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8 Jul

I think I often underestimate just how much Hannah actually knows/comprehends.  She is always surprising us with her knowledge.  We happen to say banana – out comes the little pudgy Hannah hand, pointing reaching as far as she possibly can in the direction of the bananas.  We can ask her where Pony (her my little pony that is) is and she will look around and rummage through her things until she finds Pony and brings it back to us.  Where’s duck?  “DUCK!” she will exclaim, and go on the hunt, finding, then excitedly bringing duck back to us.  I can’t say the name of any fruit while she is eating her dinner or she will refuse to eat her dinner, and instead strain towards said fruit.

This afternoon though, she thoroughly surprised me.   “Do you want to go for a little walk?” I asked Hannah.  I was talking about opening the gate that divides the playpen from the rest of the house, and going for a little wander around the house for a while.  Hannah, on the other hand, went straight over to the pram, grabbed it with one hand, and look at me in delight. “No Hannah, I meant, walk around the house.”  She wouldn’t let go of the pram.  I tried to picked her up and moved her to the open gate, hoping she would want to walk around the inside of the house (it was raining outside, I didn’t really want to take her for a walk in the rain).  Nope, she went straight back to the pram, grabbed a hold of it and looked at me expectantly.  I put her in the pram, grabbed the raincover (for the pram), and my umbrella, and off we went.  I did ask her, after all, if she wanted to go for a little walk.  I guess she knows that when she wants to walk around the house, I ask her if she wants to “go exploring.”  She is so smart.


6 Jul

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ARRRR Pirate Party!!!

4 Jul

Hannah on the ride on thingy

Pirate ship cake

Pirate on the cake (also doubles as candle)

Every pirate ship has to have some booty/loot/treasure

Daddy and Hannah as PIRATES!!! Too bad Hannah wouldn’t keep her pirate hat on

Mommy wench and Hannah – it was hard to paint on her pirate facial hair when she was trying to eat the brush as I put it on

Some of the Mums and Bubs

Hannah’s first time eating cake! Oh was it messy!


Arrrr Mateys!!!!!!  Today was the great pirate party, celebrating the birth of 8 (well 7, one is in Iran at the moment…) piratey babies.  Hannah had a wonderful time catching up with her friends, eating cake for the very first time (although the cake I made had only a tablespoon of sugar for the entire cake.  The frosting is another story…), playing “Pass the Parcel” for the very first time, and of course, opening her present.  Connor (her baby friend, or as some might say, her baby boyfriend) had a ride on thingy (I really don’t know what they are called) that Hannah decided she wanted to play with nearly the entire time we were there, doing laps of the living and dining rooms, running down anything in her path.  This of course, prompted me to immediately go out and purchase one of these contraptions for her for her birthday tomorrow.  I made Aaron’s costume from op shop (thrift store) clothing, and Hannah’s from op shop and K-mart clothing.  I went as a pirate wench, the only wench at the party.  My costume came directly from The Jess’ closet.  Why The Jess has a wench outfit, complete with corset, is beyond me, but I’m certainly not complaining.  I don’t know how women back in the day did any sort of, well, anything really, while wearing a corset.  Every time I bent over, the darn thing would poke me right in the chest, and it’s not like it’s a soft sort of cuddly garment.  The thing is a monster!  When I put Hannah on my hip whilst wearing the torture device, it was rather uncomfortable.  Painful even, if I held her long enough.  Old time women, how did you do it?  needless to say, the corset (along with the boots, as they had heels and I despise heels) came off after about 10 minutes.  Here are some photos of the party and cake.  I have to say, I think my pirate ship cake turned out quite nicely (yes, I made it).

Salmon patties?

2 Jul

Grandma: “I’m going to make some Salmon patties for when Trish comes.”
Me: “Oh, what’s in them? I bet Hannah could eat some.”
Grandma: “Mostly just potatoes and tuna.”
Me: “Tuna? So um… is there any salmon in the “salmon” patties?”
Grandma: “No.”
Grandma doesn’t know it, but she is a comedian.

On another note, I figured out how to get a photo of Hannah that doesn’t consist of her running towards me with her arms out in hopes of stealing the camera. I just sit her down with a container of raisins. Next time I’ll get out the digital SLR instead of the little hand held. Maybe I’ll even get out the light tent, and dress her up. Oh the possibilities…..

P.S. Hannah loves eating lemons. As in scoop out the innards, and feed them straight to her. No “Oh Mommy, this is so sour, why are you giving this to me!” face, just happiness that she gets to eat lemons. Still can’t find a fruit she doesn’t like. Maybe I should try durian.

Why so much noise?

1 Jul

I’ve always liked getting the ads/circulars in the mail. I look forward to them every week. Last week, Aldi’s ads showed they were having a huge toy sale. This of course, led me to arrive at Aldi’s just before 9am on sale day, with Hannah and Grandma in tow, in a quest for birthday presents. Who would have thought that sale day at Aldi’s is like a pride of lions who have been starved for a week, ravenous for their next meal. People were lined up in no real order, more like mobbed up, outside the door, waiting for pole position when the automatic glass doors were turned on. People tried to get in front of each other and made a mad scramble for the toys (and tools, tools were there too). Luckily, I made a wise choice and left Hannah outside with Grandma while I joined the mad dash in search for a toy I wanted. For those of you reading this from the U.S., let me explain a little about Aldi’s. Aldi’s is no ordinary shop. It’s a German grocery store giant that has started the quest to take over Australia by offering good food of their own brand (and some name brands every so often) at basement prices. They don’t always have the same things, but there are some staple items that they do always carry. The rest of it, mostly the non food items, are only there for a week at a time, sometimes not coming back for over a year. Sometimes they have massive toy sales, sometimes they have no toys at all. Sometimes they have gardening things, sometimes they have none. When they run out of their special items, that’s it, no more. We did get the desired presents for Hannah, and escaped without any bruises or confrontations. I did bend my nail back while trying to pick up a big box though. That kinda hurt.

It’s very cold here at the moment, 0-1 degree in the morning (Celsius, not Fahrenheit). Even so, Hannah loves nothing more then running down the hall way sans clothing, giggling and squealing to anyone who happens to be around. Every time I get her ready for her bath, I put her down for just a moment while I put her dirty nappy in the nappy bucket and no sooner then I’ve put her down, she’s off. I’ll have to let her run around for longer when it’s a bit warmer, but for now, I just chase after her, snatch her up and get her in the bath, giggling and bouncing the whole way.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a red coloured mole on on my chest, sometimes visible to anyone depending on what kind of shirt I wear and how high it is. Don’t worry, I’ve had it checked out, and there is nothing wrong with it. I tried telling that to Hannah, but she won’t listen. She seems to feel that said mole needs to be removed asap. This of course involves her flinging my hair out of the way, pulling down my shirt, and then trying to scratch and pull the mole off.

“WAAAAAAAA!!!!” I looked at the clock. 5am. I grabbed the baby monitor and turned on the sleepy music. Hopefully Hannah would fall asleep again by the end of the music. She didn’t. I got up to go and pat her. And pat her and pat her and pat her. I’m trying to wean her. It’s not going so well. I patted her for 2 hours, then it was time to get up for the day. She didn’t relent and sleep, I didn’t relent and give her boob (until 7am, as it was time to get up for the day). We’ve been down to 2 feeds in 24 hours for quite a while now, but I thought it was time to get down to 1, in hopes of then having none just after she turns 1. I, of course, wanted to get rid of the overnight feed first. Hannah, of course, had other ideas. Seems she’s quite fond of the overnight feed and has no problem crying for 2 hours straight to get it. After 2 nights of our battle of wills, Hannah won. I gave in and fed her. New plan: get rid of her dream feed (when I go in her room at 9:45pm, and without fully waking her, feed her, and put her back to bed). She hasn’t missed that feed one bit, and sometimes she is sleeping right through without waking up for her overnight feed. It would help if she ate her dinner, I’m sure, but she doesn’t seem to like dinner for some reason.

Why is it that microwaves, washing machines, etc. always make obnoxiously loud beeping noises when you push their buttons? Seriously, I’m pushing buttons on the microwave to make it heat for one minute. I can see my button pushing is working from the screen that now says 1:00. Why the need for the beep? Do manufacturers have a joint mission to wake up sleeping babies and annoy everyone? Why is there no off switch for obnoxiously loud beeps? Or at least a volume button or something. Then if I leave the food I just heated in the microwave for a longer then the microwave deems acceptable after it’s finished heating, it will beep at me more. And then more and more, until I take it out. Does the microwave think I’m senile? I’ve forgotten that I put something in there?

I was thinking I might change my blog to a more normal blog, that is one that is updated every couple of days, but not so long each time. What does everyone think about that, do you prefer the once per week long blog, or would you rather a every couple of days not as long blog (and each entry would probably be more well written as I wouldn’t get distracted by tv or something while writing it)?


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