How to Start an Esports Gaming Career and Become Your Dream Gamer?

Esport is a growing gaming competition industry and many people want to be a pro gamer and made millions out of it. In order to become professional and pro gamers you need more than a dream.

You should have a willing to work hard and dedicate your time and energy into this field.

Moreover, you have to dedicate your time and train constantly in order to gain a lot of skill. You also need to join gaming community out there.

If you are willing to work hard you surely can be a good gamer. With this, you can gain sponsorship and win awards as well as make fortune out of your hobby.

Here are the things to do to begin your career in esport gaming industry.

Choose the Right Game Genre that Works for you

Online games have so many genres and variations such as RPGs, FPSs, MOBA, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Battle Royale, Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMO), rhythm games, etc.

You have to select the right game for you that you like playing. There is no point in choosing a game or genre that you do not like to play.

You will play that game a lot so make sure you choose a game that you love so much.

Watch Pro Players Play to Learn

All video games genres have their own contents online so you can search for some videos about the game you are going to play.

Watch how pro players beat the game, thus you will get an idea about that game. There are various live streaming websites on the internet you can find that focus on playing competitive online games.

The most popular video game streaming platforms are MLG, Twitch, Nimo TV and Azubu.

You can also find individual esport players on YouTube as they may have their own YouTube channel to broadcast their live stream game play.

Pick Games that you Want to Play

You can pick between one and three games and make sure you really enjoy playing the game.

You also need to make sure that you are confident with your playing skill on that game prior to deciding which game you will play professionally.

Now after you choose the game you like, it is time to start honing your playing skill. You can get better on playing the game if you practice it more.

However, if you find yourself getting bored, you can choose different game to play with until you feel sure about what game you are going to master in the competition.

Study your Rivals’ Technique

Practicing alone is good but you also need to understand and learn your rivals’ playing techniques in order to be able to beat them. You can identify their tactics by watching their live game plays.

Join a Game Team or Game League

You have to work with a team that can boost your gaming skills. Working in a team can keep your motivation in check as well as expand your esport connection.

You can use online forums to find people to play together with. Most game genres have their own dedicated forums and they also usually have their own esport section in there.

Creating Your Online Presence

After you are confident enough with your gaming skill, you can start your own YouTube channel and start making contents about your game play. If you are perseverance enough, you will gain enough followers and fan base.

You can make money from advertising income through YouTube. The more you advertise your game playing skill, the more you will gain money and sponsor, you might get sponsor and play in real online game tournament.