Most Common Computer Problems

It is undeniable that the existence of computers has really become something that helps the human activities. Office work, homework, house tasks can often be resolved quickly because of the help of this electronic product.

With the many advantages that computers have, however this product still has several drawbacks, one of those drawbacks is that computer is prone to certain problems.

Usually, when a computer has a problem, the first and easiest thing to do is to restart it, even if this way is not recommended at all.

That method cannot be applied to all problems that occur on the computer. Therefore, we must know what problems often arise on computers.

Dead Pixel

The first most common computer problems is Dead Pixel or what is often known as the Dot Pixel. Dead Pixel occurs in the LCD.

Usually, a dot will appear on your computer screen. Dead Pixel happens when a problem happens with the transistor computer, because each subpixel is represented by a sub transistor that will fire a basic color image, and when one of these transistors has a problem, that is when a dead pixel occurs.

Stuck Pixel

The same with dead pixels, stuck pixels are the most common computer problems that occur on the screen. Stuck pixels occur when the computer screen shows red, yellow, blue or green dots.

This problem causes the screen to not operate normally. The cause is due to sudden temperature changes or hardware errors.

Blue Screen

The next most common computer problems is the blue screen, which occurs due to errors in hardware or errors in installing driver software and even viruses.

Blue screen occurs when the computer screen displays a blue screen with text that is difficult to understand.


Hang is the most common computer problems that occur very often. Hang is when your computer freezes suddenly, without any definite cause.

Other computer devices such as keyboards and mouse cannot respond to commands given. The most common causes are CPU overheating and hard disk problems and viruses.

Overheating on The Computer

The next most common computer problem is overheating which occurs when electric power flows to the computer and causes the computer temperature to rise.

This problem can be overcome by using an air conditioner in the computer. However, sometimes it doesn’t have any effect, so it will result to the hardware that is not heat-resistant to burn.

One effective way to solve this problem is to install software that can detect how is the temperature of your computer. You can also take your computer to a repairman to have it checked or repaired.

Internet Connection Issues

The last most common computer problem is an internet connection problem on your computer. This problem can be caused by many things, one of which is a problem with the provider.

Besides, this issue can also be caused by a problem with your hardware, ISP, or DNS. When this problem occurs on your computer, you can restart it or use the windows network diagnostic tool.