Does Avast VPN Work with Netflix in 2022?

Netflix has classically had the problem of controlling how users can utilize its services. This includes making it so that you can’t use it in different countries from the one you’re in, for example.

This practice limited our access to the collection of content that Netflix provides. It does not matter if you already paid for its service. If you access it from the restricted area, you cannot get all the content that you want.

This policy does not match the concept of the internet. Moreover, it comes from one of the top providers of online streaming services.

The Internet is supposed to be a place where we have freedom of access to all information and entertainment. However, it is what Netflix is doing right now.

Plus, in order to keep users from getting around this lock, they also even block many VPNs from connecting to the website such as Avast Secureline VPN. So, you may not be able to get the video you want if you try getting a secure viewing through Avast.


Why Netflix Blocks a VPN Provider Include Avast

Netflix isn’t doing this to you randomly. They don’t want their members to use their services through a proxy or VPN because of the license agreements that they have with the various owners of different IPs.

IN other words, they are essentially required to do this in order to keep their licenses and because this is just the way any kind of content licensing has worked for a long time now.

Therefore, when you visit different countries, you will find limited or even more database numbers you can access. For example, in the United States, you can access more than 4,000 movie databases of Netflix.

However, if you visit other countries, such as Italy, the accessible Netflix database will go down to only 2,500 movies.

It is quite troubling, especially for travelers who need entertainment from Netflix. When they have more freedom to use the Netflix service in their home country, they can’t do it elsewhere.

But, that’s what we are facing right now regarding the Netflix service.

So basically, Netflix is just going with the flow. They are conforming with the traditional licensing for media, which is incredibly outdated. Netflix Is pretty explicit on their site about how you can’t do this.

They run everything by region, so if you try messing with their region system using a VPN that they’ve identified, then it simply won’t work.


Avast Secureline Won’t Work

Avast Secureline is one of the top services in providing private and safe data transfer over the internet. They also have a VPN service that allows you to browse the internet in full-protection.

Unfortunately, the Avast VPN is one of those VPN providers that is stuck when it comes to trying to allow you to watch your own Netflix subscription the way you want to, namely on a secure line based on whatever country you hail from or choose.

The main reason why Avast Secureline doesn’t work on Netflix mostly is because of the number of its servers. Avast currently only provides servers in 55 locations for its subscribers.

Worst of all, all these servers have already been blacklisted by Netflix. So, it doesn’t matter which server you use, you have a low chance to unblock the Netflix service.

However, we have found that Avast also has several new servers in some countries that were blocked before, like the United States and the United Kingdom.

There are three servers in the United States, which you can use to access Netflix. However, it doesn’t provide a stable connection.

It is not reliable, so you can’t get the best experience. As for the United Kingdom server, you can only find one Avast server that you can’t use.

Furthermore, Avast also has a limited number of server locations that can’t generate unique IP addresses for its users. When many users use a similar server, the IP address for accessing Netflix also is the same for all those users.

Therefore, Netflix can detect the IP address user used.  So, they can block and put it into their blacklist. And, that is why you can’t access Netflix using the Avast VPN from a general perspective.

It’s a rather straightforward thing. Essentially, Netflix makes a list of all IP addresses that are associated with proxies or VPNs, if you use one of these, then your service will be blocked.

VPN services are always trying to use different IPs in order to trick Netflix and get around the block, but Netflix is also always trying to pay attention to what addresses are being used by VPNs and extending their coverage to block anything new.

Companies are constantly trying to use whatever methods they can to fool Netflix, but the video company is required by their partnerships to continually block them.

Unfortunately, a wide number of companies are being blocked by Netflix. It’s bad enough that you can be hard-pressed to find any VPN that can work with Netflix in the way that you want.

Netflix has stated that they are working to get around the geographic locks, but they are currently stuck with the system as it stands now, which means that so are you.

Unless you find a company that can get around the problem, of course. Fortunately, there is such a company.

At least, we can see that Netflix has a good intention to provide their service for the customer from all around the world. We just need to wait until the region’s copyright law is changed.

Once that moment arrives, we can expect more access to all databases in Netflix. And, you won’t need to use the VPN to access those limited and restricted content from Netflix from your area.



Avast Secureline makes solid security products, and their VPN may have served you well for other online uses. But if unblocking Netflix streaming is important to you, then it just doesn’t have the goods.

You need an alternative, and we showed you the best VPN 2022. So, pick one, follow the steps, and get back to binging on your favorite show.

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