How to Get By Using a Tablet as Your Main Computer?

While cell phones are getting bigger and laptops are getting small, tablets in 2021 are constant in terms of their size. These days, tablets are available for every OS (operating system) and customizable.

Surprisingly, the tablet is predicted to replace the computer in the future. Listed below are some useful tips to turn your tablet to act as a PC or computer. Check these out!


Knowing your Tablet

Since it was first released in 2008, tablets are equipped with some tools. Before turning your tablet into a laptop or PC replacement, first of all, you have to know your tablet very well.

Knowing tablet means that you are familiar with some major apps such as numbers, pages, keynote, etc. you can consider using Google Docs since it’s such a good processor you can use to create a word document.

Tablets come with amazing features similar to smartphones. One major perk to use is the applications.


Backup and Storage

Backup and storage become one of the most important things to consider when turning your tablet into a computer. As we all know, tablets are available with small storage space.

Luckily, you can make use of cloud storage to store your files. Some of the greatest tools are Google Drive and Dropbox.

Both of them is allowing you to store your files on the tablet just like on a PC. Instead of storing your files on an actual device, the files are kept in the cloud.

In case you need to store many larger files, you can use an external drive to back up your files.


Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Apart from the size of the screen, other important things are the mouse and keyboard. A real mouse and keyboard are for those who do a serious job.

As we know, a conventional mouse is more accurate than using your fingers on a tablet’s touchscreen. So that you can consider using a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Make sure that both of them are compatible with your tablets.


Word Processing

When it comes to turning your tablet into a PC or computer, word processing becomes the most important apps over all. In fact, there are 2 frontrunners such as Ms.

Office and Apple apps which are free. Google Docs and Dropbox work very well with the word processors even though it doesn’t provide similar Ms.

Word’s formatting options. All these options allow you to save your work and then uploading it to the cloud.

Furthermore, it also allows you to access offline documents as long as the documents were created on the tablet. Make sure to set it to offline availability to avoid losing your work when there is no internet connection.


Internet Browsing

Using your default browser on your tablet is fine. But, if you want something different, you can try other internet browsers.

You can use Google Chrome since it can be linked and synchronized with your accounts. Or, if you are using an iPad, Ditto is the best internet browser to utilize.

Turning a tablet into a PC is not an easy task. There are several things you have to consider and adapt. The screen is difficult to stay upright so you have to make sure that it’s steady enough when working with your tablet.