Hello welcome to Mommy Adventures there my name is Alice right now i live at Berlin with husband and my beloved kids. Being a parent can be very challenging-at times.

That tough job does offer rewards you cannot begin to get any place else. So you want to know how to stay balanced to make the challenges temporary and turn them into opportunities to grow-for you and for your child.

Lest you think I had a perfect relationship with my kids let me tell you we had disagreements. There were the usual sibling struggles and misunderstandings. There were the frustrations of being a parent with no manual to know what to do when.

What I did to get past the tough times was separate behaviors from people. There is no such thing as a good boy or a bad boy. Your boy is your boy to love and cherish. Period.

Sometimes he does things that are great. Sometimes he does things that are less than great. And always, in every moment, you are the parent and it is up to you to be in control of your behavior.

You do what you know! Others treat you with respect when you know you are worthy of respect. You love yourself and know others love you too.

When your child’s needs are not met for love and affection, for being someone worthy of your time and attention, then he sees himself as unworthy–maybe even unlovable.

The seeds of low self esteem sprout from unconscious parenting-acting without thinking or paying attention to what you do and do not do, say and do not say to and with your kids.

The bottom-line is, do you want your kids behaving well and being happy or do you want your kids well behaved because they fear you?