Can Private Internet Access (PIA) Be Used To Access Netflix Worldwide?


After Netflix decided to deny access and block any attempt from users that use VPN to access its platform in 2016, a VPN company called Private Internet Access legitimately reached a decision to also drop support for accessing geo restricted contents.

This decision affects PIA users who use the VPN service to access Netflix and as a result you will have problems watching movies on Netflix. Regardless of Netflix’s new policy, for some reason you are still capable of watching Netflix videos just fine using PIA servers. However, there is still a question to answer. What’s up with PIA Netflix access now? Can we still use PIA to watch Netflix movies from any place in the world?


The PIA Netflix Problems

If your sole purpose of using private internet access VPN is only to be able to stream movies from Netflix then I am afraid to tell you that it is not possible to do it anymore. This PIA Netflix problem is not unexpected since PIA made a decision that they are no longer offering solutions to bypass geo restricted content.

For your information, the PIA VPN Service from the beginning mainly focuses on security and privacy. If you want to be safe online then PIA VPN is what you are looking for, but it never said that their service can be used to stream geo restricted content worldwide.

So in conclusion, PIA Netflix access is not what Private Internet Access is originally marketed for. Some users claimed that some PIA servers can still be used to access Netflix. The reports said that few servers that are located in the USA can work with Netflix.

Yet rarely are all of them capable of unblocking streaming access. However they still exist. Below are the lists of PIA servers that are known to work with Netflix. The list will be shown below. If you, for example, happen to live in Australia and want to watch US Netflix movies, you should thank your lucky stars since it is possible to do so.

Meanwhile if you live neither in the US nor Australia you have no chance to enjoy watching movies using PIA. As of the time this article is written, I still cannot find a single PIA server from other countries that can be used to stream Netflix movie libraries; this includes Netflix versions from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia or Japan.


The Possible Working Private Internet Access Servers to access Netflix

I have listed the PIA Netflix servers that are known to work with Netflix from all countries. You have to understand that although the country location is selected, it is not guaranteed to work with Netflix.

PIA has so many VPN servers out there and not all of them are capable of unblocking Netflix. You need to connect and reconnect frequently in order to find one server that does. These frequent connection attempts are pretty annoying to do, but we have no choice here since we can’t choose a particular server on demand when using Private Internet Access VPN.

Here are the lists of PIA VPN servers that work with Netflix. They are servers that located in:

  1. Unites states (Data center: Las Vegas, Washington DC, Atlanta)
  2. Australia
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Netherlands
  5. Japan
  6. France
  7. Canada
  8. Germany

In general, it looks like the server locations PIA has added in recent times have a higher chance to unblock Netflix than the old servers that have been online for a while. As you can see in the list above, the US server has data centers located in Washington DC, Atlanta and Las Vegas. Those servers can be used to access Netflix US because they haven’t been blacklisted by Netflix yet.

However, I could not find other US servers that work. For instance when I chose a server which is located in Florida, Netflix ceases to work. The reason for this problem lies with the fact that Florida falls into one of the old servers that has existed for more than 5 years. All of those old servers sadly have been blocked by Netflix.


What If The Servers Above Still Can’t Work With Netflix?

If you have connected to one of the known working servers above but still can’t access Netflix, then those servers may get blacklisted. Unluckily for you, the PIA client application will not allow you to select particular servers as you wish. PIA has dozens and even hundreds of VPN servers spread across the globe and some of them may work while others have been blacklisted by Netflix already.

If you receive an error message when streaming from Netflix even though you have connected to the right location, you can try to disable the PIA VPN and reconnect again. You might get unlucky and get connected with the server that has been already blacklisted by Netflix.

The process of reconnecting the client until it got connected to a server that has not yet been blacklisted may seem annoying. You may need to try so many servers before you can be able to watch Netflix without getting those proxy error messages. This method can’t guarantee success. At some point you may not be able to find any working server at all.


The Reason as Why PIA Won’t Fix Netflix Issue

As stated in the paragraph above, Private Internet Access has decided to not participate in Bypassing Netflix geo restriction access. The reason for this decision is because it requires plenty of resources to make PIA capable of unblocking Netflix.

Netflix always blocks VPN IP servers to deny access from VPN users and replacing blocked IPs with new ones is not cheap and once the IPs are replaced it will get blacklisted by Netflix again in the future. Not to mention having to always monitor all blocked IPs which can waste resources, energy and time.

Moreover Netflix is reportedly blacklisting IP address ranges from VPN servers too. For VPN companies these problems are very costly to fix. That’s why private internet access simply does not want to participate in competing with other VPN companies to unblock Netflix.



After Netflix decided to block VPN users from accessing its platform, PIA does not want to focus on bypassing what Netflix has decided to restrict. Instead, they focus on protecting privacy as well as security of their users. This is what PIA is trying to offer from the beginning.

A few PIA servers can still be used to bypass Netflix, though. But you have to deal with all the bothers if your sole purpose of using PIA is to stream Netflix. If you are looking for stable and effortless Netflix access, you should read our review about best vpn 2022 in this blog.