN:

  • Update Your Devices (And The Programs In Them)

If you want to access Popcorn Time without VPN and exposing yourself to privacy-related risks as well as cyber crime and data theft risks, you need to remember the previous point we have told you: Devices are among the main things you need to have so you can access your favorite TV shows and channels using Popcorn Time.

Having that being said, you shouldn’t neglect your devices’ notifications, especially when there are repeated notifications about the needs of update installations. This applies especially when you have new devices.

Don’t hesitate to click on that notification and make sure you’re headed on to the platforms or Wizard instructions where you can follow the step-by-steps in updating your devices.

Be sure to check every single application and programs that need updates, as well as the kinds of updates you need for your devices and programs.

By doing so, you’re safeguarding yourself against cyber crimes and thieves. After all, updated devices and programs usually mean less vulnerable ones to cyber cracking, data thefts, and many other more.

  • Watch Your Online Steps

Links, pop-ups, graphic and video views, and many other media, embedded or not, can be tempting for many internet and mobile application users to click and tap. This applies especially for those of us who don’t clear our cookies and caches often or merely auto-accept all cookies.

The results are that the undeleted cookies and caches form algorithms that randomly show up media that we often click and tap upon. Sadly, even the algorithm of the most updated web browsers, video players, and applications are so flawed that they can’t read people’s preferences with 100% accuracy.

That’s why, you need to be extra careful in every of your movements on websites and mobile applications. Other than clearing up cookies and caches every time you aren’t using your browsers and devices, you also need to not always integrate your login accounts to your social media accounts.

Additionally, you should never, ever, click or tap on links that seem suspicious or “too good to be true”.

  • Be Skeptical About Online Advertisements (Ads)

Smaller-sized online ads are the favorite tools for cyber criminals to take peeks on your personal data, then misuse them for fraudulent activities. This is because online ads almost always display things that we like.

If you ever wonder how online ads almost always seem to be successful in reading our minds about the things we prefer in life, the answer is that online ads are produced by the flawed algorithm resulting from our digital footprints.

For those who have advanced knowledge of online networks and programming abilities, even the online ads can be manipulated in many ways, such as injecting some codes or inputting some boxes and other visual elements of the websites or mobile applications that insidiously ask for our personal data, such as our credit card’s CVV numbers, bank account codes, and many other sensitive informations.

As a result, they can also manipulate by cracking the algorithm and codings of the online ads. Hence, we can say that now, almost all online ads are traps.

If you want to browse for the products you like, and the products appear in the online ads you see, try to remember the products by writing the products’ names on separate papers or taking screenshots of the online ads. Then, browse the products from the official websites or online marketplaces instead of the online ads.


We are definitely sure that Popcorn Time is an innovative approach to watching your favorite shows at no costs. However, given the huge traffic they have, they are also vulnerable to cyber attacks.

So, we hope this post gave the answer about is popcorn time safe? It’s important to protect yourself either by using VPN, finding out or reviewing the best VPN 2022 in this blog or taking the three tips mentioned above if you want to use Popcorn Time without VPN.

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