How to Choose Tablets for Kids?

Choosing the best tablets in 2021 for your kid is such an overwhelming thing. There are a rising number of tablet options and it is difficult to choose one that meets your requirements and needs. We have detailed some factors to consider before choosing tablets for your kids.


Who uses the Tablet?

The first thing that must be taken into consideration is who will use the tablet. It will enable you to choose the tablet easily in the future.

  • Shared tablets

If you plan to share the tablets with your kids, then you will need something versatile as well as enable you to protect the content. A tablet with separate logins for different users is a perfect solution.

  • Single-use tablet

If you want to buy a tablet just for your kid, it is wise to buy a tablet with specific apps and age range. So that, it will be still useful for many years to come as your kids grow.

Consider buying iPad rather than android tablets since it has a built-in restriction that allows you to set up which applications are accessible and which are not.


Size of the Screen

In general, the size of the tablet screen is seven to ten inches. If budget is your main consideration, you can choose the smallest tablets’ screen size to cut off the price.

Many parents are satisfied with a seven-inch tablet as it is portable. On the other hand, a ten-inch tablet is perfect to watch video, games that require dexterity/precision and shared usage. However, a seven-inch tablet is just great for kids.



Many parents are worried about the tablets’ price. As we all know, the iPad is such a premium tablet option. If cost becomes an issue, you can opt for an android tablet which is cheaper than the iPad.

However, cheaper tablets typically have lower graphic quality, slower connection, and lower performance. Sometimes, they also have less space for storage.

Loading times maybe not a big problem for your kids but graphic quality and screen size does. That’s why it is important to choose a tablet that is affordable without denying health effects for your kids.



Connectivity is another important thing when choosing a tablet for your kid. Many tablets are equipped with USB ports to enable you to connect anything from other peripherals.

Some tablets can also connect to different devices wirelessly through Bluetooth or WiFi.



Last but not least is tablet specifications. It becomes one of the most significant things to look for. Sufficient storage, a decent camera, and great battery life become the main specifications that a tablet must-have.

  • Speed/processor: the better the tablet chipset, the faster the tablet will run. Higher tablet specifications are typically more expensive than the lower one.
  • Camera: a good quality camera is also becoming a good point of a tablet. If you are the type of person who likes capturing any moment, then choose a tablet with great camera quality.
  • Storage: storage space is also becoming a great consideration when choosing a tablet for your kids.
  • Battery life: since kids are not allowed to play with the tablet all day long, it is wise to choose a tablet with shorter battery life.
  • Screen resolution: the higher the screen resolution, the pricier the cost will be. Make sure to choose a tablet with a great screen resolution to keep your kids’ eyes healthy.


Before buying a tablet for kids, make sure you have known all considerations above. Being a wise parent is a must since technology has grown rapidly these days