What are the Advantages of Virtual Private Servers?

What is a Virtual Private Server? Virtual Private Servers, or VPSs, are becoming increasingly popular with developers and website owners. They provide the same benefits as a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost for most people. If you’re wondering what virtual private servers are and how they differ from other hosting solutions, read on!


How Do VPS Hosting Packages Work?

VPS hosting packages vary by provider but the basic functioning remains the same across all plans. The service simply provides a virtual machine to run your website or application. You, as the customer, will be able to configure and manage the server using a web interface.

It’s important to note that VPS servers are not Windows machines; you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge in order to provide and maintain services.

You simply log in and start creating a new site. VPS hosting is a fantastic way for beginners and for those who want to test out a product before committing to it full time.


What are the Advantages of Virtual Private Servers?


The most obvious advantage of virtual private servers is that they require no technical knowledge whatsoever. In fact, they aren’t even run on physical servers as most people believe them to be.

They are virtual machines hosted on cloud computing platforms. You can start up a new site in minutes with nothing more than an Internet connection, a web browser, and some hosting space.


The cost of VPS hosting is much more affordable than that of dedicated servers. When you sign up for a virtual private server, you are no longer responsible for any kind of maintenance or management fees.

You don’t even need to worry about things like backups or security patches since the provider will manage all of that for you.


With VPS hosting, you have complete flexibility when it comes to how many servers you want to use. If you need additional space for your site, it’s simple to set up a new server. It’s affordable and completely hassle-free.


Facts about Virtual Private Servers

Cheap Alternatives  

Other hosting solutions are often referred to as “hardware” or “dedicated” servers because they are physical machines in the real world. However, they are still just virtual servers in the cloud.

You can find cheaper alternatives for dedicated servers that provide the same level of functionality as virtual private hosting packages without having to shell out hundreds of dollars each month.

Not Windows Based  

Most people assume that Virtual Private Servers run on Windows because they are so similar to Dedicated or VPS hosting plans.

However, VPS servers are Linux-based technology. They offer open source options but also robust solutions for almost any kind of application out there.

More Reliable

There has been a stigma in the past that dedicated servers are more reliable than virtual private servers. However, that’s simply not true anymore.

In fact, providers like InMotionHosting offer systems with full redundancy and geo-location failover which make their hosting packages more reliable than most dedicated server solutions.

Simple to Use  

Virtual Private Servers are generally much easier to use than most other hosting options. You log in and can create a new site within minutes.

The interface is simple enough that even someone completely new to the world of web hosting would be able to figure everything out. InMotionHosting has a great VPS tutorial that’s easy for anyone to follow.

Multiple Server Options  

Many providers also offer customers the ability to choose from multiple different server locations which can increase performance and reliability by cutting down on network latency.

Easy Upgrades and Troubleshooting  

You don’t need any technical knowhow or experience to use a Virtual Private Server. The process is simple and there’s no need to worry about breaking your website when you’re just messing around with things.



Virtual Private Servers are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to get into web hosting and doesn’t want to invest too much upfront. They’re also a fantastic option for developers and designers looking to try something new or test out a new product before putting it into production.

There are all sorts of different reasons why you might want to get into the world of virtual private servers. If you’re thinking about making the transition to a VPS hosting package, it’s important that you research each and every option available before signing up for anything.