What Is the Difference Between Laptop and Notebook Computers?

Laptops and notebooks are two products as a result of technological developments that continue to grow rapidly.

These two items have their respective functions in facilitating human activities, although sometimes some people still have difficulty distinguishing between laptops and notebook computers.

This is due to their physical form which is really the same, only the size is different. No wonder there are still many people who equate the two.

Knowing this difference is very important if you want to buy one of these 2 products. This article will explain you about What Is the Difference Between Laptop and Notebook Computers, so that you can adjust their specifications to your needs.

Different Screen Sizes

The first difference is the screen size of laptop and notebook computer, where laptop have a larger screen than a notebook computer. Laptop have a screen size of 18 inches, while notebook in general have an average screen size of 13 inches.

The Weight between Laptop and Notebook Computer

The next difference between laptop and notebook computer is the weight of these two products. Laptop weight about 3 to 5kg, while notebook only weight about 1 to 2 kg.

Difference in RAM Sizes

RAM capacity between laptop and notebook computer is also different. Usually, laptop have a larger RAM size than notebook.

However, nowadays it is easy to find notebook that have comparable RAM capacities to laptops. Especially when there is a RAM capacity upgrade facility.

The existence of a DVD ROM

The presence of a DVD ROM is one of the most prominent differences from laptop and notebook computer. DVD ROM functions to read CDs, which is usually owned by laptop, while notebook do not.

However, to overcome this limitation, an external DVD ROM is available that can be used on a notebook computer.

Battery Life

Battery life on notebook is usually longer when compared to laptop. However, this also usually depends on the use of these 2 products. The more often the laptop or notebook computer is used, the less the battery endurance will be.

Different Specifications of Laptop and Notebook Computer

Another very obvious difference between laptop and notebook computer is the specifications of each of these electronic products.

It is clear that the notebook has less specifications than a laptop. Most notebooks use processors from Dual Core to core i7. As for the specifications of laptops, it is clearly higher than notebooks.

Cooling system on Laptops and Notebook Computers

The next difference of laptop and notebook computer is in the availability of the cooling system of each product.

Laptops usually have a fan or other system that is used to cool the device in case of an imminent sign of overheating.

While notebook computers do not usually provide this cooling system because notebook computers process lower data than laptops.

Main Use of Laptops and Notebook Computers

The last difference between laptops and notebook computers is their primary use. The primary use of laptops lies in mobility and replication of personal PC usage with extra durability.

Meanwhile, the main use of notebook computers is only the mobility of personal PC usage.